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Krrish 3 - Music Review - Was there even a Music Director ??

Krrish 3 - Music Review

Track List

'Krrish 3' is one of the most awaited Hindi film of the year. Sequel to 'Koi Mil Gaya' & 'Krrish', a Hrithik release after 2.5 years, one of the biggest budgeted Indian film, a Super Hero movie, 1.5years of Post production etc made this film red hot among people and in market. so each and every announcement regarding the movie was eagerly awaited. The music of 'Krrish 3' has been finally released, lets have a look if it really matches the immense hype or not.

1. "Krrish Krrish (Title Track)"  

I don't think there has been any title track of a Hindi movie that sounded as bad as this one, at least in the recent past. A title track should be the one that sets the album and film on pace, especially a huge film like 'Krrish 3' - considering that this one is a total disaster of a song. There's nothing positive to talk about in this song.

2. "Raghupati Raghav"  

This is my pick of the album, which I never even thought in my wildest dream thought would be the case after seeing the song video promo. The only thing I liked in the video was Hrithik's cool dance moves (which won't be 'jaw dropping' for those who frequent Telugu movies). The song has been set/shot as a party number without any energy at all. The song even after repeated hearings fails to bowl you over. But considering the rest of the songs in the album, this definitely is my pick.

3. "Dil Tu Hi Bataa"  

Feels like a romantic duet, but fails to raise any kind of emotion in listeners. The orchestration is not just bad, but plain irritating, absolutely not suiting the mood of the song. Even Alsiha Chinai's voice couldn't save this song.

4. "You Are My Love"  

This is one song that could turn out to be a Hit once the video is out. Its a quirky romantic track sung nicely by Mohith. As a song its better than the others, waiting to see the Video. Still I don't understand the need of such a song in this kind of a film. Anyway would like to give the benefit of the doubt to this song.

5. "God Allah Aur Bhagwan"  

A song that describes 'Krrish ('the super hero'). Sounds much like kids stuff, an anthem like what 'Chota Bheem' or similar cartoon characters have. Nothing much for the mass audience.

The major problem with the songs are the orchestration, nothing seems to suit the mood or lyrics of the movie. Such a big budgeted, heavily hyped movie should have at least one 'Blockbuster' track, leave BB there is not even one 'Hit' material in this entire album. I seriously doubt whether Mr.Rakesh Roshan or Hrithik listened to the song while composing. (or maybe these are exactly the songs they wanted)

Rajesh Roshan have always given blockbuster tracks, but unfortunately its the extreme opposite this time, a shockingly disappointing album. When 'RRR' was the first video released would have predicted the quality of others too, coz usually they release the best track first. 

The makers weren't serious about the movie it seems, the entire album feels like has been made for a Kids animation movie. There is nothing either for the masses or classes. May be that's they way they wanted it. With visuals don't know if my opinion is gonna change or not but as an audio album its quite disappointing. 

Rating: 2/5

Verdict: Below Average

Last Word: Shocking, Disappointing !!!


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Sad to hear the songs.

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I like the way you described it and would like to see more from you. Krrish 3

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