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Goli Soda - Tamil Movie Review from Kerala

 Directed by     Vijay Milton
Produced by     Bharath Seeni
Written by     Vijay Milton (Story), Pandiraj (Dialogues)
Music by     S. N. Arunagiri, A. Seelin (BGM)
Cinematography     Vijay Milton
Editing by     Anthony
Studio     Rough Note
Distributed by     Thirrupathi Brothers
Release dates     January 24, 2014
Country     India
Language     Tamil


    Santhosh Kishore as Pulli
    Sree Raam as Settu
    Pandi as Sithappa
    Murugesh as Kuttimani
    Seetha as Vanmathi (ATM)
    Chandhini as Yaamini
    Imman Annachi as Manthiravadhi
    Sujatha Sivakumar as Aachi
    R. K. Vijai Murugan as Mayilu
    Madhusudhan as Naidu
    A. Manoharan

'Goli Soda' tells the story of the life, friendship and adventures of 4 orphan boys. Pulli, Settu, Sithappa & Kuttimani works as lifters in Koyembedu Market (Chennai), which is one of Asia's largest goods market. Aachi, who owns a shop in the market is their only relationship in the world. With the help of Aachi, one day, they open a restaurant to earn propoer living and have some dignity in the society, on the godown given by a local politician/dada. Things soon goes out of control and the kids are pushed into a fight for their lives and livelihood. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

The dialogues are written by Pandiraj, who directed Pasanga (the 4 boys were there in Pasanga as well). So it can be called 'Pasanga 2' even though it deals with serious matters than the former.

GS is one of the refreshing attempts to come from Kollywood in a long time. It is entertaining, emotional and thrilling as well. The film also shows lights into the lives of of such kids that we see in our surroundings in our day to day life.

The first half is filled with humor for most of its parts. The camaraderie has been shown beautifully on screen. Towards interval the film takes a very serious turn. The dark mode continues in to the second half, which is also thrilling, making the audience also feel for the characters. The fight scene with kids was conceived and shot outstandingly, looked cent % real. Even though the climax was kinda unconvincing was suited for a movie like this. Also there are 1/2 'cinematic' sequences in the 2nd half.

The biggest plus about the movie is most definitely the kids who play the lead roles (including the 2 girls). Felt like they were living there roles. Rest of the cast also did a great job. To write dialogues for kids movies is a risky job and Pandiraj has once again come out with flying colors. Vijay Milton's dialogues were also good. Cinematography was great, capturing the raw, rustic market in the 1st half and the 'dark' scenes in the 2nd.
Music was okay, BG was good. Editing was good as well.

In all its a different kind of Kids movie, something which people from all class of life and age group can enjoy.

Rating: 3.5/5

Verdict: Good+

Last Word: Must Watch adult themed movie with Kids as main protagonists

The movie which got released on Jan 24th, 2014 in Tamil Nadu, released in Kerala Today (21/02/2014) only. The film is a super hit in TN, hope it gets the same reception here too.

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