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Jeethu Joseph clears the air about Drishyam controversy

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Jeethu Joseph clears the air about Drishyam controversy

Drishyam is turing out to be one of the biggest hits ever in Mollywood with unprecedented crowds flocking the theater. As a dark spot there was a small (but lethal) controversy brewing regarding the screenplay/story of Drishyam. A news was spreading that Jeethu Joseph used the idea suggested by one of Jeethu's (former) AD's without giving him credits or monetary benefits. The director of an upcoming movie also posted a 'cryptic message' pointing to this soon after (which was later removed). Now in an recently given interview Jeethu has shared with viewers his version of the story.

Prajith, one of Jeethu's (former) AD's once came to meet him with an idea for a new film which he wanted to direct as his debut venture. He just had the title character in mind and asked Jeethu to develop a story/script revolving around it. Jeethu eventhough couldn't work on it, after few months gave Prajith a new script, who had certain issues with the script which Jeethu cleared with him explaining every detail. Jeethu also arranged his 'Mumy & Me' producer to back the project and moved on to initial stages of his own 'My Boss'. Many months passed and Prajith still couldn't materialize the movie due to his certain issues with the script, which he wanted to rework. Jeethu was against this and asked him to return his script. The title character being Prajith's idea Jeethu reworked on it and completed the final draft of 'Drishyam'.

According to Jeethu this incident is known to many in the industry and people who had no clue what so ever are just making a hill out of nothing.

Listen to the entire Interview here


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Mollywood Roundup Part 2 - Top 10 Malayalam Movies of 2013

Mollywood 2013 Roundup Part 2 - My Top 10 Malayalam Movies

1. Drishyam

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The best movie of 2013 was reserved for the penultimate week. Released 0n 19th Dec the movie is growing from strength to strength. The number of Family/Lady audience thronging theaters to watch the film is something we haven't seen in past decade or so.  With 100% positive reviews the film is also set to be the biggest hit of 2013.

2. Left Right Left

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Easily the most discussed movie of 2013. One of the boldest [regarding the issues it discussed] movie ever to hit the big screen. You may love it or hate it, but you just cannot ignore it.

3. Celluloid

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Biopics are rare in Indian cinema. Celluloid is a movie that narrated story of the birth of Mollywood and the sad story of its Director, the father of Malayalam cinema. A must watch for every fan/admirer/student of Malayalam cinema

4. Mumbai Police, 101 Chodyangal

A good emotional investigation thriller with a bold climax & a riveting performance from Prithviraj

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State & National award winner finally hi the screens this year. The film was also appreciated at this years IFFI & IFFK. A must watch movie told from the POV of a child.

5. Shutter

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Voted best film @ IFFK last year, the film hit the screens in 2013 to glowing reviews.

6.  Amen

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People lapped up and made big what is said Said to be Mollywood's first 'Fantasy Rom-Com' & gave the extremely talented Lijo Jose his first hit.

7. Philips & the Monkey Pen

The film which theaters refused to screen at first, later caught on thanks to the tremendous WOM and the non-stop hard work by its producers. Easily one of the best movie for Children's made in Malayalam

7. Thira, Memories

A strong theme, Shobana's knock-out performance, Vineeth's direction made this a great watch.

2nd Investigative thriller for Prithviraj this year, 2nd Jeethu Joseph film to feature in the list & hit charts.

8.  Nadan 

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Arguably Jayaram's best ever performance, Kamal backed Celluloid with another good film

9. Annayum Rasoolum

A Romantic drama that is more rooted to reality, a perfect directorial debut for Rajiv Ravi.A must watch for Brilliant Fahad, Beautiful Andrea and interesting songs.

10. 5 Sundarikal

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  5 Directors, 5 themes, 5 short films. A good Tribute to Women-hood

Special Mentions: Tourist Home, North 24 Kaatham, Romans, Neram, Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi, Artist, Punyalan Agarbathis

Films that held up well even after multiple viewing's got better positions in the list. These are my top 10 Malayalam movies of 2013 and may not necessarily be the best 10 of 2013. You can read My FDFS reviews of most of these movies by clicking the respective title.

