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Jilla - Exclusive Movie Review


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Jilla - Exclusive Movie Review by Sree Prasad Nair from UAE (AUX)

  Directed by     R.T.Neason
Produced by     R. B. Choudary
Written by     R.T.Neason
Music by     D. Imman
Cinematography     Ganesh Rajavelu
Editing by     Don Max
Studio     Super Good Films
Release dates January 10, 2014

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    Mohanlal as Shiva
    Vijay as Shakthi
    Kajal Aggarwal
    Mahat Raghavendra
    Niveda Thomas as Mahalakshmi
    Sampath Raj
    Pradeep Rawat
    R. K
    Thambi Ramaiah
    Poornima Bhagyaraj
    Vidyullekha Raman
    Ravi Mariya
    Gautam Kurup
    Jangiri Madhumitha
    Jiiva(Special appearance)
    Prakash Raj(Guest appearance)    
Scarlett Mellish Wilson (Special appearance)

'Jilla' the much hyped film has finally hit the screens. The film deals with the story of Shiva & Shakthi the father son duo who rules Madurai city. What the characters go through and the changes that it bring about in the relationships is what Jilla is all about.

The movie starts of with Mohanlal and he dominates single handedly till Vijay's intro. From there on its an out an out Mohanlal-Vijay show. The intro song was a treat to watch in theaters with good dance moves. The first half was super entertaining with eual amount of songs, action, dialogues, humor etc., it also ends with a twist. 1st half there is  Equal screen space for both Mohanlal and Vijay! It was Great to see Mohanlal acting in role of his own comfort zone after a long time.

Vijay leads the proceedings in the 2nd half, with Kajal also getting little screen time other than songs. The romantic-comedy portions worked out well between them. There is a bit of suspense maintained through out. And all of this leads to a satisfying climax.

Positives = Mohanlal + Vijay combo, funny one liners from Siri, terrific songs & BG score, above all smart direction by Nesan.

Negatives - not much scope for Kajal Agarwal. Few unwanted songs in the 2nd half. Vijay presence less in 1st half & Mohanlal in 2nd half.

Overall Jilla is a Perfect mass masala movie wth great acting from The Complete Actor Mohanlal & Ilayathalapathy Vijay.


Rating= 3.25/5

"Sivanum Sakthiyum Sernidal MASS-IVE BLOCKBUSTER THAANADA!"

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