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Nadodi Mannan (Malayalam) - Exclusive Movie Review

Nadodi Mannan - Malayalam Movie Exclusive Review


Directed by     Viji Thampi
Produced by     V.S Suresh, S. Madhan
Banner - Chithram film Company, Vendhar Movies
Written by     Krishna Poojappura
Music by     Vidyasagar
Cinematography     Sanjeev Sankar
Distributed by     Thameens
Release date(s)     October 18, 2013
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Dileep as Padmanabhan
    Ananya as Meera
    Mythili as Rima
    Archana Kavi as Aathira
    Sayaji Shinde as Purushothaman
    Sreelatha Namboothiri


'Nadodimannan' tells the story of how a nobody, one day becomes the mayor of capital city & the troubles he face, for doing good to the people.  

Padmanabhan, a village youth who earns his living by supplying 'people' to public meetings, mass gatherings etc.On one such occasion he gets stuck up in Trivandrum city and gets involved with the local king pin Purushothaman which changes his life for ever. In an unexpected series of events, he gets elected the Mayor of the city. The rest of the film deals with how Padmanabhan cleans up the city.

Meera is a bold girl coming from poor family backgrounds, who forms Padmanabhans moral support. Aathira is a doctor & the member of a royal family. Rima, a broadcast journalist & Bollywood actor Sayaji Shinde, who makes his Mollywood debut, as the villain who is at loggerheads with Padmanabhan.

The film was promoted as Dileep's mass-comedy entertainer kinda delivers its promise in the first half. But what could have been Dileep's next 'Runway' or 'Lion' turns out to be an average fare thanks to an average, long and boring 2nd half.

The film begins very well, especially with the introduction of hero's character with lots of humor through out the first half, thanks to Dileep & co. But in the 2nd, especially once Padamanabhan becomes Mayor I think the writer lost his steam and had n clue on how to move forward and wrap up things. Characters played by Suraj and co who plays Dileep's friends after a good beginning gets disappeared in the proceedings which also affects the film badly.

Dileep has done a good job, his character in the beginning showed promise which couldn't be kept in the later half. Siyaji Shinde has made a good Mollywood debut as villain, major thanks to the dubbing artist. Out of the female leads Ananya gets more scenes, in 99% of which she has to do the same thing - shout or doubt.

For a moment we got an impression that this could be the come back vehicle for Viji thampy, but bad writing in the 2nd half let him down. With many flash cuts and all, editing looked just average, also @ 160 mins the film is tad too long. Camerawork was Ok. Songs were not only bad, but proved to be speed breakers, Lyrics felt like that of Telugu dub films. Many scenes has been shot in front of green screen and the VFX in such scenes looked bad.
 The film has been in production for over 2 years, several production issues and miscellaneous reasons caused the film delay. The estimated final budget is about 8-9cr and with such an average script it looks will end up as a losing affair.

For a Dileep mass film to work it need to have plenty of humor [it doesn't matter if they are crass, crap or double meaning] with a majority share from the star himself, unfortunately this one doesn't have that. The  fate of  the film looks like a 'filler' before much hyped releases that comes in two weeks time.

Verdict: Average

Rating 2.5/5

Box Office: Flop

Last Word - watch the first half for Dileep and 2nd for  Sleep ;-)

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