Read  Mollywood 2013 Roundup Part 1 - Analysis of Malayalam Film Industry in 2013 Here

'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' returns !!!

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 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge', DDLJ is a name famous for every single movie goer in this country, One of India's biggest hits ever. Now a Malayalam film is coming with the same title set to be directed by Rajesh Nair (Annum Innum Ennum, Escape From Uganda). The film is said to be a romantic entertainer shot in a big budget. Will be produced by River Nile Motion Pictures [a Indo-Ugandan company involved in the production, development and distribution of feature films, serials, soaps and other video media content] in association with TVC Factory. Cast is yet to be unveiled, other crew members include

DOP - Vishnu Sarma
Music & BG - Bijibal
Co-Producer - Kishor Kumar M
Story - Sijoy Varghese
Screen Play - Sijoy Varghese, Vinod
Editor - Ratheesh Raj
Art - Mahesh Sreedhar
Lyrics - R Venugopal

Now if Yashraj Films who made the 1993 classic will have any objection to the title only time will tell

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Exclusive:- Mohanlal about 'Jilla'

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Exclusive:- Mohanlal about 'Jilla'

Mohanlal seemed pretty upbeat about his next release Jilla (in Tamil) in all the interviews he gave to medias recently. He said "Jilla is a mass entertainer, It wil have everything in it to entertain the masses. 995 out of 1000 who watch the film will like the film. Many have been asking me why did I decide to do the film. You will get your answers in January when the film hit the screens. I have got a strong & important role in the film, there is no Shiva without Shakthi and vice-versa, as the intro song says their strength is in togetherness. Nesan has taken special care to cater the film to the audience of both states. It is very difficult to attain such a balance, but I think it has come out well. Hope people will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it and become a huge success.  

Jilla - Music Review

 Jilla - Music Review
FireShot Pro Screen Capture

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Jilla is easily one of the most awaited movie of 2014, mainly due to the the male leads, Mohanlal & Vijay. 2 big superstars of neighboring states unite in this Pongal mass masala entertainer. Lets see if the songs prove justice to the expectations.

1. Pattu Onnu 
Singers:  S.P.Balasubramaniam, Shankar Mahadevan | Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Right from the release of promo songs this is the song that everyone has been talking about. Its the Intro song featuring both Mohanlal & Vijay on screen & a perfect song for the occasion too. Nice composition, mass lyrics, superb singing and nice instrumentation. The Lyrics is just playing it to the gallery, can't imagine the scenes in theaters during the song, especially in Kerala, where Vijay is also popular. Using 'Chenda' in between was an intelligent thought by Imman, the cherry on top. Visually this one will be the song to look forward to.


2. Kandaangi Kandaangi
Singers : Vijay, Shreya Ghoshal | Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Vijay turned singer once again for this song and its by far his best attempt at flexing vocal chords. Vijay's singing is of course the biggest plus of the song, he has sang the song with pitch perfection & didn't get over shadowed by a talent like Shreya Ghoshal, infact both get the scope to shine in the song. Lyrics was okay too. The music had a slight dejavu feel, but singing make the song stand apart.


3. Verasa Pogayile 
Singers : D. Imman | Lyrics: Parvathy

Music Director Imman himself has sang the song & beautifully too. Another beautiful romantic track in the album. Very goos lyrics, beautiful rendering and good composition as well. 


4. Jingunamani
Singers : K.G. Ranjith, Sunidhi Chauhan | Lyrics: Viveka

First thing one notice in the song is Sunidhi Chauhans pumped up voice and perfect 'Tamil'. Her energy itself makes the song worth hearing. Composed as a folk song duet it has all chance of climbing up the charts with the visuals. A good  mass-folk number.


5. Yeppa Maama Maama Treatu 
Singers : D. Imman, A.V Pooja, Snigdha Chandra | Lyrics: Viveka

The weakest song in the album. A usual 'kutthu' number. Funky lyrics and Singing makes it stand out


6. Jilla Theme

Jilla Theme
Singers : Santhosh Hariharan, Deepak, Anand, Shenbagaraj | Lyrics: Viveka

Nice theme song. Nothing special to it, may be good in the movie with the visuals as background score. 


