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'Kadal Kadannoru Mathukkutty' - Movie Review

'Kadal Kadannoru Mathukkutty' - Movie Review

Directed by     Ranjith
Produced by     Shaji Nadeshan, Santhosh Sivan, Prithviraj Sukumaran
Music by     Shahabas Aman
Background Score: Thej Mervin
Cinematography     Madhu Neelakandan
Editing by     Sandeep Nandakumar
Studio     August Cinema
Distributed by     August Cinema
Release date(s)   8 August 2013
Running time     135 minutes
Country     India
Language     Malayalam



    Mammootty as Mathukkutty
  Mohanlal (Cameo)
    Dileep (Cameo)
    Jayaram (Cameo)
    Sekhar Menon
    Meera Nandan as Kunjumol
    Alisha Mohammed as Rosy
    Nedumudi Venu
    Tini Tom
    Balachandra Menon
    Suresh Krishna
    Harisree Asokan
    P. Balachandran
    Balachandran Chullikad
    Kaviyoor Ponnamma
    Prem Prakash
    Krishna Prabha


'Kadal Kadannoru Mathukkutty' is the story of a German Malayali Mathukutty, who comes to Kerala on a purpose and gets himself entangled with various Socio-Political issues and how those changes his life for ever.
Mammootty also appears as himself in the movie along with cameos by Mohanlal, Dileep, Jayaram etc.

Expectations were huge as Director Ranjith was having an impressive run for the past few years. Eventhough 'Bavooty' written by him was average stuff the buzz surrounding this film was quite strong. But unfortunately KKOM proooves to be Ranjith's worst script since 'Rock N Roll'.

The film began well with giving hopes that this might turn out to be another 'Pranchiyettan', but once the initial fun was over there was nothing left in the movie. It almost felt like a serial in the 2nd half. The title character, which Mammooty tried to portray honestly and efficiently unfortunately suffered from bad writing and character development. In the 2nd half the character almost gets lost in the crowd.

Just like Bavvoty a few 'comedy' scenes followed an incident just to make it to the climax is the pattern followed here too. All those scenes looks forced. The best part is definitely th first 45 mins, the only part where the director managed to grab audiences attention.
The other cast have also given a good perfomance. Balachandra Menon has made a good come back via KKOM. Muthumani was good as Mathukutti's nagging wife. 

There is just one song in the movie, which is a devotional one. Back ground score was fun in parts, but didn't had much scope thanks to the uninteresting proceedings, infact it made matters worse in 2nd half.
Camera work, editing were good. Ranjith as a writer failer completely, as a director he was okay. 

The most interesting scene in the movie are those with the real life stars, especially the ones with 'Mohanlal' & 'Mammootty'. The film is not horrible or completely bad. But just disappointing considering the amount of talents associated with it. 
The film can be a decent watch for the families, who prefer film with no vulgar comedies or dialogues, no item numbers, action etc. 

Don't go with too much expectations, you might ot get bored

Verdict: Average

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