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'1983' - Malayalam Movie Review

'1983' - Malayalam Movie Review


Directed by     Abrid Shine
Produced by     Shamsudheen
Screenplay, Dialogues     Abrid Shine, Bipin Chandran
Music by     Gopi Sunder
Cinematography     Pradeesh Varma
Editing by     Manoj
Studio     Shams Films
Distributed by     LJ Films (India) / PJ Entertainments (Europe)
Release dates     31 Jan 2014
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Nivin Pauly as Rameshan
    Anoop Menon as Vijay Menon
    Nikki Galrani as Manjula
Srinda Ashab
  Jacob Gregory
    Joy Mathew
    Rajeev Pillai
      Saiju Kurup
    Aju Varghese
    Tini Tom
    Shine Tom Chacko

 Hollywood releases at least 2/3 sports based movies every year. Even though India is a country obsessed with Cricket, Football etc we rarely get to see movie based on sports and sports men. '1983' is an offering from Mollywood, to the cricket frenzy nation, as a celebration of the sport.

 '1983' tells the story of Rameshan, from a 10 year old boy who witness Kapil's Devils winning the coveted world cup trophy at the Mecca of cricket in 1983, to a 40 year middle aged husband/father. Rameshan lives, breathes, eats, sleeps cricket and wanted to play for India. But fate had different plans for him as each of his dream comes crumbling down. Even though he movies own in life with each and every single turn in his life cricket forms a part directly or indirectly. The events that follows in Rameshan's life forms the rest of the story.

The first half mainly deals with Rameshan, his friends, cricket and of course Sachin, which is all fun and entertaining with some exciting moments and good one liners. Second half shifts to the sweet-harsh realities of life and has more of a serious tone. It shifts focus for a short period of time and lags here and there. But was able to end the movie convincingly, in a good manner and to send every viewer home happy.

Its hard to believe that this is Abrid Shine's debut movie, he has done an outstanding job directing the movie as perfect entertainer, especially in the initial half. For his story, Abrid co-wrote the film with Bipin Chandran & the writing is very good. The charm, fun and excitement of road side/school ground cricket was well presented on celluloid. The film is not just confined to cricket and its excitement, but also tells a good story. It gives a message and takes everyone down their memory lanes.

Music & Re Recording by Gopi Sundar was also good, a good comeback by him after being of color in he past few outings. Cinematography was superb, editing was better, but a crisp 2nd half could have done more good towards the totality of the film. Art department also deserves special applause.

Nivin Pauly got his career best role and he was able to do justice to it. Srindaa Ashaab was excellent, Jacob Gregory rocked & Saiju Kurup was good. Rest of the cast also did good job. Nikki Galrani was okay in the acting front, but lip sync/dubbing was average.

"If Cricket is a religion then Sachin is God" 
The film is dedicated to the most loved and respected Cricketer in the entire world. It begins with Sachin's farewell speech which made the entire nation weep. The film also can be summed up by a quote by Sachin “Enjoy the game, chase your dreams, because dreams do come true”. Its not just applicable to Cricket, but people aspiring to enter any field.

Its an enlightening, emotional, entertaining journey dedicated by a group of Sachin fans to the legend, and the cricket hungry nation

Rating: 3.75/5

Verdict: Very Good

Last Word: Must Must Must Watch for fans of Sachin & Cricket

Bhaiyya [Yevadu Malayalam Dub] - Movie Review

 Bhaiyya [Yevadu Malayalam Dub] - Movie Review


 Directed by     Vamsi Paidipally
Produced by     Dil Raju
Written by     Vamsi Paidipally, Abburi Ravi
Screenplay by     Vamsi Paidipally
Story by     Vakkantham Vamsi
Music by     Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography     Shyam K. Naidu
Studio     Sri Venkateswara Creations
Distributed by   Percy Pictures
Release dates  31 January 2014

    Ram Charan Teja as Satya / Ram / Charan
    Shruti Haasan as Manju
    Amy Jackson as Shruthi
    Allu Arjun as Satya (Cameo)
    Kajal Aggarwal as Deepthi (Cameo)
    Sai Kumar as Dharma
    Rahul Dev as Dheeru Bhai
    Kota Srinivasa Rao
    Shashank as Shashank

Bhayya deals with story of Satya & Charan. Satya & Deepthi, who are madly in love with each other, while trying to escape from the hands of a local don gets brutally injured by his henchman. Even though Deepthi gets killed Satya survives, but with severe burn injuries. Doctors order skin grafting to save Sathya and he gets the face of an unknown who died on the same day. After few months getting recovered from the injuries Sathya comes back for revenge. How he takes on the bad guys, whose face is Sathya currently donning, what's his story, forms the rest of film.

