Saturday, 26 July 2014

Salman Khan's Kick - Movie Review

'Kick' is the remake of the Telugu blockbuster, also titled 'Kick' which *ed Ravi Teja & Illeana D'Cruz. Kick tells the story of Devi Lal Singh (Salman) who only do things that gives him a 'Kick, who turns into a Robin Hood like robber who calls himself DEVIL. Jacqueline plays his love interest, Randeep, the cop chasing Devil and Nawazuddin after whom the Devil is.

'Kick' basically is a typical Salman Khan mass entertainer that offers whatever his fans and admirers except from his films. The film begins in a super entertaining manner with Salman Khan in full on energy & mood, playing it to the gallery. The pace slightly drops towards interval and the Devil into could and should have been better. In the second half its the cat n mouse gamr between Salman-Ranndeep-Nawazuddin. From a typical Indian mass masala the film takes a grand hollywoodisque make over in the 2nd half.

The first half feels lengthy, but the later one moves at rapid speed giving not much time for the viewers to think.The script is all over the place with uneven pace. Sajid Nadiadwala makes a decent debut as the Director of this mammoth commercial vehicle. Cinematography is outstanding & Music is really good, which has been picturised beautifully too. Editing was average, especially Devil's intro and the way the scene leading to the now 'iconic' walking before train shot has been cut. The flow between scenes is bumpy. The action sequences in Poland even though looks grandeur, actually lacked finesse in execution on closer look. There's no point searching for logic in such a film, so lets leave that apart.

Despite many flaws KICK manages to satisfy its targets audience thanks to the one man entertainment army called 'Salman Khan'. He is in his best form after a small gap, and looked interested and enjoying the proceedings. Jacqueline looked hot and cute the same time, but her make up was way over the top. She scorched the screen in the 1 min exclusive screen time she got in 'Jumme Ki Raat'. Randeep Hooda was good. Nawazuddin Ziddiqui was excellent, enacting a role, eventhough limited in screen time, which could have easily gone horribly wrong had anybody else did it.

In all KICK is a film for fans and all those like no-brainer mass masala entertainers. Its 140 mins of entertainment package with something for everyone except the intellectuals and critics.

Rating 3/5

A Perfect Salmantainer !!!

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