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Balyakalasakhi - Malayalam Movie Review

Balyakalasakhi - Malayalam Movie Review


Directed by     Pramod Payyannur
Produced by     MB Muhsin, Sajeeb Hashim
Screenplay by     Pramod Payyannur
Based on     Balyakalasakhi by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer
Music by     Bijibal
Cinematography     Hari Nair
Editing by     Manoj Kannoth
Studio     Red Cinema, Livinart Film Factory
Release dates   February 7, 2014 (Kerala)
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Mammootty - Majeed/Majeed's father
    Isha Talwar - Suhara
    Meena - Majeed’s mother
    Seema Biswas - Selvi
    Tanushree Ghosh
    Sunil Sukhada
    Sasi Kumar
    Priyam Shaikh
    Kavita Nair
    Parambrata Chatterjee
    KPAC Lalitha

 'Balyakalasakhi' is the big screen adaptation of  Vaikom Muhammad Basheer's classic novel of the same name. The story deals with the love and life of Majeed & Suhara, the main protagonists. Majeed & Suhara has been in love since they were kids. But economic and social disparities creates some issues in their lives which changes the course of their life entirely. How the characters lived their remaining lives in the beautiful memories of their past, despite a harsh present, forms the rest of the story.

Adapting a novel to big screen is never an easy task. Novelist can create any kind of situation, all they need is the reader's imagination. But movies have limitations, especially in a small industry like Malayalam. Plus there is the constraint of 'run length' too. So considering all those aspects one can say that BKS is a faithful adaptation of the book, in the best possible way that they could. 

Those who have read the novel might feel something missing as it has been made in the constraints mentioned above. Even though censor certificate shows 121min the theatrical version is just around 100mins [May be the festival version gives a better perspective of the novel]. 

BKS is not every body's cup of tea. It is aimed ad festivals and award circuits. The film doesn't have any commercial elements and nothing that excites the common/mass audience. IT lacks pace and is dragging here and there, but the run length is on shorter side, which is a plus. The Kolkata sequences came out really good. The period feel has been maintained very well through out.

Mammooty, who is playing Majeed and his father, has got one of his best role(s) since 'Paleri Manickyam' and he as always has come out with flying colors, but doubt if it can be called award worthy [But Never say never as far as awards are concerned !]. Except few weird wigs everything was good about Mammoty's portrayal of Majeed & his father. Isha Talwar was a bad choice for Suhara, even though she has improved from her previous films. Her chemistry with Mammootty was weird to say the least. Seema Biswas was too good. Rest of the cast were good too. 

Pramod Payyanur's debut directorial venture is something he can be proud of, even though there is a 'drama' hang over in many of the scenes.The idea to shoot in Kolkata was an artistic master stroke. Cinematography is outstanding. Songs are beautiful and BG is good. Kudos to art/costume department. Editing looks jarred, as many scenes ends abruptly, may be due to the cuts made for 'theatrical version'.

Last year's 'Celluloid' released in the month of State/National awards, but looks like that will be delayed this time, so the benefit that the former got @ Box Office won't be there for BKS.

Recommending For lovers of the novel, for those who can enjoy the film that require some patience and those who doesn't consider oodles of commercial elements only make a good film.

If you support attempts like this now film makers will be encouraged to think beyond Box Office &  we will get better products in the future 

Rating: 3.25/5

Verdict: Good+

Last Word: Good Cinematic version of all time classic


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