Even though its a typical Telugu mass masala revenge story its the writing that makes the film a good entertainer. The film has elemnts inspired from films like 'face Off' 'Thirupachi' etc. The intelligent scripting coupled with racy narration is the biggest plus of Bhayya. The way Sathya draws out the villains and gets his revenge is interestingly done. Even though its falls to the usual track in the 2nd half its in the later half that we get few of the most powerful & emotionally charged scenes and dialogues in the movie. The film is a much better entertainer than Raccha & Nayak IMO.

Logic seems missing here and there, but since its a crime to watch Mass Masala films with brain,that topic can be left alone tagged 'Cinematic Liberty'. Thank fully over the top action sequences has been limited to a greater extent. The violence, glamor quotient also doesn't go over board.

Ram Charan delivers efficiently what was required of him - Dancing, bashing up goons, mouthing punch dialogues etc. Jaya Sudha gets a powerful role, even though mainly limited to 2nd half. Allu Arjun fans will be disappointed as he hardly there for 15 mins, even though every single poster had him with prominence.[Still don't know why the film was titled Bhaiyya My Brother] Among the heroines its Kajal, who comes in a short role, that impresses, Shruthi & Amy were limited to usual glam dolls. Rest of the cast did their jobs okay.

Direction & writing were good. Usual revenge story told/presented in an entertaining manner. Songs except the first one were average. Background score was good. Cinematography was efficient and editing was crisp.

In all Bhaiyya has 'everything' you expect from a Telugu mass entertainer.

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: Good

Last Word: Would have loved a bit more of Allu Arjun

Salala Mobiles - Week 1 Box Office Update

The film took a superb opening but the WOM was negative, so since it was a Thurdsday release the film crash landed by Saturday and couldn't take advantage of the holiday. By Monday the situation grew even worse with many centers reporting Hod Over status. Film will be removed from many theaters this week with 3 new films releasing.

Anto Joseph has produced as well as distributed the film. The total expenditure on the film including print & publicity will be around 5 crore. The first week All India Gross is about 3.25 - 3.5 crore with Distributor share less than 1.5 crore. Even with revenues from satellite rights and other avenues it looks like Producer will loose some money.

Jilla vs Veeram - Kerala Box Office Update

Jilla vs Veeram - Kerala Box Office Update


 Sree Kaleeshwary initially signed for Veeram Kerala distribution rights @ 1.30 crore. But once Jillla was confirmed on the very same date, after much negotiations the rate came down to 78-80 lakhs. Including Print & Publicity of about 15 lakhs the total investment by the distributor is about 95 lakhs. Even though the film had better WOM the release time was bad [as per Kerala business was concerned], it got squeezed between Jilla and Drishyam and couldn't really get going. The film will be a losing venture for Sree Kaleeshwary with final distributor share coming in the range of 75 lakhs, costing them about 20 lakhs. After the release the 'in-ground' promotion was lukewarm from the distributor side too. The Kerala theatrical run is about to be terminated with film still playing only in a handful of theaters.


Two of the biggest Crowwd pullers in the state uniting for the first time helped the film to take the biggest ever first day and opening weekend in the history of Kerala Box Office. But the WOM was mixed, plus the Drishyam phenomenon affected the films longer prospects too. The film when reports last came in had grossed between 8.5-9cr with distributor share of about 3.5 crore plus. 
The confusing fact about Jilla is regarding the distribution rights, the figures quoted is 3.5 crore [extra 15 lakhs for print & publicity], but there is no clarity regarding whether its a separate deal or instead (or a part) of Mohanlal's acting fees [Since its distributed Mohanlal's own Max Lab/Aashirvad]. If the former case is true, Jillla will also cost the distributor a few lakhs in the final tally. The film will be Vijay's 2nd biggest grosser in the state, falling well short of Thupppakki.The film is running in more theaters compared to Veeram, But will also terminate within a week or two.

So while 'Gross' wise Jilla is miles ahead of Veeram, but based on 'Returns on Investment' there's nothing much to separate both films.

