Thursday, 31 July 2014

Avatharam - All India Theaters List - Dileep, Lakshmi Menon, Joshiy

Avatharam - All India Theaters List - Dileep, Lakshmi Menon, Joshiy

Hercules - Kerala Release Paper ad with Theaters List - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mammootty's Manglish - Movie Review

Manglish - Movie Review

Directed by     Salam Bappu
Produced by     Haneef Muhammed
Written by     Riyas
Music by     Gopi Sundar
Cinematography     Pradeesh M Varma
Edited by     Vijay Sanker
Distributed by     Red Rose Release & PJ Entertainments(Europe)
Release date(s) July 27, 2014
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Mammootty as Tharakan Malik
    Caroline Beck as Michelle
    Srinda Ashab as Mumtaz    
Aneesh G Menon as Simmon
    Alexx O'Nell as Kevin
    Tini Tom as Boss
    Vinay Forrt as Dixon
    Suresh Krishna as Lakshman
    P.Balachandran as Swami
    Sunil Sukhada as Anglo Charlie
    Joju George
    Sathaar as Paulose Punnookaaran
    Raveendran as Pothen
    Sasi Kalinga as Mathukutty
    Kalabhavan Haneefa as Chayakaran Mani
    Gopan as H.C Chandran
    Kalabavan Rahman as Driver Rahman
    Mukundan as Adv. James
    Pouly Valsan as Veronica
    Sreedhanya as Seenath
    Sheelu Abraham as Lalitha

Mammootty is Malik Bhai, the bhai of Mattanchery, bhai with heart of gold, a do gooder and one who doesn't toleate injustice. What happens when a foreigner, Michelle enters Bhai's life, who knows only English, a language which is alien for our Bhai. 

Hearing the title One may think that this is yer another Mammootty comic caper where he talks in bad/horrible English to make us laugh, like Pokkiri Raja, Rajamanickyam etc. But once the movie ends we wish had it been like that, thanks to the writer(s). The main intention was to create mass entertainer for the festive season, with Mammootty in stylish colorful costumes, doing action, mouthing punching lines, delivering humor etc, but unfortunately none of these work, for most of the part. 

The initial part is slow and boring and nothing much happens here. All the above mentioned 'tricks' to keep us entertained fails. Its in the second half that the proceedings gets somewhat interesting. Still the movie movies predictably and ends up with an Okay climax. The first half is below average, while the 3nd in comparison to the st is above average.

It was a cake walk role for Mammooty, but seriously doesn't understand why he keeps doing films like these. Even though looked handsome, it was awkward and weird to see him in the song picturised overseas. Caroline has done an okay job. Raveendran was irritating. Its Tini Tom who delivers all of the interesting one liners in the film, one of the few saving graces of the film. Srinda ashab was once again impressive.

Salam Bappuu's direction has improved compared to Red Wine could have delivered a better product had the script was better. Ulla Ulla song was good and the other one was completely unnecessary and hard to watch as I said before. Background score was okay, don't understand the need of 'Atmos' for this. Cinematography was good and editing was efficient.

Overall 'Manglish' is a half baked entertainer 

Rating: 2.5/5


Monday, 28 July 2014

Kerala: Girls gets beaten up for criticizing Asif Ali's 'Hi I'm Tony' in Facebook ??


Asil Ali's Eid release 'Hi I'm Tony' has been getting mostly negative reviews. According to media reports couple of girl students who posted negative comments about the movie where allegedly abused and beaten by Asif Ali fans association members. There was reportedly a gang war like situation when the association members and friends of the students collided on broad daylight in public place. There are reports claiming that they were just goons and not members of fans association. But now fans association came up with a clarification on the issue that the girls abused one of their member and even insulted his mother which lead to the fight.

The film is directed by Lal Jr; whose debut film was last years break away hit 'Honey Bee'. The film features actors like Lal, Biju Menon, Asif Ali, Mia George etc.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Salman Khan's Kick - Movie Review

'Kick' is the remake of the Telugu blockbuster, also titled 'Kick' which *ed Ravi Teja & Illeana D'Cruz. Kick tells the story of Devi Lal Singh (Salman) who only do things that gives him a 'Kick, who turns into a Robin Hood like robber who calls himself DEVIL. Jacqueline plays his love interest, Randeep, the cop chasing Devil and Nawazuddin after whom the Devil is.

'Kick' basically is a typical Salman Khan mass entertainer that offers whatever his fans and admirers except from his films. The film begins in a super entertaining manner with Salman Khan in full on energy & mood, playing it to the gallery. The pace slightly drops towards interval and the Devil into could and should have been better. In the second half its the cat n mouse gamr between Salman-Ranndeep-Nawazuddin. From a typical Indian mass masala the film takes a grand hollywoodisque make over in the 2nd half.

The first half feels lengthy, but the later one moves at rapid speed giving not much time for the viewers to think.The script is all over the place with uneven pace. Sajid Nadiadwala makes a decent debut as the Director of this mammoth commercial vehicle. Cinematography is outstanding & Music is really good, which has been picturised beautifully too. Editing was average, especially Devil's intro and the way the scene leading to the now 'iconic' walking before train shot has been cut. The flow between scenes is bumpy. The action sequences in Poland even though looks grandeur, actually lacked finesse in execution on closer look. There's no point searching for logic in such a film, so lets leave that apart.

