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Salaam Kashmir - Malayalam Movie Review

Salaam Kashmir Malayalam movie review

 Directed by     Joshiy
Produced by     Mahaa Subair
Written by     Sethu
Music by     M. Jayachandran
Cinematography     Manoj Pillai
Editing by     Shyam Sasidharan
Studio     Varnachithra Big Screen
Distributed by     Varnachithra Release
Release dates   8 February 2014
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Suresh Gopi As Tommy Eapen Devassy
    Jayaram As Sreekumar
    Mia George
    Krishna Kumar
    Lalu Alex
    Ponnamma Babu
    Krishna Prabha

The movie has been in the cans for about an year. Delay in getting NOC from Indian Army, non availability of theaters, financial issues delayed the film. Finally after postponing the release at the very last moment the film has hit the screens.

Sreekumar is leading a happy life with his wife (played by Mia) and kids. While his wife goes out for work he takes care of 'home affairs'. To their peaceful, happy life enters Tommy Eapen Devassy  that jeopardize Sreekumar's simple life. Who is Tommy, what's Sreekumar's past, how their life gets changed forms the rest of the story.

 Salaam Kashmir is the 3rd time Director Joshiy has been attempting to tell a story with an Indian Defense force as backdrop (Nair Saab - Army, Sainyam - Air force). This time there is importance to family, comedy as well and did that work, sad to say it didn't.

The entire first half is dedicated Sreekumar & his family life, which is cliched to the core. Scenes reminding many Jayaram films of the past. Tried to add humor, sentiment, bit of mystery to appeal to a wide audience which actually falls flat. the second half, which deals with Sreekumar's mission in Kashmir, is actually better. But still it doesn't that level to cover up the unholy mess of a first half.

Performances by lead cast were okay, nothing exceptional.Writing was bad. There is belief that Joshiy can magic with even an average script, but sadly this is a below average script and there was nothing he could have done to lift it, just like Lokpal. Camera work was good especially in the Kashmisr portions. Music was below average and BG score was okay. Editor could have saved the audience by cutting of few scenes.

Salaam Kashmir is a mission gone wrong

Rating 2/5

Verdict: Disappointing

Last Word: Stay Away

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