Sunday, 19 January 2014

Drishyam crosses 'T20' to become the biggest Malayalam grosser ever

Till December 19th, when compared to 2012, 2013 has been a little off color as far as Malayalam Industry was concerned. But a small film released on December 19th that created a havoc @ Box Office around the world. Which ever theaters started screening the film haven't stopped since.

When the last updates came in the film was already the 2nd biggest hit of all time. Today, exactly a month after its release the makers have come up with the official declaration that the film has indeed broken the record set by 'Twenty 20' [the mega multi starrer which featured the entire Malayalam film industry] in less than half the time. T20 had a distributor share of about 10.5 crore from Kerala alone which is what Drishyam over took. The film has also broke records at almost every center in Kerala, or will do in the coming few days.

The film got even bigger reception outside Kerala. Plenty of families returning due to the limited shows getting sold out within minutes. So more centers were added in UK, USA etc and the film also released in territories like Germany.

The film also leads in terms of the returns on investment, being made under 5 crore. The overseas [may be Rest of India too] are sold out right, so the producer won't benefit the fantastic run, but any way the film opens new markets, brought audiences who we never knew existed to theaters and more importantly became a lifeline for the B class theaters in Kerala who were on the verge of closure.

A truly remarkable feat indeed considering all the aspects .....

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