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Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 - Malayalam Movie Review

Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 - Malayalam Movie Review

Directed by     Mamas
Produced by     Siby Thottupuram, Joby Mundamattom
Music by     Rahul Raj
Studio     SJM Entertainment.
Release dates     24th January, 2014
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


  Innocent as Mannar Mathai
     Mukesh as Gopalakrishnan
    Saikumar as Balakrishnan
    Vijayaraghavan as Ramji Rao
    Biju Menon as Mahendra Varma
    Janardhanan as Garvasees Aashan
    Indrans as Ponnappan
    Priyanka as Shakunthala
    Shammi Thilakan
    Aparna Gopinath
    Kalabhavan Shajon

Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 deals with another episode in the lives of Ma-Go-Ba [Mathai, Gopapalakrishnan & Balakrishnan]. The 3 after events from MMS have moved on in their lives & are now running 'Urvashi Travels'. Even though the bid adieu to their passion theater(Drama), Mathai still has the heart of a thespian drama artist who wants to get on stage for one final time to celebrate 25th anniversary of 'Urvashi Theaters'. That's when few characters in the past, along with a couple of new, enters their lives with fresh set of troubles. How the 3 tackle them, like the other 2 movies, forms the rest of the story. 

RRS, MMS are regarded as comedy classics, with everyone remembering most of the iconic scenes & dialogues from both the movies, quite evident from the response of people whenever such scenes were shown in between. So a sequel to those movies will be having expectations, but the experiences of most of the sequels that came in recently in Mollywood were not good, except 2 Hari Har Nagar, & MMS 2 manages to squece right in between.

MMS 2 is a decent entertainer that isn't boring or lagging. If you go without any expectations it can be a pleasure ride. The film doesn't boast of a unique story or narration, it just sticks to the basic idea of sequels to make some quick bucks, but unlike many others this one manages to entertain, thanks to the charm of the characters.They have brought in almost al the important characters in previous 2 possibly that they could possibly do [missing were Mamukoya, Harisree Asokan etc]. The film is better than most of the so 'called' comedies that Mollywood churn out every year. It has got quite good, double meaning free, laughs.

Its Innocent who shines through out, who looks also pretty same. Even though Mukesh & Sai Kumar has grown much as actors and psychically, the charm and fun is till there. Both villains of previous movies Ramji Rao & Mahendra Varma gets quirky twists, which were well done IMO.

Songs are disappointing, BG was okay. Camera Editing were efficient. Direction was average, Scripting was intelligent, in the sense that without anything out of the box a decent entertainer was churned out. Liked the way scenes of Cochin Haneefa, Machan Varghese & Kaduvakulam Anto were used as a tribute to them, even though would have liked a 'remembrance' in the titles.

Watch it to have some nice time and see the loved characters once again on screen 

Rating 2.75/5

Verdict: Above Average

Last Word: Decent Comedy Entertainer, with no New Gen elements

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Salman Khan's Jai HO - Exclusive Movie Review

 Jai HO - Exclusive Movie Review

 Thursday, January 23, 2014

JAI HO : Exclusive Movie Review

Produced by Sohail Khan / Sunil Lulla
Directed by Sohail Khan
Written by A R Murugadoss
Screenplay by Dilip Shukla
Music by Sajid-Wajid/Devi Sri Prasad/Amal Malik   
Stars: Salman Khan, Tabu, Danny Denzongpa, Daisy Shah, Pulkit Samrat, Ashmit Patel & Mahesh Manjrekar

Movie Review by Sree Prasad Nair
Theater – Al Wahda Cinemas, Abu Dhabi, UAE
23/01/2014 – 9.30pm

Jai Ho is one of the most anticipated film of 2014, Thanks to Salman Khan's absence on screen last year. Infact 2013 is the only year without no Salman Khan film in his 25+years career.The actor's last film Dabangg2 released on December 21, 2013. Eventhough the film was striclty average, still it collected a huge 150+cr at the box office. Well that's the impact of the star. He is undoubtedly going through the best phase of his career. All of his last 5 films were 130cr+ plus blockbusters at the box office. Salman will be aiming for his 6th blockbuster in a row with Jai Ho.

Jai Ho is directed by Salman's brother Sohail Khan. Salman Khan resurrect his brother Arbaaz Khan's career with Dabangg2 and he's repeating the same for his younger brother with Jai Ho. Jai Ho stars  Salman Khan, Tabu, Danny Denzongpa, Daisy Shah, Pulkit Samrat, Ashmit Patel & Mahesh Manjrekar with Genelia D'Souza and Suniel Shetty playing cameos in the film. Jai Ho is a remake of 2006 Hit Telugu film, Stalin.