So Jilla album/audio  meets the expectations it had before release. Its a perfect album for a mass masala film with something for everyone, may be Imman's best and complete work till date satisfying people from all walks of life. The only issue is whether the number of songs will affect the pace of the movie. I hates songs unnecessarily popping up here and there, especially in 2nd half & towards climax. Hope that is not the case and the songs only add to the totaility of the film.

Final Rating 3.5/5

Very Good

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Mollywood 2013 round up Part 1 - Analysis of Malayalam Film Industry in 2013

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In 2012, Mollywood saw not only large number of hits but also big & genuine [hit from theatricals itself] hit too. Compared to that 2013 is way off the chart. Number of genuine/big hits are on the lower side this year. 

In 2013 Mollywood had 158 releases [about 12 dubbed films too] which is by far the biggest year ever in Malayalam as far the number of releases in a calendar year is concerned. Its also the largest number in the entire country this year, no other language film industry had this many releases in 2013. Eventhough fewer genuie hits, 2013 saw many films entering safe zone thanks to the ever rising Satellite rights, figures even touched 6+ crores as per rade reports. 

While revenue from music cd sales has diminished rights from mobile companies and fm stations are helping the industry. Also now producers are selling youtube and other online streaming rights too to counter piracy.

Total investment crossed 300 crore mark, and about 20 films can be called hits and 20 other earning break even/safe status. Budget wise there has been discipline this year, according to data from KPA only one film crossed 5/6 crore budget mark. The number of films produced with the help of Kerala State Film Development Corporation has also increases this year to 36 from 30 last year. 2013 also saw about 80 debutant Directors & Producers entering the industry. 

With many huge projects announced/planned already involving almost all big stars of Kerala, hoping for a better 2014. 

Part 2 to be written soon

Credits: Producers Association & Manorama

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Jai Ho - Music Review

Jai Ho - Music Review

Track List

1. "Baaki Sab First Class Hai"  

This was the first track to release on video. It is a different track, more a theme based one and not a typical bollywood number, even though composed like one. The two striking factors of the song re the lyrics and the choreography. Choreography is superb with some cool dance moves done by Salman & co. The song, which looks like protest against corrupt parties/politicians has got satirical lyrics, matching the theme and situation perfectly. May not be an instant hit but with the movie this will be the pick of the lot.


2. "Tere Naina Maar Hi Daalenge" 

This is the quintessential Salman Khan romantic track from the film, which has got quite a hang over of few songs from Dabanng & Dabangg 2, composed by Wajid-Wajid themselves. Voices of Shaan & Shreya makes this one stand out. Looks like this is the song that was shot in the picturesque locations of Romania. Waiting for the video to come out, as if now its above average


3. "Photocopy"

Looks like the 'Munni', 'Fevicol' offering in 'Jai Ho'. A typical mass dance number, but this time featuring a male voice leading proceedings (Himesh Reshammiya). Its sure gonna be a huge hit among the masses despite the dejavu factor, especially once the video is out.


4. "Tumko To Aana Hi Tha" / 5. "Love You Till The End

Different versions of the song, a typical western/English love track. Great singing & music, soft soothing melodious number. Don't know how this will fit into a mass entertainer, anyway as a song its a good one. Composed by Amal Mallik, the song has been rendered beautifully by Armaan Malik


6. "Naacho Re"

A track composed by south's well known singer DSP (who also composed 'Dinka chika'). Music has got more importance in this which is great & whatever there is to sing, Ujayine has done a great job.


7. "Jai Jai Jai Jai Ho " 

The title track of the film which is also composed by Amal Mallik. Like his other 2 songs this one too has a westernish flavour to it. Not a typical theme song one would expect, but still something different. A nice song in total


Jai Ho is said to be a different kind of film than what Salman has been doing off late. We get the very first glimpse of that in the album itself. Eventhough it has couple of Sajid-Wajid-Salman numbers rest of them are entirely different, plus the 'Baki sab' song will stand out thanks to the lyrics.

