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Aagadu - First Look Poster & Teaser - Mahesh Babu, Tamannaah

Aagadu - First Look Poster & Teaser - Mahesh Babu, Tamannaah


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Bangalore Days - Malayalam Movie Review

 Bangalore Days - Malayalam Movie Review

Directed by     Anjali Menon
Produced by     Anwar Rasheed, Sophia Paul
Written by     Anjali Menon
Music by     Gopi Sunder
Cinematography     Sameer Thahir
Editing by     Praveen Prabhakar
Studio     Anwar Rasheed Entertainment. Weekend Blockbusters
Distributed by     A & A Release through August Cinemas
Release dates   May 30, 2014
Running time     171 Minutes
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Dulquer Salmaan as Arjun aka Aju
    Parvathi as RJ Sarah
    Fahadh Faasil as Das
    Nazriya Nazim as Divya Prakash
    Nivin Pauly as Kuttan
    Isha Talwar as Meenakshi
    Nithya Menen as Natasha
    Maniyanpilla Raju
    Sajid Yahiya
    Prathap Pothen
    Vinaya Prasad

One of the biggest multi starrer to release in Mollywood since 'T 20' the BAAP of all Multi starrers. Usthad Hotel team [Anjali Menon, Anwar Rasheed, Dulquer, Gopi Sunder, Nithya] reuniting after 2 years, there were plenty to look forward to 'Bangalore Days'. The trailer, song, posters also increased the expectations.

The basic plot of 'BD' deals with 3 characters, Arjun, Kuttan, Divya, who are not only cousins but thickest of friends. Even though their families have issues and egos between them these 3 gel like anything & were inseparable. In the course of time, like Most of the Malayali youth now a days, the 3 end up in the land of techies, Bangalore, even though for different purposes. Certain characters like Das, Meeenakshi, Sarah enters the lives of these 3. How all these change their character, friendship, attitude toward life etc forms the rest of the story.

'Bangalore Days' is not your typical candy floss youthful romantic film, it deals with complex relations, emotions as well. but if you are expecting a 'Manjadikkuru' or an 'Usthad Hotel' you might be disappointed. The film doesn't have memorable dialogues & the heartwarming scenes are few and far in between. The film in the beginning felt like to feed on the nostalgia of youth, deviates from that path few reels later. The main issue with the film is that its too lengthy and the pace is horribly uneven especially in the second half. Had the length been on the shorter side the emotional sequences, even though few in number, would have had greater impact. The climax was predictable. There are also in brand promotions, few of them prove to be distractions, while few have been used efficiently. Youth might be able to connect more with the film (or those who have gone through such a phase) than others.

Even though made to look like for comic relief its Nivin Pauly's characters and story that makes the film engaging and provides clap/whistle worthy moments and he has done a Good job in that too. What could have been a usual role for Dulquer gets saved with the introduction of Sarah and the story provides few touching moments too and their relationship has been etched out beautifully. Parvathi has done a great job and Dulquer hasn't disappointed either. Fahadh gets scope to perform in the later half, which he does brilliantly. In the initial half he is just confined to look a 'Uninterested husband' and he successfully manages to irritate viewers too. Nazriya too has done a good job a bubbly girl in her early 20s forced to get married and entering the serious business of 'house making'. Nithya in a cameo and Isha in an extended cameo appearances were Okay.

Direction of Anjali Menon was okay Script couldn't meet the promises or expectations her other two films created. Dialogues were good. Cinematography was outstanding. Songs except the wedding song act as speed breakers. There were much expectations from Gopi Sunder's Background score, much more than the songs, due to which it feels tad disappointing. Film should have been shorter by at least 20mins for better box office prospects. But if you have greater patience and come with out expecting a candy floss, through out entertainer or the baggage's of Anjali's previous attempts you might find the time invested worth.

So in all even though it doesn't quite match up to the expectations it created, Bangalore Days is definitely a decent watch, for the performances and some nice touching moments and visual splendor.