The only mission in Jai's (Salman Khan's) life is to help others and make the world a better place. It turns out that Jai served as a Major in the Indian Army. Although a war hero, he had quit the army when he disobeys his boss during a terrorist operation. His family includes mother as well as his sister (Tabu), who is not on talking terms with their mother since she got married against her mother's wishes.
Jai helps a physically challenged girl (Genelia) to write her Intermediate examination. One day there is no one to write on her behalf and she commits suicide. Her suicide disturbs him. Then he plans a chain system. The theme works on a principle that everyone should help others and in return they should not seek a mere gratitude but tell those who get the help to help three more, with a condition that those who get help from them should also demand the same. Jai thinks that this chain will develop helping attitude among the people. But, to his dismay, Jai finds that the chain did not work.
On one occasion, Jai bashes a rich boy, who injured a beggar. This goes in chain reaction and the rich boy employs some goons to attack Jai. As Jai disappears from the scene, the goons take away Jai's sister and her friend(played by Daisy Shah). Jai reaches the spot and hacks the hand of one goon. That goon happens to be the henchman of an MLA (Mukul Dev) who is also the son-in-law of Home Minister (Danny  Denzongpa). The Home Minister takes it as a prestige issue and tries to eliminate Jai but loses his son in the process.

When the Chief Minister intervenes to bring in a negotiation, the Home Minister plans to kill him and implicate Jai in the murder. Finally the truth prevails and the Chief Minister returns to the hospital to visit Jai, that the help three people concept was his brainchild, which saved him from death in the form of a school girl. Jai comes to know that his "help three people" concept worked well and the same theme saved his life in the form of auto driver (Mahesh Manjrekar).


Jai Ho is a Total Salmania All The Way! Infact way better than his Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger & Dabangg2 avatars. Reviewing a Salman Khan is no use as the star is critic proof and darling of bollywood box office. Salman Khan as Jai is his most powerful role after the Radhe Mohan of Tere Naam & Chulbul Pandey of Dabangg. Jai Ho belongs to him, who scorches and roars on the screen every time he displays the manic anger. The introduction of Salman Khan is spell-binding, followed by superb choreographed 'Baaki First Class' song. The last 20minutes just before the interval was rocking. Salman Khan once again proved that he is unbeatable when it comes to action. The whole second half is an example. A PAISA VASOOL 
Another positive of the film is Tabu and she was very convincing as Salman's sister. The young kid, Master Naman Jain is outstanding as Salman's Nephew. He contributes enormously to some of the best moments of the film, just like his role in Chillar Party. His one liners are first rate.Danny Denzongpa is good. Pulkit Samrat is confident and proficient.
Debutant Daisy Shah is stricly ok. Salman Khan real life friends Ashmit Patel, Mahesh Manjrekar, Aditya Pancholi, Mohnish Bahl are good. Raj Babbar's wife Nadira Babbar as Salman's mother is funny and lovable.
Baaki Sab First Class Hai song is already a chartuster, with superb choreography. Dialogues are very good and action sequences were brilliantly executed especially during the introduction scene of salman Khan.

The music is a huge let down. Salman Khan films are always famous for hit songs. But this time pretty average songs. First 3 songs were poorly filmed and placed at the wrong time.Few action sequences are over the top especially at the climax without any logic.
Unfortunately Salman's  chemistry with Daisy Shah is simply not working. No scope for romantic angle between them. Daisy Shah's introduction scene/dance/song was unnecessary. Her performance was quite bad in the first half with terrible expressions.
Talented stars like Genelia D'souza and Suniel Shetty were wasted in poor cameos. Also for Sana Khan. The first half of the film was boring (except the last 20mins). Direction by Sohail Khan is as expected very bad.
But like I mentioned earlier "Salman Khan is bigger than any script or critic or star rating. His name is enough to rake in big money at the box office.
On the whole, Jai Ho is a DHAMAAL entertainer with SALMANIA all the way. Film is all releasing on huge 5000 screens which means 100crore will be crossed within 3-4 days. An opening day number of 26-30 crore is easily on the cards. For me Jai Ho will easily become Salman Khan's biggest blockbcuter till date and easily cross the 200crore mark. Just like Salman's roar in the film, A ROARING BLOCKBUSTER!

                                      P:S: Direction Kharaab Hai, Salman Khan First Class Hai!!!!

                                         Verdict - 2014's First 200 crore Blockbuster is here...


This Reviewer can be contacted on Twitter : @i_spn :

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Salala Mobiles - Exclusive Malayalam Movie Review

Salala Mobiles - Exclusive Malayalam Movie Review

 Directed by     Sharath A. Haridaasan
Produced by     Anto Joseph
Banner Anto Joseph Film Company
 Written by     Sharath A. Haridaasan
Music by     Gopi Sunder
Cinematography     Satheesh M Kurup
Distributed by  Aan Mega Media  
Release dates   23 January 2014
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Dulquer Salmaan as Afsal
    Nazriya Nazim as Shahana
    Santhanam as Alakarsami
    Jacob Gregory as Benoy
    Tini Tom

Salala Mobiles tells the love story of Afsal & Sahaana coming from families who are at the extreme ends, economically. Afsal runs a mobile shop named 'Salala Mobiles' setup with the help of his uncle & Shahana visits the shop regularly to recharge her mobile. At the very first sight of Shahana, Afsal fell head over heels in Love . The story gets a small twist with the entry of Alakarsamy, a tech freak who develops a special kind of app which change the course of their lives.

