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'1983' - Malayalam Movie Review

'1983' - Malayalam Movie Review


Directed by     Abrid Shine
Produced by     Shamsudheen
Screenplay, Dialogues     Abrid Shine, Bipin Chandran
Music by     Gopi Sunder
Cinematography     Pradeesh Varma
Editing by     Manoj
Studio     Shams Films
Distributed by     LJ Films (India) / PJ Entertainments (Europe)
Release dates     31 Jan 2014
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Nivin Pauly as Rameshan
    Anoop Menon as Vijay Menon
    Nikki Galrani as Manjula
Srinda Ashab
  Jacob Gregory
    Joy Mathew
    Rajeev Pillai
      Saiju Kurup
    Aju Varghese
    Tini Tom
    Shine Tom Chacko

 Hollywood releases at least 2/3 sports based movies every year. Even though India is a country obsessed with Cricket, Football etc we rarely get to see movie based on sports and sports men. '1983' is an offering from Mollywood, to the cricket frenzy nation, as a celebration of the sport.

 '1983' tells the story of Rameshan, from a 10 year old boy who witness Kapil's Devils winning the coveted world cup trophy at the Mecca of cricket in 1983, to a 40 year middle aged husband/father. Rameshan lives, breathes, eats, sleeps cricket and wanted to play for India. But fate had different plans for him as each of his dream comes crumbling down. Even though he movies own in life with each and every single turn in his life cricket forms a part directly or indirectly. The events that follows in Rameshan's life forms the rest of the story.

The first half mainly deals with Rameshan, his friends, cricket and of course Sachin, which is all fun and entertaining with some exciting moments and good one liners. Second half shifts to the sweet-harsh realities of life and has more of a serious tone. It shifts focus for a short period of time and lags here and there. But was able to end the movie convincingly, in a good manner and to send every viewer home happy.

Its hard to believe that this is Abrid Shine's debut movie, he has done an outstanding job directing the movie as perfect entertainer, especially in the initial half. For his story, Abrid co-wrote the film with Bipin Chandran & the writing is very good. The charm, fun and excitement of road side/school ground cricket was well presented on celluloid. The film is not just confined to cricket and its excitement, but also tells a good story. It gives a message and takes everyone down their memory lanes.

Music & Re Recording by Gopi Sundar was also good, a good comeback by him after being of color in he past few outings. Cinematography was superb, editing was better, but a crisp 2nd half could have done more good towards the totality of the film. Art department also deserves special applause.

Nivin Pauly got his career best role and he was able to do justice to it. Srindaa Ashaab was excellent, Jacob Gregory rocked & Saiju Kurup was good. Rest of the cast also did good job. Nikki Galrani was okay in the acting front, but lip sync/dubbing was average.

"If Cricket is a religion then Sachin is God" 
The film is dedicated to the most loved and respected Cricketer in the entire world. It begins with Sachin's farewell speech which made the entire nation weep. The film also can be summed up by a quote by Sachin “Enjoy the game, chase your dreams, because dreams do come true”. Its not just applicable to Cricket, but people aspiring to enter any field.

Its an enlightening, emotional, entertaining journey dedicated by a group of Sachin fans to the legend, and the cricket hungry nation

Rating: 3.75/5

Verdict: Very Good

Last Word: Must Must Must Watch for fans of Sachin & Cricket

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