Verdict: A Generous, Good

Rating; 3/5

Last Word: Have a feeling that film might appeal more on the 2nd watch

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Mr.Fraud takes Thunderous opening - Exclusive Box Office Report

Mohanlal's latest release Mr. Fraud took a thunderous opening all across Kerala. Being the next release after Drishyam and making lot os news in the past weeks the film released to awesome response from movie goers, last Saturday. The Day 1 gross was about 1.35 crores with distributors share of about 65 lakhs (approx). Eventhough the film got mixed response from general public the fans have been extremely happy with the way Mohanlal has been portrayed, especially in the first half. So the second day the business zoomed to 1.42 crores gross, with a distributors share of 1bout 68 lakhs(approx).

The 2 days total from Kerala Box Office is 2.77 crores with distributors share of 1.33 crore (approx). The film had a regular drop today, being Monday. But main centers are still super strong, Multiplexes which began on a slow note also showed improvement towards matinee and night shows. The film also took great opening Rest of India too. The film got the biggest release outside Kerala, releasing in same amount of screens as in Kerala. Addition of subtitles helped many non-Malayalees thronging theaters to watch the film, thanks to Drishyam.

As per early estimates the gross should be around 70-80 lakhs today taking the total to 3.5 crores and by tomorrow it looks like will cross the life time gross of Gangster. With music, video rights being sold for record breaking figures and satellite rights close to 6crores and the film yet to release in overseas markets, it looks like producers will be laughing all the way to the banks...

Kerala gross in 2 days 2.77 crores
Kerala Distributors share in 2 days 1.33 crores
All India Gross in 2 days: - About 3.5 - 4 crores (Yet to confirm)

* Update - 3rd Day All Kerala Gross 80 lakhs
 All Kerala Gross in 3 days  3.57 crores
 All Kerala Distributors share in 3 days 1.71 cr  (approx)

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How Old Are You - Malayalam Movie Review - Manju Warrier, Kunchako Boban

How Old Are You - Malayalam Movie Review


Directed by     Rosshan Andrrews
Produced by     Listin Stephen
Written by     Bobby Sanjay
Starring     Manju Warrier
Kunchako Boban
Music by     Gopi Sunder
Editing by     Mahesh Narayanan
Studio     Magic Frames
Distributed by     Central Pictures
Release dates   17 May 2014 (Kerala)
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


Manju Warrier as Nirupama Rajeev
Kunchako Boban as Rajeev
Siddhartha Basu
Lalu Alex
Vanitha Krishnachandran
Vinay Forrt
Sreerag Nambiar
Jayaraj Warrier
Amritha Anil as Lekshmi Rajeev

The return of Malayalees favorite heroine of perhaps all time has been in the news since months. Finally the film has hit the screens over coming 'various' odds. Did it satisfy the hype or did PR team over did their job, lets see.

Nirupama Rajeev is a Govt. employee, a loving wife and a caring mother. She is the representative of millions of Indian house wives/working mothers who have kept their ambitions and dreams locked up for their family or their husbands. Thanks to her Male Chauvinistic husband and an 'incident' that happens in her life Nirupama is forced to take some stern decisions which turns her life around. Was its for good or bad - the remaining reels tells us.

The trailer and basic story line gives an impression that the movie is inspired from 'English Vinglish' with a hint of 'Ethir Neechal'. Yes, in a broad sense it can be called. But How Old Are You has multiple layers that makes it a stand out film at the same time stand along with the recent women oriented, much celebrated, films like English Vinglish & Queen. Its difficult for majority of women folks in our country to break the barriers they themselves or the society builds around them post marriage (even though the situation is slowly changing). The films remembers them to break the shackles, chase the dreams, after all Age is just a number.

The 1st half movies largely at leisurely pace with some nice humor (some crass too) thrown in the mix. It was breezy and entertaining. The 2nd half takes some what a serious tone and pace drops a bit. It do goes to preachy/philosophical mode at times. But as a whole the film is inspirational, emotional and entertaining.

HOAY is the perfect come back vehicle for Manju Warrier. She arrests our attention and owns the screen like she used to do in her prime. The gap of 14 years wasn't felt much apart from couple of scenes. The film truly rides on her. Kudos to Kunchako Boban for doing the role of an MCP where the female character has more screen time and opportunities to score. Sethulakshmiamma (who did the role of Indran's father in 'LRL') was excellent. Rest of the cast were okay. Kaniha and the kid who played the daughter were miscasts.