Salala Mobiles is your usual rich girl poor boy Rom-Com + Family drama. But had it sticked to that genre the film would have atleast been passed as a breezy time pass entertainer. Instead the writer (who is also the director) added plots and sub plots which are not only confusing but irritating at many parts. Even though promoted as Rom-Com the film has very few of both, or at least the viewer feels that way thanks to the inconsistent writing and shoddy narration.

The first half is comparatively watchable, the second half completely goes down the barrel and the movie ends suddenly with an unconvincing climax.

Dulquer Salmaan was okay as Afsal but we have seen quite a few of similar roles from the actor and it is high time that he chose something different, these kind of roles have become sort of cake walk for him. Imagine the horror of heroine getting sidelined in a ROm-Com, thats the fate of Nazriya in Salala. Even in the few scenes got, she just had to look good. Being a Santhanam fan, really felt this houldn't have been his debut film/role in Mollywood, even though he was good. Gregory provided the comic relief, writer tried to cash in on the ABCD duo and it worked, one of the quite few reliefs the film offered. Rest of the 'too many' cast did what they just had to do, nothing significant.

Sharath's debut as a director could gave us only a half baked product, thanks to the script written by himself (His previous script was Jayaraj's 'Rain Rain Come Again', which ended up a disaster)
Except the title song other tracks didn't quite live upto the expectations, Gopi Sundar disappointed in that aspect but did okay job with background score. Cinematography was good, specially the songs. Editing was decent.

Salala Mobiles offers nothing much, except may be for the die hard fans. The combo of Dulquer-Nazriya will help the film to take a huge opening but after that matters looks tough for the film.

Rating: A very generous 2.5/5

Verdict: 'Average'

Last Word: This Number won't be reachable for long, so fans better rush to theaters before it goes out of coverage area.

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Drishyam crosses 'T20' to become the biggest Malayalam grosser ever

Till December 19th, when compared to 2012, 2013 has been a little off color as far as Malayalam Industry was concerned. But a small film released on December 19th that created a havoc @ Box Office around the world. Which ever theaters started screening the film haven't stopped since.

When the last updates came in the film was already the 2nd biggest hit of all time. Today, exactly a month after its release the makers have come up with the official declaration that the film has indeed broken the record set by 'Twenty 20' [the mega multi starrer which featured the entire Malayalam film industry] in less than half the time. T20 had a distributor share of about 10.5 crore from Kerala alone which is what Drishyam over took. The film has also broke records at almost every center in Kerala, or will do in the coming few days.

The film got even bigger reception outside Kerala. Plenty of families returning due to the limited shows getting sold out within minutes. So more centers were added in UK, USA etc and the film also released in territories like Germany.

The film also leads in terms of the returns on investment, being made under 5 crore. The overseas [may be Rest of India too] are sold out right, so the producer won't benefit the fantastic run, but any way the film opens new markets, brought audiences who we never knew existed to theaters and more importantly became a lifeline for the B class theaters in Kerala who were on the verge of closure.

A truly remarkable feat indeed considering all the aspects .....

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Peruchazhi - Exclusive First Look Poster - *ing Mohanlal, Mukesh, Ragini Nandwani

Peruchazhi - Exclusive First Look Poster - *ing Mohanlal, Mukesh, Ragini Nandwani

Friday Film House posted this via  Facebook

Here comes the First look title design of our MEGA MOVIE "PERUCHAZI".
The LEAD cast along with the complete actor,THE one and only .... " PADMASREE MOHANLAL will be none other than our favorite MUKESH alongwith VIJAY BABU , BABU RAJ , AJJU VARGHESE and a YOUNG STAR ( Yet to be confirmed , talks are on with SUNNY WAYNE as a choice . From Tolly wood we will have DELHI GANESH joining us . The lead ladies will be RAGINI NANDWANI ( Talaivaa fame ) along with our very own SANDRA THOMAS plus a SURPRISE guest appearance from a SPECIAL ACTRESS. There will be a slew of HOLLYWOOD artist who will for the first time acting in MALAYALAM which will the highlight of the movie. await for more updates ......

