Friday, 2 May 2014

Ulsaha Committee - Malayalam Movie Review - Jayaram, Isha Talwar

 Cast: Jayaram (Apoorvan), Sheela (Rossamma), Baburaj (Chopra) , Kalabhavan Shajon (Babumon), Suraj Venjaramoodu, Vinaya Prasad, Lakshmipriya, Shaju, Kochupreman, Sunil Sugatha, Joy Mathew, Kalinga Sasi, Nelson


Director: Akku Akbar
Producer: Arun Ghosh & Binoy Chandran
Production House: Chand VCreations
Music: Bijibal
Lyrics: Rafeeq Ahmed, Jophi Tharakan, Engadyoor Chandrashekaran
Cinematography: Anil Nair
Editing: Lijo Paul
Art Direction: Nandan Mannoor
Story/Writer: Shyju Anthikad
Costume Design: Kumar Edapal

 Apoorvan is the self proclaimed scientist of Mantharakadavu Village, who is pretty much interested in inventing various things. Babumon, his financial support and Chopra, his henchman, are his close buddies. Even though many of the inventions are useful for the villagers, the three when join together create mess that than anything. So one day the villagers are forced to kick them out of the village. The 3 thus end up in Rosamma's house, who is a millionaire. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Akku Akbar with Jayaram has given 2 family hits in the past, the Producers gave the 2nd biggest hit of last year too. But when they united for a mad comic caper, the resultant product is an utter failure.
The film not only lacks a credible story line is a disaster in the scripting department too. There are only few good one liners  in the entire movie, every thing else falls flat. The acting too is over the top here. Jayaram has tried Palakkadan slang in the movie, which is not patch to Biju Menon in 'Ordinary'. Baburaj, Suraj often goes to 'Unsahikkable' levels. Isha Talwar had nothing much to do and her acting/lip sync hasn't improved much from her 'Thattam' days.

Director had no clue about the proceeding and did a below average job. Cinematography was Good. Music was disappointing while Background score was interesting at parts. Editing was okay. 

In all, Ulsaha Comitte, is a crassier crass comedy that you might wanna check out when its premiered on TV

Rating: 1.5/5

Verdict: Escape.....

Last Word: This committee will rip apart your 'Ulsaham' and burn it on the floor....



Ulsaha committe kandu.....puthiya padamanu pakshe parayathirikan vayya... padam kandu kazhinju njn thoongi chathalo ennu vare alochichu....ithu kanunnathilum bhedham....

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