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Salman Khan's Jai HO - Exclusive Movie Review

 Jai HO - Exclusive Movie Review

 Thursday, January 23, 2014

JAI HO : Exclusive Movie Review

Produced by Sohail Khan / Sunil Lulla
Directed by Sohail Khan
Written by A R Murugadoss
Screenplay by Dilip Shukla
Music by Sajid-Wajid/Devi Sri Prasad/Amal Malik   
Stars: Salman Khan, Tabu, Danny Denzongpa, Daisy Shah, Pulkit Samrat, Ashmit Patel & Mahesh Manjrekar

Movie Review by Sree Prasad Nair
Theater – Al Wahda Cinemas, Abu Dhabi, UAE
23/01/2014 – 9.30pm

Jai Ho is one of the most anticipated film of 2014, Thanks to Salman Khan's absence on screen last year. Infact 2013 is the only year without no Salman Khan film in his 25+years career.The actor's last film Dabangg2 released on December 21, 2013. Eventhough the film was striclty average, still it collected a huge 150+cr at the box office. Well that's the impact of the star. He is undoubtedly going through the best phase of his career. All of his last 5 films were 130cr+ plus blockbusters at the box office. Salman will be aiming for his 6th blockbuster in a row with Jai Ho.

Jai Ho is directed by Salman's brother Sohail Khan. Salman Khan resurrect his brother Arbaaz Khan's career with Dabangg2 and he's repeating the same for his younger brother with Jai Ho. Jai Ho stars  Salman Khan, Tabu, Danny Denzongpa, Daisy Shah, Pulkit Samrat, Ashmit Patel & Mahesh Manjrekar with Genelia D'Souza and Suniel Shetty playing cameos in the film. Jai Ho is a remake of 2006 Hit Telugu film, Stalin.

The only mission in Jai's (Salman Khan's) life is to help others and make the world a better place. It turns out that Jai served as a Major in the Indian Army. Although a war hero, he had quit the army when he disobeys his boss during a terrorist operation. His family includes mother as well as his sister (Tabu), who is not on talking terms with their mother since she got married against her mother's wishes.
Jai helps a physically challenged girl (Genelia) to write her Intermediate examination. One day there is no one to write on her behalf and she commits suicide. Her suicide disturbs him. Then he plans a chain system. The theme works on a principle that everyone should help others and in return they should not seek a mere gratitude but tell those who get the help to help three more, with a condition that those who get help from them should also demand the same. Jai thinks that this chain will develop helping attitude among the people. But, to his dismay, Jai finds that the chain did not work.
On one occasion, Jai bashes a rich boy, who injured a beggar. This goes in chain reaction and the rich boy employs some goons to attack Jai. As Jai disappears from the scene, the goons take away Jai's sister and her friend(played by Daisy Shah). Jai reaches the spot and hacks the hand of one goon. That goon happens to be the henchman of an MLA (Mukul Dev) who is also the son-in-law of Home Minister (Danny  Denzongpa). The Home Minister takes it as a prestige issue and tries to eliminate Jai but loses his son in the process.

When the Chief Minister intervenes to bring in a negotiation, the Home Minister plans to kill him and implicate Jai in the murder. Finally the truth prevails and the Chief Minister returns to the hospital to visit Jai, that the help three people concept was his brainchild, which saved him from death in the form of a school girl. Jai comes to know that his "help three people" concept worked well and the same theme saved his life in the form of auto driver (Mahesh Manjrekar).


Jai Ho is a Total Salmania All The Way! Infact way better than his Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger & Dabangg2 avatars. Reviewing a Salman Khan is no use as the star is critic proof and darling of bollywood box office. Salman Khan as Jai is his most powerful role after the Radhe Mohan of Tere Naam & Chulbul Pandey of Dabangg. Jai Ho belongs to him, who scorches and roars on the screen every time he displays the manic anger. The introduction of Salman Khan is spell-binding, followed by superb choreographed 'Baaki First Class' song. The last 20minutes just before the interval was rocking. Salman Khan once again proved that he is unbeatable when it comes to action. The whole second half is an example. A PAISA VASOOL 
Another positive of the film is Tabu and she was very convincing as Salman's sister. The young kid, Master Naman Jain is outstanding as Salman's Nephew. He contributes enormously to some of the best moments of the film, just like his role in Chillar Party. His one liners are first rate.Danny Denzongpa is good. Pulkit Samrat is confident and proficient.
Debutant Daisy Shah is stricly ok. Salman Khan real life friends Ashmit Patel, Mahesh Manjrekar, Aditya Pancholi, Mohnish Bahl are good. Raj Babbar's wife Nadira Babbar as Salman's mother is funny and lovable.
Baaki Sab First Class Hai song is already a chartuster, with superb choreography. Dialogues are very good and action sequences were brilliantly executed especially during the introduction scene of salman Khan.

The music is a huge let down. Salman Khan films are always famous for hit songs. But this time pretty average songs. First 3 songs were poorly filmed and placed at the wrong time.Few action sequences are over the top especially at the climax without any logic.
Unfortunately Salman's  chemistry with Daisy Shah is simply not working. No scope for romantic angle between them. Daisy Shah's introduction scene/dance/song was unnecessary. Her performance was quite bad in the first half with terrible expressions.
Talented stars like Genelia D'souza and Suniel Shetty were wasted in poor cameos. Also for Sana Khan. The first half of the film was boring (except the last 20mins). Direction by Sohail Khan is as expected very bad.
But like I mentioned earlier "Salman Khan is bigger than any script or critic or star rating. His name is enough to rake in big money at the box office.
On the whole, Jai Ho is a DHAMAAL entertainer with SALMANIA all the way. Film is all releasing on huge 5000 screens which means 100crore will be crossed within 3-4 days. An opening day number of 26-30 crore is easily on the cards. For me Jai Ho will easily become Salman Khan's biggest blockbcuter till date and easily cross the 200crore mark. Just like Salman's roar in the film, A ROARING BLOCKBUSTER!

                                      P:S: Direction Kharaab Hai, Salman Khan First Class Hai!!!!

                                         Verdict - 2014's First 200 crore Blockbuster is here...


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