Roshan Andrrews after an average outing is back to his full form in 'HOAY'. He handles the theme neatly and naratesa good family entertainer to the viewers. Bobby-Sanjay's scripting was as always good (the only time the duo mis fired was in 'Casanovva') and their dialogues were impressive. Cinematography was good, Editing could have been better. There's one song during the movie which was good, while the BG score was tad average.

In all its a film every family should watch, every Women must watch.

Rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: Very Good

Last Word: SHE IS BACK !!!!

PS: If the 'Master of Ring' had some questions for you take back some polite answers from the 'Queen' :wink:

Mr. Fraud - Malayalam Movie Review - Mohanlal, Unnikrishnan B

 Mr. Fraud Malayalam Movie Review
Director: B.Unnikrishnaan
    Producer: A.V Anoop
    Executive Producer: B.Unnikrishnan
Banner : AVA Productions
    Script: B.Unnikrishnan
    Cinematographer: Satheesh Kurup
    Makeup: Pradeep Rangan, Liju Kumar S
    Music: Gopi Sundar
    Playback Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Shakthisree Gopalan, Sithara & Gopi Sundar
    Editor: Manoj
    Lyrics: Hari Narayanan, Chittoor Gopi & Santhosh Varma
    Costume: S.B Satheesh, Murali
    Art Director: Joseph Nellikal
    Stills: Sinat Savier
    Production Controller: Aroma Mohan


      Mohanlal as 'Fraud'
    Dev Gill
    Pallavi Purohit
    Mia George as Saraswathi
    Manjari Phadnis
    Vijay Babu
    Sai Kumar
    Suresh Krishna
    Rahul Madhav
    Ashvin Matthew
    Rajeev Parameshwar
    Arjun Nandhakumar
    Gopi Sundar (cameo appearance)
    Amritha Anilkumar

Mohanlal plays a 'Fraud' who has many names and many faces, a non sympathetic cunning hi-tech robber. He gets offered a job with enough money that he can very much retire after this. But its not easy as it seems and is 'one of the most difficult mission' he has come across as the character says. The treasure belongs to an Old Kovilakam and they are going to open the chest for the first time in 41 years with all the relatives, police and top level private security team guarding it. So will he able to do it forms the rest of the story.

Mr Fraud is a heist movie presented in a mass masala packaging, so there's no logic in asking for a unique or different storyline as all of them have universally one theme. The first half is racy and entertaining largely thanks to Mohanlal who was simply free flowing and outstanding making even minutest expressions and simple dialogues clap worthy. The Director being a Lal fan has added elements to please the fans. The packaging and the way everything is setup in the first half is really good. Its in the second half the movie suffers a bit. Totally its an above average 2nd half with an average, rushed up climax. The first half makes us prepared for a better 2nd half which the film couldn't provide, also the unnecessary sentimence ruins the pace. It would have been great if the film had a climax like 'Mankatha' or 'Don' (SRK's).

With the limited budget Malayalam can afford Director was able to show the heist scenes convincingly. May not be a patch on Hollywood counter parts, but still they serve the purpose. Unnikrishnan B is definitely improving every time as a director, and this one is his best Directorial outing. Even though his scripting faltered here and there in the 2nd half, for most of the run time it was engaging. The dialogues as always were good, made look even better by Mohanlal.

It can be called a one man show by Mohanlal, after a long time Malayalees gets to see his Mass entertainer side which he did with elan. He carries the movie in his entire 'slanting' shoulder. Siddique, Mia George, Sai Kumar, Ashwin were good. Vijay & Manjari was okay. rest of the cast did their role. Dev Gill's villain character was a disappointment, as it was an underwritten role, the film could have had a better villain character.

Gopi Sunder is back in full form after a long back as both his songs and BG are very good. Back Ground score infact is a great plus for the movie. Cinematography was good, editing was sharp. VFX team have done a great job. Art work was superb. Action choreography was average.

