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Raja Rani : Exclusive Movie Review

Raja Rani : Exclusive Movie Review

Written & Direction by Atlee Kumar

Produced by A R Murugadoss/S.Shanmugam

Music by G. V. Prakash Kumar

Stars: Arya,Nayantara, Santhanam, Jai, Nazriya Nazim, Sathyaraj, Sathyan & Misha Ghoshal

Movie Review by Sree Prasad Nair

 Theater – Eldorado Cinemas, Abu Dhabi, UAE 27/09/2013 – 1.00am Occupancy – 100% Sold Out (Surprise)

Raja Rani is the debut film of director Atlee Kumar. The story of the film is also written by himself.The director previously worked as assistant director to Shankar in Enthiran. Raja Rani is produced by Hit Director/Producer A.R.Murugadoss in association with Foxstar Studios. Raja Rani is a full fledge Nayantara film after 3 years. The film also stars Arya, Santhanam, Jai, Nazriya Nazim, Sathyaraj, Sathyan & Misha Ghoshal.


Raja Rani is the story of a newly married couple, Arya & Nayantara who are like Tom and Jerry. Raja Rani is the story of Arya & Nayantara before and after their wedding. The film is about the problems and ego clashes between them. The whole film is about their relationship and relationship with their past. Yes the film also stars Jai & Nazriya in meaty roles. What's their role in the film? Sorry... No Spoilers...!!! For that you should watch Raja Rani, because....


Atlee Kumar's story may sound predictable, but the film is a good family entertainer. Not only for the families, the film's story can relate to the every youngsters story. Atlee's story is really good and

filled with a lot of emotions portrayed. His direction is first rate. Infact can't believe that Raja Rani is his debut film as director. He added many heart touching scenes in the film which are beautifully executed. Over Raja Rani is a great debut for writer/director Atlee Kumar.

Of the cast, it's indeed difficult to say who'd walk away with all the appreciation at the conclusion of the show. Nayantara made an excellent comeback as Regina. Not only does she look like a woman who is the cynosure of two men, but also emotes her part with amazing grace. Her role is a reflection of what Nayantara can handle in real life. Loads of attitude, a sensitive and soft-hearted girl who can weep, if affected. Easily one of her finest performance, also one of the top performance by a female star in Tamil - 2013.

Arya is excellent as John. You will see a completely different Arya in Raja Rani. He handles the complex part with remarkable ease. His emotional scenes are a revelation. His sequences in the second half of the film prove that the actor is capable of so much more than good looks and action.

Jai underplays his part well. He was very convincing as innocent customer care representative. He was superb in the first half. However, the length of the role doesn't give him much scope to display histrionics.

Nazriya Nazim comes up with a spirited performance again after Neram. The pretty lass is only getting better with every film. Apart from acting, her cuteness and innocent face are an additional benefit for her to sustain in this industry. Not to forget, Nazriya is just 17 years old!

Satyaraj as Nayantara's father is first rate. So is Sathyan as Jai's friend. Misha Ghoshal's role as Nayantara's friend is limited, but her acting is impressive.The pretty actress played the role of Nayantara's college friend is very good.

Another plus point of the film is.... yes you guessed it right! Santhanam!!! Santhanam is once again, without any surrpise outstanding in the film. It's a treat to watch him on screen with his witty one liners and terrific coming timing. Infact in many scenes, especially in the second half Arya is sidelined the moment Santhanam arrives on screen. Watch out for his emotional advice to Nayantara at the climax. A Brilliant actor!

Music by G.V.Prakash is very good. Heyy Babyy & Angnyaade are already chartbusters. Cinematography by George. C. Williams is eye catching. Editing by Anthony L. Ruben is perfect. Special mention to the costume designers of the film, Chaitanya rao & Deepali.


The last 15 minutes of first half & the last 10 minutes of the second half, infact the climax will meet with mixed reactions from the audience. Nayantara overacts a bit in the last portions of the first half. Jai's story is hard to digest. Film drags hugely in the second half, very slow paced at some portions in the second half. Some of the important portions in the second half is fast paced. Second half could have been much better!

Overall Raja Rani is a feel good film! A clean family entertainer with many heart-warming scenes, brilliant performances from the lead cast, excellent comedy from Santhanam & some good music. Box Office Perspective Raja Rani is a clean winner!

P:S: A Clean Family Entertainer

Verdict - Introduce This "Raja Rani" To Your family.

Rating - 3.25/5! Super Hit!!!

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