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Ezhamathe Varavu - Malayalam Movie Review

 Ezhamathe Varavu - Malayalam Movie Review

 Director, Lyrics, Music by     Hariharan
Producer Bhavani
Written by     M. T. Vasudevan Nair
Cinematography     S. Kumar
Editing by     Bavan Sreekumar
Studio     Gayathri Cinemas Enterprises
Release date(s)     September 15, 2013
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Indrajith as Gopinath
    Bhavana as Bhanu
    Vineeth as Prasad
    Kavitha as Mala
    Vinu Mohan
    Suresh Krishna
    K T C Abdullah


Gopinath is a rich aristocratic estate owner, whose main pass time is Hunting. Bhanu is his wife who is longing for love and affection. Prasad is an archaeologist, and also Bhanu's college mate. Mala is a tribal girl who introduces Prasad to the forest.  The incidents that happens between these 4 as a Tiger begins to hunt the villagers forms the major plot of 7A.

I am nobody to judge legends like Hariharan or MT Vasudevan Nair, so conisder this not as a review, but just comments of a layman after watching the movie.

7A is the remake of 'Oridathoru Shathru' [Hariharan-MT-Sukumaran-Venu Nagavally] which in fact never got released. The film reportedly got tons of positive reviews back then when a preview show was conducted & the reason behind the title 'A creature coming very 7 years to kill/eat 7 girls', got me very excited about the movie, but unfortunately it was very much disappointing.

The film is lengthy, but it looks even lengthier thanks to the snail pace in which the film movies. Nothing much happens in the movie in most of its run time. The first half was better which sets up everything nicely for what could have been an exciting 2nd half with a brilliant climax. But the post intraval portions drags even more. could hear people murmuring and few even booing during the flash back portions.

Most of the characters seems under written. The script is very loose and drags in most of the part. MT is well known for his hard hitting dialogues, this time that too fails.The film is predictable in every corner. All the build up to the 'Tiger' and the myth of the creature fizzles in the end, by raising expectations through out the movie

The posters were full of Indrajith's face, but he gets an extended cameo/supporting type of role. Indrajith has given an honest performance, but his character is horribly underdeveloped. Viewer never really feels anything towards 'Gopalan'. Same is the case with ohter character in the movie.  Its Vineeth who is there through in the movie & his role is what he has been known for over the years, nothing exceptional, he had a cake walk. Bhavana's character was a bit confusing one, but she did try to give a good performance. Mammookoya, debutant Kavitha did their roles well.

Camera work was excellent, In fact the locales were so breath taking that it did half the job, but shooting like this in the forest in commendable. Songs are just speed breakers in an already dragging movie. Resul Pookutty once again gave his best in Sound department. Editing should have been a lot crispier, the movie deserved a run time of 2hrs or there abouts. 

Watch the film for some nice visuals, a film with out mass/crass elements and because its a film by the 2 legends.

Rating: 2.25/5

Verdict: Average

Last Word: Disappointed !!!

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Sunil said...

This review is absolute Nonsense ! Seems like reviewer was expecting an action packed masala movie.

There is life in this movie.
A Good movie in all sense.

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