Jai HO music album may not be something fans were expecting but it definitely its different and good.

Rating 3/5


Dhoom 3 crosses 150 crore nett (India) in record breaking time

Dhoom 3 crossed 150 crore net from All India Box Office, including all versions (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu). D3 achieved this feat in a record breaking time of 5 days. Previous record holders of fastest 150cr were Krrish 3 (6 days) Chennai express (7 days) Ek Tha Tiger (9 Days), but the difference is that Dhoom 3 hasn't got a single extra Holiday, apart from Sunday [even though School, Colleges are closed for Christmas vacation in many parts of the country]. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani was the last film to release in similar situations & cross 150 crore, which it did in 16 days.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Dhoom 3 wrooms past 100 crore NETT @ Indian Box Office, beats Chennai Express, Krrish 3

Dhoom 3 wrooms past 100 crore NETT @ Indian Box Office

Dhoom 3 wrooms past 100 crore NETT at Indian Box Office in 3 days. According to early estimates Dhoom 3 did about 103 cr nett [including all versions] making it the fastest 100cr movie [3 days] & the biggest opening weekend grosser [Chennai Express 87cr in 3.5 days].

 Hindi version itself has done about 95cr nett business in 3 days. Worldwide total is also set to cross 150 crores in 3 days. It was Aamir Khan's Ghajini which first crosses 100cr, then the very next his 3 Idiots crosses 200 crore, now it looks like Dhoom 3 will be the first to cross 250 crore mark and may be even 300 crore Nett from India itself.

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Celebrity Cricket League Season 4 Full schedule Details

 Celebrity Cricket League Season 4 Full schedule Details

Sachin with team captains


Broadcast Partners


Biriyani - Tamil Movie Review - A Half Cooked Venkat Prabhu Diet

Biriyani - Tamil Movie Review

 Directed by     Venkat Prabhu
Produced by     K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Written by     Venkat Prabhu
Music by     Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography     Sakthi Saravanan
Editing by     Praveen K. L, B. Srikanth
Studio     Studio Green
Release dates   20 December 2013
Running time     149 minutes
Country     India
Language     Tamil


    Karthi as Sugan
    Hansika Motwani as Priyanka Sharma
    Premgi Amaren as Parasuram
    Ramki as Ramakrishnan
    Mandy Takhar as Maya
    Nassar as Varadharajan
    Prem as Vikram
    Jayaprakash as AC Sampath
    Nithin Sathya
    Subbu Panchu
    Uma Riyaz Khan
    Sampath Raj as Riwaz Khan
    Shanmugasundaram as Kasi Vishwanathan
    Sangeetha Gopal
    Leena Maria Paul
    Badava Gopi


 'Biriyani' is the story of buddies Sugan & Prasuram, whose life goes for a toss after a visit to a hotel to have 'Biriyani'. They get trapped in a situation and its a run to to save themselves with a race against time.

Each Venkat Prabhu movie will be waited with beated breaths, same was the case with 'Biriyani'. when the film was pushed from Diwali to accomodate Azhagu Raja many were disappointed. After a long wait, and a long gap since Mankatha, finally the Venkat Prabhu got released.

First things first, Biriyani is Venkat Prabhu's weakest work till date. It is a multi genre film starts as usual Karthi film, family, job, lover, comedy, turns naughtier and then enters thriller mode. The actual story begins only towards the interval, once they enter the 'Biriyani' shop & Mandy Thakar's character enter. Till then nobody had a clue what the hell was going on. Felt like lots of irrelevant, uninteresting scenes sewn together to reach the pre-interval portion. Even the twists and turns in the second half are very much predictable and the movie ends in a lame climax (followed by a twist and then the real climax, which was also ZZzzz). It would be better if you keep your brain locked up in the house before going to watch Biriyani as many scenes don't have any explanations.