Rest assured ..we will conquer USA in APRIL.

 Director Arun Vaidyanathan with Mohanlal

 Producers/Actors - Vijay Babu & Sandra Thomas

 Mohanlal & Mukesh

  Ragini Nandwani

Full HD Poster [Click on the image]

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List of Bollywood Films to look forward to in 2014

List of Bollywood Films to look forward to in 2014

Lets look at few of the other interesting  Bollywood prospects in 2014 - List not in any particular order

Bombay Velvet

Anurag Kashyap's mega budget ambitious project, shot in Sri Lanka, *ing Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma with Karan Johar playing the villain


Salman Khan after a gap of one year is back to the 'Eid' slot with the remake of Telugu blockbuster 'Kick'. Directed by Sajid Nadiadwala & scripted by Chetan Bhagat . Jacqueline Fernandez plays the female lead. Also *ing Randeep Hooda, Nawazduin Ziddiqui

Happy New Year

Farah Khan - SRK - Deepika Padukone back together after 'Om Shanthi Om'. Joining them are Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood. Said to be a Musical Heist movie - Diwali release

Detective Byomkesh Bakshi / Bobby Jasoos / Jagga Jasoos

3 Detective movies coming in the same year.

Detective Byomkesh Bakshi  -Based on famous fictional detective in Bengali literature created by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. Dibankar Banarjee project *ing Sushanth Singh Rajput
Bobby Jasoos - Vidya Balan film produced by Dia Mirza
Jagga Jasoos - Ranbir-Anurag Basu after 'Barfi'. Heroine Katrina Kaif


 Aamir Khan with Raju Hirani after '3 Idiots' along with Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt, Sushant Singh Rajput etc. June 6th release.


 Adaptation of 'Hamlet' by William Shakespeare.
Vishal Bharadwaj with Shahid Kapoor after 'Kamineey'. also starring Shraddha Kapoor, Tabu and Irrfan Khan in a cameo


Hugely Underated Kangana Ranaut back with an effervescent performance after 'Tanu wed Manu' 

Trailer : -


Imtiaz Ali's next after Rockstar. Stars Randeep Hooda & Aliaa Bhatt. Music by AR Rahman


Produced by YRF, Written by Habib Faisal [Ishaqzaade, Band Baaja Baarat etc] , Starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Sonam Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor

Kill Dil

Produced by YRF, Directed/written by Shaad Ali Starring  Govinda, Rani Mukerji, Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Ali Zafar. Govinda playing the villain role


Kabir Khan's next after 'Ek Tha Tiger'. Starring Saif Ali Kha & Katrina Kaif


 Starring Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Priynaka Chopra & Irrfan Khan. Directed by Ali Abbas Safar[Mere Brother Ki Dulhan ] Release dates 14 February 2014

Shaadi Ke Side Effects

Sequel to 'Pyaar Ke Side Effects. Starring Vidya Balan, Farhan Akthar.
Release dates 28 February 2014

Besides these films we have

Gabbar & Holiday - Both starring Akshay Kumar - Remakes of 'Ramana' & 'Thuppakki' respectively
Khoobsurat remake by Disney *ing Sonam Kapoor
Bambai Fairytale (biopic) in which Ayushmann Khurrana will be playing Shivkar Bapuji Talpade, a scientist who had constructed and flown India’s first unmanned airplane in 1895
Hamara Bajaj - in which Vicky Donor team reunites [Ayushmann Khurrana, Soorjit Sarcar, John Abraham]
Finding Fanny Fernandes - Director: Homi Adajania (Cocktail, Being Cyrus) *ing Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor, an English Konkani satirical film
2 States - Adaptaion of Chetan Bhagat's novel starring Arjun Kapoor, Aliaa Bhatt
In case of any mistakes in the titles or details regarding project or if you think the list missed any movies or do you have a totally different list, comment below or tweet @ BreakingViews4U

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Legendary Tamil Director K. Balachandar about Mohanlal's Drishyam

Legendary Tamil Director K. Balachandar on Mohanlal's Drishyam

The letter was shared by Director Jeethu Joseph & Mohanlal via their Facebook pages


“DHRISHYAM”....................................... ............MAMA UDDISHYAM

Perspective… ….My Feelings….

"Cleverness is Instinctive...Intelligence more Deep Rooted."

The cleverness of DHRISHYAM is in the inspiration...the intelligence is in the astonishing adaptation...

The cleverness is in the understanding of the potential of purer cinema..the intelligence is in not underestimating the intelligence of the viewer...