Over all Mr Fraud is a Mass-Heist movie - must watch for fans, one time watch for others

After 150 days of delivering 'Class' to the world, its time to give some MASS with Class, good old Lalettan way, which no one can replicate

Rating 3/5

Verdict: Good


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Mohanlal's Mr. Fraud Kerala Paper ADs & All India Theaters List

Godzilla 2014 - Exclusive Movie Review - Monster of a Movie


 Directed by     Gareth Edwards
Produced by   Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Mary Parent, Brian Rogers
Screenplay by     Max Borenstein
Story by     David Callaham
Based on     Godzilla by Toho
Music by     Alexandre Desplat
Cinematography     Seamus McGarvey
Editing by     Bob Ducsay
Studio     Legendary Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures
Distributed by    Warner Bros. Pictures (International), Toho (Japan)
Release dates   May 16, 2014 
Running time     123 minutes
Country     United States
Language     English
Budget     $160 million

Bryan Cranston as Joe Brody
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Lieutenant Ford Brody
Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa
Elizabeth Olsen as Elle Brody
Juliette Binoche as Sandra "Sandy" Brody
Sally Hawkins as Dr. Vivienne Graham
David Strathairn as Admiral William Stenz

 Godzilla is a pop cultural icon in Japanese and the worldwide audience got a glimpse of it in the infamous Roland Emmerich's 1998 version. Even though I liked it, the film is universally hated for just being a Jurassic Park, making the iconic Monster an iguana faced evil villain who gets killed in the end. So hopes were high on this project to get a 'Godzilla' flick set in the modern world, more grounded to the CGI reality of current movies and one that doesn't treat the 'Icon' as just another monster. The posters the teasing trailers have done their trick and this is undoubtedly one of the most awaited movie this season.

Joe  and his wife has been working in a Japanese nuclear plant till one day a seismic activity leaves him alone in the world with his child. Studying the unusual readings of the day Ford came to conclusions, that it wasn't an earth quake or at least ain't normal one, which were ignored by everyone. Cut to 15 years later, his son has grown up but Ford is still living on the memories of that day, wanting to find the reason his Wife died. slowly starts believing in his father's conspiracy theories. As they go to the site of the plant to recover any possible evidence they come to know about secret scientific studies and the classified Government facility where they have kept an unidentified organism locked up for research. The beast  escapes captivity and wrecks havoc in the city and that's when our Hero/Villain makes his entry. What happens next in the war of the villains? who ever wins we loose......

Godzilla is a kind of Kaiju (collective names for such monsters) and Last year's 'Pacific Rim' also dealt with 'Kaiju's', and both film have similar story lines, but the way the movies have presented they look diametrically opposite. While PR was more a color ful, swash buckling mass masala kind of a monster movie Godzilla is rooted more to reality, emotions and keeping in check with the original mythology. The movie has a call against the harms humans do to Mother Nature, as each and every exploitation will have an impact and in the war with the Nature humans can't win they only can adapt to whats left. 'Godzilla' being a heroic villain represents the force of Mother Nature, the term 'God' is not just for the sake of it as the myth treats it that way (The very reason why 'God' was dropped from the Iguana shaped creature featured in 98 movie).
There is also adaptation from Hindu mythology, according to which when all hell breaks loose (Kalyug) Lord Vishnu takes his 10th Avatar, Kalki which fights the evil, restores the earth and a new cycle of life begins after wards. 'Godzilla' is the Hollywood representation of 'Kalki', that's the myth the film creates. Apart from a blockbuster graphics heavy Hollywood movie it is tied up to reality, mythology at very deep routed levels which is what makes the film stand out.

The film is slow to take off as it takes its own time to level all cards on the playing field before a final extravaganza. Breaking Bad fame Bryan Cranston as always is Outstanding. Ken Watanabe also did a great job. Rest of the cast doesn't get much scope even though there are names like Aron Taylor, Olesen etc. The cinematography is excellent. The CGI work is super cool. 3D effects are there, but nothing much to speak about. Background score is awesome. Godzilla the creature and its sound definitely deserves a special mention, for coming up with a gigantic, realistic, monsterestic, more closer to the classic 'Godzilla' and giving it an Iconic 'Roar' - KUDOS !!. Editing could have been better as it drags slightly in between.