 Karthi tried hard to shed the boy next door image/looks to get into the Casanova avatar, and succeeded to a large extent. He was good in the sister kidnap scene, other than that it was blant, nothing special. Premgi Amaren unlike Mankatha got a throughout role and raised few laughs. Actor Riaz Khan's wife Uma who played a conract killer was impressive. Nassar's Premgi act was howlarious. Among the ladies in the film its Mandy Thakkar who gets noticed, who fit he bill perfectly. Hansika's character just comes and goes, nothing special. Rest of the cast were okay, nothing worthy of mentioning.

Its Venkat Prabhu's half cooked recipe (script) that spoiled this 'Biriyani'. As a director he still showed his caliber, but as a writer he failed. Camera work was very good, tried to make it appear rich and peppy. Editing was crisp, prevented fast cuts and no lag helped prevent further embarrassment for makers. 

Songs & BG were the 2 major points of Mankatha( apart from the outstanding act by Thala). Except 'Na naanah' were disappointment when saw in the film, acting like speed breakers. Was disappointed with the way 'Na naah' was shot & choreographed. BG wasn't that exciting either.

So in all 'Biriyani' is a half cooked diet, spoiled by too many cooks (genres)

Rating: A generous 2.5/5

Verdict: Average

Last Word: Statuatory Warning :- "Half  cooked 'food items' are not good for your health !!!! "

PS:  There is a sequence in the film where popular stars from previous VP movies are seen doing a flash mob to Mankatha title song celebrating Thala B'day

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Oru Indian Pranayakatha - Malayalam Movie Review

  Oru Indian Pranayakatha - Malayalam Movie Review

 Directed by     Sathyan Anthikad
Written by     Ikbal Kuttipuram
Starring     Fahadh Faasil, Amala Paul
Music by     Vidyasagar
Cinematography     Pradeep Nair
Studio     Central Pictures
Release dates  December 20, 2013
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Fahadh Faasil as Ayamanam Sidharth
    Amala Paul as Irene
    Innocent as Uthup Vallikkadan
Lakshmi Gopalaswamy


 The favorite director of Family Audience, Sathyan Anthikkad, unites with a screen writer who has rarely gone wrong, Dr. Iqbal Kuttippuram, is the USP of 'Oru Indian Pranayakatha'. Also interesting was the pairing of Fahadh & Amala, for the first time. 

Ayamanam Sidharth, a rising member of the youth wing of RDF party gets his hopes crushed when his request for candidature in the upcoming election is rejected by the high command. That's when Irene a Canada based Malayali comes to his place to make a documentary. So to make some cash and take a break from active politics he decides to join her as a friend, guide and assistant. But the actual purpose of Irene's visit is something else. what happens next forms the rest of the story.

Like all Sathyan families it tries to tell a simple story with enough humor, romance, songs etc. The films has also got a satirical touch to it, mention many recent events that took place in Kerala. The first half is a laugh riot thanks to Fahadh, who reminded us the Good old 'Mohanlal of late 80s & 90s which made his a popular star. Sathyan was able to extract the maximum out of Fahad, a avatar that we haven't seen him before in. In the 2nd half the movie takes a serious tome and moves on like a melodrama.

The expectations that the initial half of the movie couldn't bee kept in the later half. It drags a bit as Fahad's character kinda get sidelined in the proceedings. But its not that boring or bad, its just that the first half was too good and rip roaring fun.

Fahad as said above is the show stealer, once again surprises every one with a superlative performance. Amala Paul got her toughest role since Mynaa and she did reasonable good job. Her combo with Fahadh was superb, But need to work on emotional scenes. Its also commendable that she dubber for her role, but need to improve dialogue delivery as in few sequences felt like she was reading a passage from a book/paper. Innocent also did a great job in whatever sequences he got. Sathyan regulars like Mamukoya, KPAC Lalitha etc were surprisingly not in the film.

No need to rate or review a legend like Sathyan Anthikkad, he knows his craft. Writing by Iqbal is crisp and entertaining in first half, but he loses grip in the later half. Could have given it a better thought. Camera, work was good. Editing could have been crisp. It lags bit in the 2nd half. In Music section Omana thamara & Valedukkanam songs were good, rest were avoidable while the BG was very good. Kudos to Amala Paul's personal costumer & make up man for keeping it simple & not going over the top like in other language films, especially Telugu.