The cleverness is in using flash cuts and forwards to narrate...the intelligence is in the complex simplicity behind the screenplay....

The cleverness is in using layer upon layer of credible situations to sustain the Interest...the intelligence is in allowing the story to unravel at its own pace...never hurrying...never compromising...

The cleverness is in subtly taking sides with the protagonist...the intelligence is in making the affected police officer as strong and as credible...

The cleverness is in using film clips to influence the hero, and benefit the cause adding value and credibility; saving precious narration time...the intelligence is setting the film in a rural ambiance even as it uses the genetic simplicity and geographic naivety to establish character credibility...

The cleverness is using the same speed for flashback narration as in the linear...the intelligence is in letting the intelligence of the DGP unravel the cleverness of the plot and not by using it as a gimmick to glorify the hero…

Ram rod straight... ...her voice low, her eyes hard, she guesses the scam...and with a teeth bittenbitterness- spits out -...DHRISHYAM...just a word...but it emphatically conveyed her fear, of her confidence slowly change in frame speed, no underlined attention…
yet that MOMENT stayed...a perfect DHRISHYAM MOMENT...

MOHANLAL.... my salute.......

His show of apprehension is transient -a mere hint of a frown...anxiety has a deeper the darkness beneath the eyes...

His awareness is based on the danger of reality…it is conveyed by just a deeper breath or a small shifting of the eye...but his assurance based on conveyed by a hug...drawing courage as well as giving it...

not shouted...just whispered...not as information…but as a conviction...just one sentence...said in one particular way...and the hero seems ten feet tall...
No six designer suits…no low trumpets or roll of sentence...and a thrilling heroism established…
Purpose in the set of his the tilt of his chin, protection provided in the unhurried push of the shoulder to shield...are nuances that you will find in no acting manual, or in any film archive…they are the mannerisms that distinguish George Kutty-that simple Christian soul who only wishes to guard his adored family...
Strange-he bears an uncanny resemblance to that swash buckling Malayalam super star Mohanlal...just a resemblance...this of course, is a simple village man…
Even a sigh is not case it is a is just thought looking over the unnecessary hang dog sadness except a sort of tired weariness...this too justcontemplated…
the wife speaks out of turn…the cop pounces...the hero in a blink casually saves the day...the cops leave...she holds him...contrite…I DID WRONG ?
his eyes are far away...his brain is ticking...his mind is busy...
YES...he says…YOU DID WRONG...his eyes still far away…
the voice agrees with her mistake...
the TONE of the voice assures...ITS OK, DONT WORRY...
Brilliance inhistrionics is sometimes just an inflection and a gentle pause before speaking...

The DGP resigns...she has lost the battle, as well as the war...
she is destroyed...personally and professionally...
yet she is still ram rod straight, even without the identity of her uniform...or the authority of her position…for she is yet the tough cop...for as she says “we have had training you know “ and that shows…
hersaree perfectly creased…her pallu clipped...her hair in place...her face carved in stone...the cop...
but the mother’s eyes carry the pain...reluctantly...deep…that she does not want to show…
the husband pleads on behalf of them both...they turn...they stop...they listen to their deepest fears...they just walk away...sad...
the hero does too…somehow it seems as if he is more sad...
scenes like these cannot be written, rehearsed or taught...
-they are cinematic miracles...they have to be felt…and they just happen...
-there is not a single frame or dialogue where one is informed that the hero is right...or even that he is doing wrong...
when the crime is unavoidable...guilt is debatable..
yet one gets to comprehend that responsibility to protect family makes the sin lesser...
one family wins...the other does not win...
to convey this with such uncomplicated finesse, unassuming clarity and a signature narrative style, you need a well as a everything that you do...
that is DHRISHYAM...
The hero walks in to join his family to eat…on the way he switches off an unnecessarily word...just a DHRISHYAM MOMENT...and the prudence of the man is established .
No caricatures only characters…no romance only comedy just enemies just egos just music heard just punishment just justice…no doubts just betrayals just cosmetics just puerile glamour just perfect cinema grammar…
...every knot is woven seamlessly in the screenplay...and as the film unfolds…each gripping mystery unravels and the viewer is so engrossed that a tension grips the mind…interpretation of a character is possible only if the personality is perfectly defined right from his walk...clothes...diction...body language...gestures...mannerisms...Drishyam is an example of how wonderfully the artistes and the director are in tune...personally...and in sync professionally...
Mr.Joseph…your versatile coat has many magnificent colours...
Third degree...the police officer in her orders it...the mother in her is unforgivably unkind... but the woman in her- for just an instant-winces... or so it seems…or so she should…a sub-conscious DHRISHYAM MOMENT
She has to be in control…it is her nature…or maybe it is her training...she sees it slipping...she is grimace...not even a frown…yet it is felt…the despondency is silently visual...a precocious DHRISHYAM moment...AAHA ASHA!

