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Mohanlal's Drishyam - Malayalam Movie Review

 Mohanlal's Drishyam - Malayalam Movie Review

Directed by     Jeethu Joseph
Produced by     Antony Perumbavoor
Written by     Jeethu Joseph
Music by     Anil Johnson, Vinu Thomas
Background Score: Anil Johnson
Cinematography     Sujith Vassudev
Editing by   Ayoob Khan
Studio  Aashirvad Cinemas
Distributed by    Aashirvad Release Through Maxlab
Release dates   19 December 2013
Country     India
Language     Malayalam

     Mohanlal as Georgekutty
    Meena as Rani
    Kalabhavan Shajon
    Asha Sharath as Geetha
    Ansiba as Anju
    Roshan Basheer
    Neeraj Madhav
    Baiju V.K
    Sreekumar P
    Koottickal Jayachandran
    Esther as Anu

I am a fan of Jeethu Joseph's work, coz I have seen all his movies and liked all of them. Each of them entertaining and different from each other. So he teaming up with Mohanlal, the film was easily one to look forward as far as I was concerned. After the way he promoted Memories and what the film offered, respect towards the man only increased.

So even though the posters made us think that it will be 'just another' feel good family entertainer, Knew there will be some thing inside his sleeves that surprise viewers (at least the first day audience). But even after expecting it Jeethu was able to surprise one and all with yet another superbly polished product.

Georgekutty, a farmer cum cable operator, has been living peacefully with his wife and children. A character enters their lives which turns the world upside down for them. The things that the family, especially Georgekutty goes through & has to do forms the rest of the story.

The Online might remind you of 'Ividam Swargamanu', both are family based thrillers starring Mohanlal and deals with how the family sails against the 'tide'. The similarity ends there. Drishyam is  more light hearted and extremely thrilling. It keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, especially in the second half. 

The first 40mins or so is filled with family moments and then the pace picks up towards the interval portion. Second half begins after a good Interval block and continues right from where it was left and end in a extraordinary climax.

The screenplay is tight and offers ample scope for everyone to perform. It not only thrills but entertains, It has got those  heartwarming family momens and bit of romance all mixed in to one wholesome package.

Whenever people start to write him of, he comes back with a BANG, which Mohanlal once again did with Drishyam after going through a lean patch. FCan't imagine any other actor doing this role, coz with his trade mark, popularly known as 'Lalism' he lifts the character to another level. The film is a comeback not only for the star in him, but also the actor. Equally excellent was Meena, who makes a comeback after a small gap. Lal-Meena chemistry have always been clicked with the audience, no exception this time. Shajon also gave his career best performance in Drishyam. Rest of the cast were also good. 

Jeethu Joseph, the director as well as the writer once again delivers. I have never seen anyone under promoting his film, despite having a sure shot subject in his hand, nor I have seen some with someone who speaks with super conviction and humility. Hopefully Drishyam turns out to be the biggest hit in his life. 

Camera by Sujith Vasudev was very good. BG score was Okay. Songs, were nothing great, but not bad either. Editing was also good,  could have been shorter by 10mins, but still its Okay. 

So This X'mas season come with your entire family and watch  the best family entertainer cum thriller of the year.

Rating 4/5

Verdict Very Good

Last Word: Mammooty missed a golden opportunity


venuvakeel said...

Good review

The Vibrations said...

Drishyam is Director Jeethu Joseph’s fourth venture after hugely successful memories with Pritviraj. His debut as director was the investigation thriller Detective which had interesting plot but execution was not up to the mark. But he improved drastically after each film and Drishyam can be considered as his best till date. His three films are thrillers and he delivers best in this genre. After Memories now he is considered one of leading and very promising among new comers.

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