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Ohm Shanthi Oshaana - Malayalam Movie Review

 Ohm Shanthi Oshaana - Malayalam Movie Review


Directed by     Jude Anthany Joseph
Produced by     Alvin Antony
Screenplay by     Midhun Manuel Thomas, Jude Antony Joseph
Story by     Midhun Manuel Thomas
Music by     Shaan Rahman
Cinematography     Vinod Illampally
Editing by     Lijo Paul
Studio     Ananya Films
Release dates    February 7, 2014
Distributor E4 Entertainment (Kerala), Fox Star India (ROI)
Country     India
Language     Malayalam

    Nivin Pauly as Giri Madhavan
    Nazriya Nazim as Pooja Mathew
    Vineeth Srinivasan as Dr. Prasad Varkey
    Aju Varghese as David Kanjani
    Renji Panicker as Mathew
    Akshaya Premnath as Neethu
    Oshein Mertil as Dona
    Vinaya Prasad as Rachel
    Lal Jose

 Looks like its the season of 'Romance' themed films in Mollywood -7 Sundara Rathrikal, Indian Pranayakadha, Salala Mobiles, London Bridge, 1983, and the latest offering is 'Om Shaanthi Oshaana'.

OSO narrates the incidents happening in the life of our main character Pooja through a certain time frame. Pooja is smitten in (one side) love with Giri. How Pooja herself and her love develops through times from school days, from a girl to a woman, forms the rest of the story.

If Thattathin Marayathu told the love story from boy's poin of view, here its just the opposite. The narration is similar to '1983' where cricket formed a background, here cinema and politics takes that place. Even though not comparble to either of these films OSO is still good at what it claimed to be. A breezy rOm-Com. The first half Good - funny and entertaining, 2nd half where too many things comes into picture & gets dragging, was above average.

Nazriya Nazim got a role similar to the one she played in 'Raja Rani' and she did it quite convincingly. Those who have seen the trailers and songs before could very much come into terms with the character easily, for others it might take some time to get used to this character, as its not something we are used to. Kudos to Nivin Pauly for agreeing to play the, eventhough hero, kinda side lined character. Renji Panicker as heroine's dad was a refreshing change and he was good in that too. Vineeth was impressive in a cameo. Rest of the cast were Okay.

Jude Antony Joseph has done a good job of presenting a decent entertainer with what ever resources available. Eventhough the premise might be cliched the way he shot and presented is appreciable. Script, which the director co-wrote with Midhun Manuel Thomas was entertaining but could have been better in the 2nd half where it sort of looses grip. Mentioning the nostalgia's of 90s-200s like 'Spadikam', Niram, Doordarshan, VCR-VCD etc was a clever approach. Shaan Rahman has given some good songs for the film, even better was his BG score. Cinematography was Very Good. Editing was efficient with the film running just over 2 hours.

In all OSO is a typical Rom-Com that stands out due to its narration. Its a film for all those smitten by love out there, especially in this season of love.

Rating 3/5

Verdict Good

Last Word: Breezy, Time pass, Romantic Comedy.

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