So in all OIPK is worth watch movie for its entertaining first half, Fahadh Faasil & Amala Paul

Verdict: Good, could have been better

Rating: 3/5

Last Word: A better 2nd half could have done wonders for the film....

Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal - Malayalam Movie Review

 Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal - Malayalam Movie Review

 Directed by     Lal Jose
Produced by     Rathish Ambat, Prakash Varma, Jerry John Kallatt
Written by     James Albert
Starring     Dileep, Rima Kallingal, Murali Gopy, Parvathy Nambiar
Music by     Prashant Pillai
Editing by     Ranjan Abraham
Studio     Small Town Cinema, LJ Films
Release dates December 20, 2013
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Dileep as Aby Mathew
    Rima Kallingal as Sini Alex
    Murali Gopy as Tyson Alex
    Parvathy Nambiar as Ann
    Tini Tom
    Harishree Ashokan
    Suraj Venjaramoodu
    Sekhar Menon
    Suja Menon
    Ambika Mohan
    Anil Rajgopal as Baijuraj

A superb title, that too in 'Malayalam' (a rare now a days in Mollywood), Lal Jose - Dileep combo, James Albert's script, Star cast involving Rima, Murali, good trailer and promo song etc created enough hype around 'Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal (7SR).

Aby Mathew, an ad film maker, finally decides to get married after averting the topic for years due to a failed romance. 7 days before the wedding Abie decides to give his Ex-Lover Sini, now a house wife, a visit. The film deals the with the consequences that the visit casts on the lives of these two and people surrounding them and their efforts to make everything right, with just 7 beautiful (bachelor) days to go, before Aby's marriage.

7SR begins as a romantic comedy, turns into suspense-drama mode and finally ends up a mahed potato, to many things tried out and failed to get most of them right, Too many cooks spoiled the brath. Its fairly entertaining in the first half with the right dose of suspense and drama but loses control in the later half when everything gets revealed, which are predictable by the way. It also feels extended/dragged towards climax. Point to blame, the half baked script. Had James focused on single thing it would have endd up a much good film.

The biggest plus of the film is Lal Jose's direction. Once again he took an average script to a watchable level via his craftmanship. The film also shows the new gen making style of Lal with a bollywood rom-com feel in many scenes. The dreaming sequences were a riot, especialy Murali doing 'Vachikkava'

Dileep has done a convincing job as Aby, but those who go to see his TM laughs and gags will be slightly disappointed. Rima & new comer Parvathi has done their part well. Murali Gopy looked like was trying hard to look the tough, rough, partyfreak, angry boxer. Rest of the cast were okay.

James Albert has given a half baked script, but definitely better than his last few attempts IMO.But his dialogues were good, as always. Camera work was nice, except few weird micro close up shots. BG score was okay. The Promo song and Koodeyirikkam songs were good, rest only helped the movie to lag its pace. Editing was good.

With almost all revenue recvered before release, thanks mainly to the exhauberent satellite right, and in brand placement the producers might be sitting comfirtably. But hates when the 'business motive' stands projected above the movie, eventhough it is a business after all.

7SR is a one time watchable movie, its not bad, but its nowheren near where it should have been

Rating: 2.75/5

Verdict: Above Averge

Dhoom 3 - Kerala Release Paper Ad with Theater List

Dhoom 3 - Kerala Release Paper Ad with Theater List

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Mohanlal's Drishyam - Malayalam Movie Review

 Mohanlal's Drishyam - Malayalam Movie Review

Directed by     Jeethu Joseph
Produced by     Antony Perumbavoor
Written by     Jeethu Joseph
Music by     Anil Johnson, Vinu Thomas
Background Score: Anil Johnson
Cinematography     Sujith Vassudev
Editing by   Ayoob Khan
Studio  Aashirvad Cinemas
Distributed by    Aashirvad Release Through Maxlab
Release dates   19 December 2013
Country     India
Language     Malayalam

     Mohanlal as Georgekutty
    Meena as Rani
    Kalabhavan Shajon
    Asha Sharath as Geetha
    Ansiba as Anju
    Roshan Basheer
    Neeraj Madhav
    Baiju V.K
    Sreekumar P
    Koottickal Jayachandran
    Esther as Anu

I am a fan of Jeethu Joseph's work, coz I have seen all his movies and liked all of them. Each of them entertaining and different from each other. So he teaming up with Mohanlal, the film was easily one to look forward as far as I was concerned. After the way he promoted Memories and what the film offered, respect towards the man only increased.

