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Thira - Malayalam Movie Review

 Thira - Malayalam Movie Review

 Directed by     Vineeth Sreenivasan
Produced by     Manoj Menon
Screenplay by     Rakesh Mantodi, Vineeth Sreenivasan
Story by     Rakesh Mantodi
Music by     Shaan Rahman
Cinematography     Jomon T. John
Editing by     Ranjan Abraham
Distributed by     LJ Films
Release date(s)   November 14, 2013
Running time     113 minutes
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Shobana as Rohini
    Dhyan Sreenivasan as Naveen
    Deepak Parambol
    Gaurav Vasudev as Kidnapper

'Thira' was creating buzz from the moment it was officially announced. With the trailer, poster & songs the excitement reached paramount. Its' Vineeth Sreenivasan's 3rd directorial venture.

According to the makers Thira is the first  part of a Trilogy, written by Vineeth's cousin brother Rakesh Mantodi. Vineeth's brother Dhyan also makes his debut, as an actor, in this film. Thira also marks the return of Shobana to big screen after a long gap.


'Thira' is a  road movie styled thriller based mainly on two characters Roshni and Naveen. Naveen who comes to Karnataka to meet his sister witness her being kidnapped by traffickers. Roshini who is a Doctor by profession is also in search of group of girls, protected by the NGO she works for, kidnapped by the same bunch of traffickers. How the paths of these 2 strangers cross and whether they will able to find & rescue the missing girls forms the story of the first part of 'Thira'.

The basic idea is something that we have seen in films like 'Taken' "Calcutta News' 'Karmayodha' etc. But its the presentation that makes the film stand out.

Writing by Vineeth & Rakesh is top notch. There is no time to relax or think, it action from the word go. But it doesn't get monotonous too, the film has the right mix of emotion, thrill and suspense and keeps viewers on the edge of the seat. 
The performances of all the actors, not just Dhyan & Shobana (who are exceptional by the way)are superlative. Special mention to debutant Dhyan who looks like a future prospect.

The technical side is also very good. Vineeth's crisp direction, Jomon's camera are huge plus. The color tone itself adds to the over all feel of the movie. Songs by Shaan are Very Good, used efficiently in the film. His BG work was likeable too, suiting the mood of the movie.[Felt bit loud at places, making dialogues sound feable - may be a problem with the theater sound system]

Thira is not a film for every one. Multiplex/City audience will lap up the movie while for mass audience it will be tough to find acceptance. There are many dialogues in Hindi/English/Tamil/Kannada & the subtitling in such scenes were inefficient [all over the screen and disappearing quickly]. The film also lacks elements for mass or family audience. Plus the way film ends, with a lead to the next part, could also leave the viewers perplexed. Everything happens with ease for the protagonists, could have added bit of drama and complexities.

Thira is a 113 min long emotional, thrilling, racy ride that every one should give it a try

Verdict : Very Good

Rating: 3.75/5

Box Office - HIT

Last Word : Watch IT !!!


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