In all Godzilla is a must watch movie for the fans of 'Godzilla', monster movies, disaster movies, huge Graphics spectacles and almost everyone who doesn't demand great acting, dialogues and strong story lines. Being a fan boy the film satisfied all my expectations and the final battle sequence were jaw droppingly awesome and scream/clap/whistle worthy....

Godzilla is a Mind blowing, epic, gargantuan, out of the world, blockbuster, Monster movie

Rating: 3.75/5

Verdict: BLOCKBUSTER !!!!

Last Word: What the Hellll..... still reading...go grab your tickets !!!

PS: Please try to watch the film in Imax and Dolby Atmos - Would blow you mind, Guarantee - [if both available in same screen - AWESOME, you are one lucky guy !!]

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Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal - Malayalam Movie Review


Directed by     Ajith Pillai
Produced by     Niyas Ismail
Screenplay by     Ajith Pillai, Vipin Radhakrishnan
Story by     Ajith Pillai
Music by     Prashant Pillai
Cinematography     Abinandhan Ramanujam
Editing by     Ratheesh Raj
Studio     Frames Inevitable
Distributed by     KNM Pictures
Release dates      May 1, 2014
Running time     131 minutes
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Asif Ali as Alex, son of a farmer.
    Sunny Wayne as Akbar Ali, a fisherman.
    Nedumudi Venu as Kuriachen, Alex's father.
    Janani Iyer as Deena
    Swati Reddy as Isa
    Nishanth Sagar as Hashim
    Jijoy as Sulaiman
    Jojo Mala as Mathew P Mathew
    Chemban Vinod

'Mosa' mean 'Waves' and 'Kuthira Meenukal' are 'Sword Fishes' who fights with themselves for food and survival. The films tells us that Humans rarely do good to others and if they do there will be an ulterior selfish motive behind it. Every character in the film has a selfish motive behind the things they do, which drives the movie plot forward. 

Alex is the son of a rich planter. In the process of multiplying the wealth, without going for a job, in shortcut,  He ends up jail where his relative is the chief. Unable to cop up with Jail he does a prison break days before he was to be released officially on special 'Independence Day' pardon. He breaks out of prison with another inmate Akbar Ali. Now its Alex's job to go back to prison with Akbar in order to get out legally with the help of his Chief. Akbar who is on a important time bound mission to 'Lakshwadeep' is in no mood to listen to Alex. What happens to the characters as their journey together begins, forms the rest of the film.

Like mentioned before the film deals with human nature, friendship & love. The first half is interesting and fast moving with light humor sprinkled through out. In the second half the pace reduces drastically, especially in the Sunny-Swati portions. The dialogues are well researched & well written. There is a nice story to tell, which has been presented with an above average script.

Its Asif Ali who binds the entire film. When ever the film goes down its his character that brings it up. One of the career best roles for him. Sunny Wayne too was good. Swati and Janani were okay. Jijoy was very good in a small role.

Cinematography is top notch, except few steady cam shots. The beauty of Lakshwadeep has been captured in all its glory, so as the sequences in Kochi, Viyoor Jail etc. Background was good in parts, average else where. Aikbareesa song is beautiful and has been used brilliantly in bits and pieces through out the 2nd half, as a back ground score, giving the feel of a cool breeze of a sea shore.Editing could have been better in the second half. Ajith Pillai has made a promising debut as Director too, attempting such a venture as first film, kudos to him.

In all its a different attempt and a nice watch if you have a bit of patience and mind set to be treated with something fresh and new.

Verdict: Between Above Average & Good

Rating: 2.75 - 3 / 5

Drishyam smashing records in Home Video (DVD VCD BluRay) Sales too - Exclusive Update

 (Blu-ray Cover)

 In its 150 days (142 till May 9th, day of Home Video release) theatrical run, Drishyam broke almost every record possible in Malayalam Film Industry & Worldwide Box Office for Malayalam films. The film in fact proved to be a lifeline for m any B, C class theaters who were on the verge of being demolished or turned into auditoriums. The film single handedly revived theaters all across the state, brought audience back to the theaters who we believed were lost and opened new markets outside Kerala.

