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Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal - Tamil Movie Review

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal - Movie Review


Directed by     S. R. Prabhakaran
Produced by     Udhayanidhi Stalin
Screenplay by     S. R. Prabhakaran
Story by     S. R. Prabhakaran
Music by     Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography     Balasubramaniem
Studio     Red Giant Movies
Release dates     February 14, 2014

Running time     156 mins
Country     India
Language     Tamil


    Udhayanidhi Stalin as Kathirvelan
    Nayantara as Pavithra
    Santhanam as Mayilvaganam
    Chaya Singh
    Saranya Ponvannan
    Sunder Ramu as Gautham
    Vanitha Krishnachandran
    Aadukalam Naren

 Kathirvelan is a big devotee of Lord Hanuman and want's to be an eternal bachelor, that's until he meets Pavithra. It was love at first sight and his mission in life changed to marrying Pavithra. But Pavithra has feelings for Gautham, who sees her as a use and throw. Even though Kathir reveals Gautham's true nature to Pavithra she doesn't think of his childhood friend in that way. So what will happen to the love story, how the families get tangled up in all these forms the rest of the story.

 IKK is the 2nd venture for both director S. R. Prabhakaran and Male lead Udhay Stalin. Its some what in the lines of 'Oru Kal Oru Kannadi', but different from Sundarapandian. Promoted as Romantic Comedy the film has a more drama in it than romance or comedy. Santhanam once again comes to the rescue and prevents the movie from falling to a disappointing affair. Infact Udhay had better chemistry with Santhanam than the heroines in the 2 films that he did so far.

The initial half is quite watchable with enough fun and frolics and small dosage of romance. But the plots and sub plots and unnecessary deviations make it tiresome in the later half, eventhough the supporting actors appearing in those sequences gave the film's notable performances.

Udhay has improved a lot compared to his mediocre debut in OKOK, but still has a long way to go if he takes acting career seriously. Nayanthara, as always was looking great, but the role was a cake walk for her. Santhanam playing for the umpteenth time as hero's side kick [who actually ends up making the movie watchable, entertaining & a box office success] was good as always.

Prabhakaran had an average outing this time with IKK. Music by Harris Jayaraj was average, could have done with lesser song count. Background score was good though. The film drags at places and feels lengthy, editing could have been better. Cinematography was good, especially in songs, thanks to the locales. 

So in all IKK is another time pass rom-com that is woth watching thanks to, one again, Santhanam.

Rating 2.5./5

Verdict: Average

Last Word: Watch it if you have nothing else to do this Valentines day weekend

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