Suave and sophisticated...sensible yet sensitive...unobtrusiveyet prominent...SIDDIQUE is simply superb as if he has saved his scoring for the final overs...a whiff of perfume that compliments the fragrance of DHRISHYAM...

The opening shots roll back...the hero is safe...he has kept his word to his loved ones…no expression of satisfaction…no relieved gesture…cut to present...a new officer challenges...the trauma is still not over…
the hero does not react…he answers softly, firmly, politely even humbly...
some questions and knots are hero’s face…
flash backs...the mystery slowly unravels...there is a huge sigh of relief…from the audience…nothing from the character...but it is there...suspended suppressed... on the edge of his consciousness...
The hero walks towards camera...just that dead pan hint of a smile hype...he is just a simple man...trying to lead a simple life...
Or so the scenes seems to shout... but in silence...another vociferous DHRISHYAM MOMENT...
It is such moments, such speaking silences, such wise visuals, such engulfing emotions, such humble heroism, such pregnant thunder, such taut tenderness, such exceptional performances, such captivating lighting resolutions...such clever intelligence- that makes DHRISHYAM one of the most gripping and compelling motion pictures I have ever seen...
He is just a simple man...trying to lead a simple life...the film fades...the credits happen...there is thunderous applause...and then -…SABASH...I heara cry...
surprised...or maybe not…that it is from ME...
triumph can be very personal...victory is more general...
DHRISHYAM is a personal triumph for Mohanlal...there cannot be too many actors of his calibre in world cinema today...
DHRISHYAM is a universal victory, not merely for Malayalam cinema...but indeed for Indian cinema...
Sometimes success has no formula...has no precedent.

It is instinctive - sometimes just a gut feeling...


God bless you all.

Jai Hind.


List of Most Awaited Tamil Movies of 2014

My  List of Most Awaited Malayalam Movies of 2014

Two of the most hyped projects of 2014 have already hit the screens, Jilla & Veeram. Lets look at few of the other interesting  Kollywood prospects in 2014 - List not in any particular order

Kaviya Thalaivan

 Free Image Hosting at

Vasantha Balan-Prithviraj-Siddharth-Vedhika team up for what is looking like an interesting project.

Vishwaroopam 2

The sequel to controversial yet successful Kamal Haasan film of 2013. Even though the prequel couldn't match up the hype it created this one definitely looks like a better prospect

Vijay - ARM Project

 Free Image Hosting at

Vijay, AR Murugadoss unites after the mega succesfful 'Thuppakki'. Looks like a Diwali release. Will be a Anirudh Musical


Free Image Hosting at

KV Anand is back after the dud 'Maattrraan' with national award winning actor Dhanush. Actor Karthik also makes a comeback via Anegan.


 Free Image Hosting at

Suriya Linguswamy Samatha Project. Camera by Santosh Sivan. A Yuvan Shankar Raja Musical. Sonakshi Sinha doing a cameo.

I / Ai

 Free Image Hosting at

Shankar's mega budget thriller starring Vikram, Suresh Gopi, Amy Jackson etc tells the story of an Athlete.


Free Image Hosting at

Karthi - Aatakathi Ranjith project.

Vaaya Moodi Pesavum

Free Image Hosting at

Balaji Mohan's next after bilingual (Tamil-Telugu) succes 'Kathalil Sothapuvathu Eppadi'. Son of Mega Star Mammootty, Dulquer Salmaan makes his Kollywood debut in the film which also marks the return of Madhu Bala to silver screen after a small gap. Will be a Tamil-Malayalam Bilingual

  Free Image Hosting at

Director Karthik Subbaraj returns after the path breaking horror thriller 'Pizza'. Teams up with Siddarth & Lakshmi Menon

  Free Image Hosting at

Santosh Sivan's ambitious project, the much anticipated film on civil war in Sri Lanka.

Sattendru Maaruthu Vaanilai

Simbu, Gautham Menon reunites after the sort of cult classic 'Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya' in 'SMV'. This is also said to be a romantic-drama like GVM's past few films. Produced by GVM hismelf with AR Rahman handling the music departmen
Free Image Hosting at

Ajith-GVM, Suriya-VP projects are said to be releasing in 2015 only, so not featured in the list

In case of any mistakes in the titles or details regarding project or if you think the list missed any movies or do you have a totally different list, comment below or tweet @ BreakingViews4U