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Memories - Malayalam Movie Review

Memories - Malayalam Movie Review

 Director: Jithu Joseph

Banner - Anantha Visions
Producer - P.K.Muraleedharan , Santha Murali
Story And Script - Jeethu Joseph
Cinematography - Sujith Vasudev
Editor - V. Sajan
Art Director - Saburam
Makeup - Roshan.G
Production Control - Shaji Kavanad , Sajeev Arjunan
Associate Director - Cylex Abraham
Lyrics - Shelton , Sejo John
Music Director - Sejo John
Stills - Abhilash Narayanan
Designs - Collins.

 Memories is, as the tagline says, 'an episode in the life of a police officer. Prithviraj plays an alcoholic, irresponsible father cum policeman. The reasons for his erratic behaviors plus a murder mystery that he has to unravel due to circumstances forms the basic plot.

Memories is a serial killer typed murder mystery that begins slowly and gets you hoked on as the film progresses, just like last year's Grandmaster. Even the story is similar to that of GM, Police Officer no longer interested in his job gets drawn into the scene once again as the killer is on prowl.

 The intelligent scripting and interesting story line makes it a must watch movie, especially for the fans of thriller genre. The first half may be just above average, nut the second half is truly brilliant. Especially the climax.

Prithvi has done it again. fourth Hit in a row for him, after a lean patch. He is simply excellent as the full time drunkard cop. It is difficult to believe that he is the same guy who couldn't do such roles till recent past. This time he got it bang on ! Rest of the cast gets minimal scope, but have done their roles neatly. The choice of villain was good and surprising. background score and Editing helps the film a great deal. Camerawork looked ordinary at places, was ok otherwise.

on the flip side is the slow pace of the movie, especially in the first half. it takes time before the film gets into the grew. But intelligently the film has been publicized in that manner, brave but Good decision. Direction also looked ordinary. There are some small (negligible) plot holes.

Those who enjoyed film like Mumbai Police, grandmaster shouldn't miss this. its also a must watch for Prithvi fans.

Nice investigation thriller, Go for it



chillylife said...

must watch

appu93 said...

must watch !!
Best movie of 2013 !!

sree said...

must watch great moviee people were clappimg at the ens

BreakingMovies said...

thank u guys for reading and your valuable comments

adam said...

nyc film i like it (Y)

Arjun R Panicker said...

It didn't released at alappuzha !! :( :(

Maryse Love said...

the movie is guud.....story is nyc.....investigation story is zd as a pursuit........ rarely uzd in malayalam movyz.....but climx scene ws copied frm eng movy HIGH CRIMES......

Dhivya Shree said...

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