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Thalaivaa - Exclusive Movie Review

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thalaivaa : Exclusive Movie Review

Direction by A. L. Vijay

Produced by Chandra Prakash Jain/C.P. Sunil/C.P. Dinesh

Music by G. V. Prakash Kumar

Stars: Vijay, Sathyaraj, Amala Paul, Santhanam, Ragini Nandwani, Abhimanyu Singh & Rajiv Pillai

Movie Review by Sree Prasad Nair
Theater – Grand Cinemas, Sharjah, UAE
08/08/2013 – 4.45pm
Occupancy – 100%  Sold Out

A Vijay film is always special. Be it Velayudham or Thuppakki, Vijay films always worked big at the box office. Thalaivaa is the first Vijay film in 2013! Just like Velayudham & Thuppakki (released during Diwali 2011 & 2012) Thalaivaa is also releasing on a festive season, Eid 2013! Thalaivaa is directed by A.L Vijay who had remarkable hits under his belt in the form of Deiva Thirumagal & Madrasapattinam. However his last film Thandavam was a washout at the box office. Thalaivaa stars Vijay and Amala Paul in the lead roles. Sathyaraj, Santhanam, Ragini Nandwani, Abhimanyu Singh & Rajiv Pillai are also acting in Thalaivaa.


Thalaivaa, is the story of comman man who rises to a leader. Vijay is a professional dancer in Australia. He is in love with Amala Paul. Both plan to get married. Vijay comes to India to meet his father (Sathyaraj) with Amala Paul & her father. Sathyaraj is Thalaivaa, leader of social workers in Mumbai. The local enemies murder Sathyaraj. To take the revenge Vijay turns into a leader. What happens next?


A. L. Vijay's story may sound predictable, but film is filled with many twists and turns. Two great suspense, one just before the interval and one just at the right time, climax! Direction is first rate. The run time of the film is almost 3hours. But you will never get bored in those long duration. First half is fast paced with romance, dance, funny scenes and second half is just brilliant, infact better than first half.

Vijay’s character in the film goes through two phases, one as typical lover & other as leader. He is good as lover with his usual charm, dance & romance. But he is brilliant as leader. Unlike his previous films Thalaivaa don't have much action scenes. Less action & more acting... That's Vijay's Thalaivaa. A performance like this comes once in a while and can compete with the best actors this year. The ease with which Vijay slips into the character is amazing and the outcome is spellbinding. If he is lovable as the lover boy dancer, he is outstanding as the leader.

It's Amala Paul who gives Thalaivaa that extra sheen. She gets a role to prove her talent and she more than lives up to the expectations. She is super confident and registered a strong impact. Her dancing skills and expressions are her added benefits. However her role is limited in the second half.

 Santhanam once again proved that he is unbeatable when it comes to comedy. He contributes enormously to some of the best moments of the film. Satyaraj is truly outstanding in a pivotal character. Ragini Nandwani is goregeous and makes her presence felt in a small but significant role. Abhimanyu Singh is ok. Rajiv Pillai may not have many lines to deliver, but his presence and expressions register a strong impact.


Music of Thalaivaa is a letdown. And the placement of two songs are wrong. Veteran actor Nassar is wasted. Not much action scenes in this Vijay film except the climax. That’s about it. These factors won’t harm to a film like Thalaivaa.

Overall Thalaivaa is a perfect Eid gift from VIJAY'S! Director Vijay & Actor Vijay. A Good First Half, Great Second Half With A Brilliant Climax! The film is all set to take a bumper opening at the box office.

P:S: Third Festival Superhit From Vijay In A Row

Verdict - Thalaivaa Is A Great Leader!!!

Rating - 4/5!  Super Hit!!!

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Aravind..Searching Exact path for life..Still inSearch!!! said...

Mokka padam..You should have genuinely rate the movie rather than reviewing it on a favour for the star..The movie is a total crap and direction is very poor..Screenplay is too predictable and the character was not suiting the lead actor vijay..Very wrong effort by Actor Vijay and we should not encourage the directors like A.L.Vijay..who gave craps like thandavam and thalaiva..

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Vijay looks cool..

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