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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Movie Review

 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Movie Review

Thought the prequel was an average one as it couldn't bring much into the table and Rami-Maguire version was still fresh in everyone's' minds. Also the promises of revealing the truths about Mr & Mrs. Parker also wasn't fulfilled. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, from the plethora of trailers Sony released, looked a much better product with more at the stake for Spidey/Parker & Stacey.

Peter Parker is still in search for the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of his parents. He torn between the love for Gwen Stacy & the promise he has give to Gwen's father to stay away from her. Plus his alter ego has to fight noot one but 3 super villains. Max Dillion, a mentally unstable Oscorp employee, who gets electrical powers (ELECTRO) after felling into a tank filled with genetically modified Electric Eels. Harry Osborn, who inorder to save his life from the rare genetic condition, injects himself with some sortt of venom and becomes 'Green Goblin'. A thug who Spidey got arrested while trying to hijack truck of plutonium, who later with the hel of 'Mystery man' becomes 'Rhyno'. Will Peter find out the truth about parents, what will happen to Gwen, how will he defeat the villains forms the rest of the plot.

Everything has been stepped up a bit compared to its sequel. The plot is more complicated, there are more at stake for Peter/Spidey & of course, New York. With Marc Webb's direction it ends up a notch above the predecessor, but still no where near to the Marvel CU/Avengers movies or Nolan's Dark Knigt trilogy.

Also the movie still couldn't justify the need of the sudden reboot, despite Sony's 'hold onto rights'. The script could have been more focused and clear. The story is your usual Super Hero movie story line, which Webb tried to make interesting as possible.

The action blocks have been well executed. There are tons of CG, which has been done neatly too. Surprisingly the 3D is more effective than many of the recent releases too. As all Spidey movies its more on emotional content and lighter on the lighter side. Plus too much villains has also created bit of confusion and gives over done or too much feel to the audience. The movie also has a shocking/sad end, for the fans. The film also throw hints at expanding the universe and possible future villains and factions.

The technical crew has done an excellent job. Great direction, excellent CGI and 3D. Good Cinematography and editing. Acting was Good.Even though they shot for few days with Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, decided to drop that role and reserve it for future, But Shailene who got a hit franchise under her belt in Divergent, looks reluctant to return.

Fox's X-Men was reportedly attached to TASM2 (which I missed) should be a great sign for future, Hope Sony allows Spidey to partner with the Avengers too, pretty soon. Its high time Spidey saved people from other Cities/Countries too

Rating: 2.75/5

Verdict: Above Average

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