So even though the posters made us think that it will be 'just another' feel good family entertainer, Knew there will be some thing inside his sleeves that surprise viewers (at least the first day audience). But even after expecting it Jeethu was able to surprise one and all with yet another superbly polished product.

Georgekutty, a farmer cum cable operator, has been living peacefully with his wife and children. A character enters their lives which turns the world upside down for them. The things that the family, especially Georgekutty goes through & has to do forms the rest of the story.

The Online might remind you of 'Ividam Swargamanu', both are family based thrillers starring Mohanlal and deals with how the family sails against the 'tide'. The similarity ends there. Drishyam is  more light hearted and extremely thrilling. It keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, especially in the second half. 

The first 40mins or so is filled with family moments and then the pace picks up towards the interval portion. Second half begins after a good Interval block and continues right from where it was left and end in a extraordinary climax.

The screenplay is tight and offers ample scope for everyone to perform. It not only thrills but entertains, It has got those  heartwarming family momens and bit of romance all mixed in to one wholesome package.

Whenever people start to write him of, he comes back with a BANG, which Mohanlal once again did with Drishyam after going through a lean patch. FCan't imagine any other actor doing this role, coz with his trade mark, popularly known as 'Lalism' he lifts the character to another level. The film is a comeback not only for the star in him, but also the actor. Equally excellent was Meena, who makes a comeback after a small gap. Lal-Meena chemistry have always been clicked with the audience, no exception this time. Shajon also gave his career best performance in Drishyam. Rest of the cast were also good. 

Jeethu Joseph, the director as well as the writer once again delivers. I have never seen anyone under promoting his film, despite having a sure shot subject in his hand, nor I have seen some with someone who speaks with super conviction and humility. Hopefully Drishyam turns out to be the biggest hit in his life. 

Camera by Sujith Vasudev was very good. BG score was Okay. Songs, were nothing great, but not bad either. Editing was also good,  could have been shorter by 10mins, but still its Okay. 

So This X'mas season come with your entire family and watch  the best family entertainer cum thriller of the year.

Rating 4/5

Verdict Very Good

Last Word: Mammooty missed a golden opportunity

Ajith's Veeram - Music Review

 Ajith's Veeram - Music Review

Veeram (Ratha Gaja)

The best track in the album, it's the same one that was featured in the first teaser. Since then it was in every one's lips. Its a thumping, pulsating track, which DSP used first in his own Telugu film Bhai. Superb orchesttration, lyrics and singing makes this a great track.


Nallavanu Solvanga

This is also another good track from the album. DSP's voice is a plus. The music is also good. The dialogues added in between makes it more interesting. With visuals the song is going to create more impact for sure.



Adnan Sami is the biggest plus of this song. It has a dejavu feel to it [again DSP's own old tracks]. With visuals the song might enter the hit charts, but as if now its abbove average only.


Jing Chakka

A typical dappam kuthu songs with not so interesting/catchy lyrics. nothing special in it to talk about, just an average track


Ival Dhaana

The weakest track in the album. Looks like the romantic duet picturised on Ajith & Tamannaah. Average song, nothing great singing wise too. It will be interesting to look forward the chemistry between a Salt N Pepper Ajith & Tamannaah.


So, in all, to my non-professional, layman's ears Veeram album doesn't meet the huge expectations it had, considering the fact that its an Ajith film and DSP is the music director. AlsoFew songs gave a feel of Dejavu.

 For a mass films chartbuster songs are necessary, don't know whether anyof these will later turn out to be one, but as of now its not upto the mark.[Remember Singam 2 songs were really bad when heard as audio, but by the time film released it became 'Okay' ]

after Singam 2 another underwhelming album in Tamil from DSP


Above Average

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