Now the film is doing the exact same for the Home Video industry since its release last Friday. Thanks to Piracy, Channels, the industry was/is also on the verge of extinction, that's when Drishyam happened. The movie has been in Pre-orde for quite a long time, thanks to the ex excellent theatrical run and within few days of being available for pre-order it was breaking records . Drishyam is the most pre-ordered movie in the history, leading the previous best by a humongous margin (largely thanks to the extended period). The experiences shared by shop owners were also incredible with most shops going sold out by Friday evening, even though they were supplied with more units than usual.

Sending all the pre-order copies were another Himalayan task according to owner of
 Blu-Ray sales even surprised 'Central Home Entertainment' who owns the home video license, as they don't have any more copies with them to meet the demands. Remember Bluray format is still in its Infant stages in Kerala especially for Malayalam films, with the best seller selling small numbers only. But Drishyam in 2 days has sold more than 500 copies, many even wanting this to be their inaugural film for their new Bluray system.

Drishyam DVDs are more in demand and like the explosion of Bluray sales, the VCD sales have come down in proportion (still more than any recent releases). Within just 2-3 days its the biggest seller ever in the history of Malayalam cinema beating films like Pazhassi Raja, Urumi etc. All these fete, with Piracy ruling the roost, as the pirated copies of even BluRay was available within hours of its release.

 Scene outside a Shop

DVD (India) Cover

DVD (Overseas) Cover

 Flex/Banner outside a shop

Blu-Ray Inlay

Blu-Ray Inlay& Disc

Image Credits to Copyright Owners & Uploaders

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Ulsaha Committee - Malayalam Movie Review - Jayaram, Isha Talwar

 Cast: Jayaram (Apoorvan), Sheela (Rossamma), Baburaj (Chopra) , Kalabhavan Shajon (Babumon), Suraj Venjaramoodu, Vinaya Prasad, Lakshmipriya, Shaju, Kochupreman, Sunil Sugatha, Joy Mathew, Kalinga Sasi, Nelson


Director: Akku Akbar
Producer: Arun Ghosh & Binoy Chandran
Production House: Chand VCreations
Music: Bijibal
Lyrics: Rafeeq Ahmed, Jophi Tharakan, Engadyoor Chandrashekaran
Cinematography: Anil Nair
Editing: Lijo Paul
Art Direction: Nandan Mannoor
Story/Writer: Shyju Anthikad
Costume Design: Kumar Edapal

 Apoorvan is the self proclaimed scientist of Mantharakadavu Village, who is pretty much interested in inventing various things. Babumon, his financial support and Chopra, his henchman, are his close buddies. Even though many of the inventions are useful for the villagers, the three when join together create mess that than anything. So one day the villagers are forced to kick them out of the village. The 3 thus end up in Rosamma's house, who is a millionaire. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Akku Akbar with Jayaram has given 2 family hits in the past, the Producers gave the 2nd biggest hit of last year too. But when they united for a mad comic caper, the resultant product is an utter failure.
The film not only lacks a credible story line is a disaster in the scripting department too. There are only few good one liners  in the entire movie, every thing else falls flat. The acting too is over the top here. Jayaram has tried Palakkadan slang in the movie, which is not patch to Biju Menon in 'Ordinary'. Baburaj, Suraj often goes to 'Unsahikkable' levels. Isha Talwar had nothing much to do and her acting/lip sync hasn't improved much from her 'Thattam' days.

Director had no clue about the proceeding and did a below average job. Cinematography was Good. Music was disappointing while Background score was interesting at parts. Editing was okay. 

In all, Ulsaha Comitte, is a crassier crass comedy that you might wanna check out when its premiered on TV

Rating: 1.5/5

Verdict: Escape.....

Last Word: This committee will rip apart your 'Ulsaham' and burn it on the floor....

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Movie Review

 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Movie Review

Thought the prequel was an average one as it couldn't bring much into the table and Rami-Maguire version was still fresh in everyone's' minds. Also the promises of revealing the truths about Mr & Mrs. Parker also wasn't fulfilled. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, from the plethora of trailers Sony released, looked a much better product with more at the stake for Spidey/Parker & Stacey.