Despite many flaws KICK manages to satisfy its targets audience thanks to the one man entertainment army called 'Salman Khan'. He is in his best form after a small gap, and looked interested and enjoying the proceedings. Jacqueline looked hot and cute the same time, but her make up was way over the top. She scorched the screen in the 1 min exclusive screen time she got in 'Jumme Ki Raat'. Randeep Hooda was good. Nawazuddin Ziddiqui was excellent, enacting a role, eventhough limited in screen time, which could have easily gone horribly wrong had anybody else did it.

In all KICK is a film for fans and all those like no-brainer mass masala entertainers. Its 140 mins of entertainment package with something for everyone except the intellectuals and critics.

Rating 3/5

A Perfect Salmantainer !!!

Mammootty's Manglish - Kerala Release paper ad with theater list

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Anjaan - Music Review - Suriya, Samantha

Song Name - Bang Bang Bang
Movie - Anjaan
Singer - K.G. Ranjith
Music - Yuvanshankar Raja
Lyrics - Karky

The song that was featured in the teaser. As a song its an above average one, but considering the fact its used as the face of the album, should have been better. The 'Bang Bang' portions may cause unintentional laughs, the first few times, but if you get used to that its a fairly okay song, but disappointing to be called the flagship song of the movie. The lyrics do have punch but overall its underwhelming. The song has been shot and cut stylishly with Suriya is great style and attitude showing of 'Raju Bhai'. The choreography is just average.

Song Name - Sirippu En
Movie - Anjaan
Singer - M.M. Manasi
Music - Yuvanshankar Raja
Lyrics - Viveka

The item song in the film, picturised on Chitrangada Singh. Item numbers are like mass masala movies, the lyrics may make no sense and at times absurd. Same is the case here. But since i heard the song in a 'Lyric video' made matters worse. Lyrics were laughable, music is below average. Thesongs lacks the punch or energy to be called an item number, Now everything depends upon the video and Chitrangadha, if the song has to work. Manasi has done great job singing the song, just that the song doesn't deliver.

Song Name - Ek Do Teen
Movie - Anjaan
Singer - Suriya & Andrea Jeremiah
Music - Yuvanshankar Raja
Lyrics - Na. Muthukumar

Suriya too jumps into the actor-singers bandwagon. While most of the actors chose a genre f song comfirtable to them unfortunately Suriya isn't that lucky. First of all, it doesn't sound like Suriya, and one who doesn;t know wouldn't recognize him at all. Second, eventhough he sound good a melody would have been apt for him than this unexciting dappam kuthu type track. The choreography is average once again & Samantha's costumes were horrible, not suiting her at all, hope atleast the situation or character justifies it.

Song Name - Kadhal Aasai
Movie - Anjaan
Singer - Yuvanshankar Raja & Sooraj Santhosh
Music - Yuvanshankar Raja
Lyrics - Kabilan

One of the better tracks from the album, but really wish somebody other than YSR had song the song or at least there is a reprise version with somebody else. The lyrics are good. YSR has given a neat composition. Talked about as the best melody in the album, the song can grow on you after multiple listening. 

Song Name - Oru Kan Jaadai
Movie - Anjaan
Singer - Benny Dayal & Shweta Pandit
Music - Yuvanshankar Raja
Lyrics - Viveka

Undoubtedly the best track from the album. Finally a song that gives the glimpse of vintage YSR. Feels like will be another stylishly shot song. Benny Dayal has done a great job, like they always but all Shweta gets to do is humm here & there (May be there's another version, waiting for Jukebox) . Lyrics suits the mood of the song. 

Another disappointing audio album for a Suriya starrer. Expectations were higher considering the magnitude of the project, but YSR fails to deliver. Anjaan is a better album compared to Singam 2, but expectations were also more  from the team. Singam 2 did exceedingly well at boxoffice despite of this, so hoping for the same for 'Anjaan' and (still) waiting for a grand YSR come back.

Salman Khan's KICK - Indian & British Censor notes - Exclusive

Salman Khan's upcoming EID flick 'KICK' was censored by CBFC, India last week. The film was granted a 'U/A' (Unrestricted Public Exhibition-But With Parental Guidance) certificate with one cut. According to censor report 'A Massage scene' has been chopped off from the film. The film'ss certified length is is 2 hours 26 mins 34 secs. 

The British censors BBFC censored the film yesterday and granted the film '12 A' certificate, means Cinema release suitable for 12 years and over. Censor report says film has moderate violence & gore. The Approved Running time is 146m 33s. The reporter furhter states the following

There are scenes of moderate violence, including multiple punches, kicks and blows with the impact of each blow heightened by the loud sound effects. There are gun shootings which result in small blood spurts, a head-butt, and a scene in which punches result in rib cage bones being broken, depicted in an x-ray style. There is some gory injury when a man and a woman fall to the ground from a suicidal jump and they are seen lying with blood around their heads. There are Hindi and English uses of mild bad language (e.g. 'saala', 'bloody', 'damn', 'shit').

Film will hit the screens worldwide on July 25th

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Exclusive First Look & Plot Details of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

For those who closely follow Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) including 'Agents of SHIELD', it will not be a news that SHIELD no longer exists and Tony Stark once agains comes into the picture, of helping the US Defense forces. After destroying all his Iron Man suits and removing the reactor from his chest, which prevented the shrapnel from entering his heart and powered his suits, Tony is no longer Iron Man by the end of Iron Man 3. So he design a super AI soldier Ultron who with the help of Iron Man drones help US Army fight the villains. But Ultron who has a mind of his own takes maters into his own hands and all hell breaks loos once again forcing the super soldier team 'Avengers; to once again 'Assemble'.

Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters worldwide 1 May 2015. The first visuals will be screened to press at the Sandiego Comic Con and a teaser & Poster can be expected soon.