Peter Parker is still in search for the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of his parents. He torn between the love for Gwen Stacy & the promise he has give to Gwen's father to stay away from her. Plus his alter ego has to fight noot one but 3 super villains. Max Dillion, a mentally unstable Oscorp employee, who gets electrical powers (ELECTRO) after felling into a tank filled with genetically modified Electric Eels. Harry Osborn, who inorder to save his life from the rare genetic condition, injects himself with some sortt of venom and becomes 'Green Goblin'. A thug who Spidey got arrested while trying to hijack truck of plutonium, who later with the hel of 'Mystery man' becomes 'Rhyno'. Will Peter find out the truth about parents, what will happen to Gwen, how will he defeat the villains forms the rest of the plot.

Everything has been stepped up a bit compared to its sequel. The plot is more complicated, there are more at stake for Peter/Spidey & of course, New York. With Marc Webb's direction it ends up a notch above the predecessor, but still no where near to the Marvel CU/Avengers movies or Nolan's Dark Knigt trilogy.

Also the movie still couldn't justify the need of the sudden reboot, despite Sony's 'hold onto rights'. The script could have been more focused and clear. The story is your usual Super Hero movie story line, which Webb tried to make interesting as possible.

The action blocks have been well executed. There are tons of CG, which has been done neatly too. Surprisingly the 3D is more effective than many of the recent releases too. As all Spidey movies its more on emotional content and lighter on the lighter side. Plus too much villains has also created bit of confusion and gives over done or too much feel to the audience. The movie also has a shocking/sad end, for the fans. The film also throw hints at expanding the universe and possible future villains and factions.

The technical crew has done an excellent job. Great direction, excellent CGI and 3D. Good Cinematography and editing. Acting was Good.Even though they shot for few days with Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, decided to drop that role and reserve it for future, But Shailene who got a hit franchise under her belt in Divergent, looks reluctant to return.

Fox's X-Men was reportedly attached to TASM2 (which I missed) should be a great sign for future, Hope Sony allows Spidey to partner with the Avengers too, pretty soon. Its high time Spidey saved people from other Cities/Countries too

Rating: 2.75/5

Verdict: Above Average

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Law Point - Malayalam Movie Review - Kunchako Boban, Namitha Pramod

 Director: Lijin Jose Producer: David Kachappally Music: Mejo Joseph Lyrics: Rafeeq Ahmed Cinematography: Neil D.Cuhna Editing: Manoj Art Direction: Jothish Shankar Story/Writer: Devidasan 


Kunchacko Boban (Satya), Namitha Pramod (Maya), Nedumudi Venu, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Devan, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Joy Mathew, P Balachandran, Riya Saira

 Satya is a tough nut and a cunning, conniving, shifty, sneaky, scheming and down right sly of a lawyer, who goes ato any lengths or do anything to win cases. One day Sathya gets to appear for the accused in a Suicide case. Since the case hasn't been registered, he tries to convince the girl 'Maya' for an out of court settlement. Will he manage to convince her, if yes how, is everything as we see, who is playing whom, forms the rest of the story.

The title and the tag line, 'Law Point - Law gets pointless' could mislead you as there is just one court scene in the movie, that to just to establish the character of Kunchako Boban. Its basically mind games between few individuals, but by the time you get to know it, its too late. The film takes too much time to get into the track. If not for 'Maya' and superb portrayal by Namitha Pramod the first half would  have been damp squib. The second half, about 40 mins long , rushes through proceedings. The film gets exciting only at the final reels where the 'twists' are revealed, and there are quite a few of them, thrown at you one after the other. These multiple twists keep the movie from being said 'predictable' but if the scenes leading to it aren't exciting, the mission is a failure. Also the audience is not given the actual picture itself to call those twists to be jaw dropping or surprising. Still could have worked to an extent, with good direction, recent example being 7th day.

Kunchako Boban looked uncomfortable and unconvincing as the tough nut lawyer and appeared forced in the initial scenes. Namitha Pramod was, as said before, very good, in the portrayal of smart young no-nonsense girl doesn't easily give into Sathya's charms. Krishna Shankar was good and rest of the cast were okay.

Direction could have been better, the script didn't help the case too. Cinematography was good, Editing wasn't bad either. 'Oru mozhi' song has been used very well. Back ground score was okay.

In all, Law Point is Half baked mystery/thriller.

Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict: Average

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