Sunday, 24 November 2013

Thor 2: The Dark World - Movie Review

'Thor 2' takes place roughly a year after the incident in New York aka 'The Avengers' climax. Thor and his friends are busy settling the issues in their own world. 'Aether' a red colored substance of immense power, like the 'tesseract' which Thor's grandfather kept hiding some where in the dark in the past, some how ends up inside of Dr.Jane Foster. This awakens the dark evil forces, who were in 'suspended animation' after losing the battle with Odin's father years back. The dark forces lead by 'Malekith' are in search of 'Aether' which could help them bring back darkness, as  the nine realms are getting ready for convergence. And once again its 'Earth' which is athe center of it all.... Will God of Thunder and co able to save the day once again forms the rest of the story.

Story wise it just another super hero movie, and infact has many plot similarities with films like Man of Steel, Into Darkness, Transformers 3 etc. It doesn't push boundaries or give you something unique. But as a part of a large cinematic universe it definitely provide good leads to the future installments of Phase 2 and 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The most interesting scenes in fact comes at the very end, the very last scene &  mid-credits scene [teaser for 'Guardians of Galaxy' & 'avengers 3']

The scripting is racy and intelligent. Writing is efficient with plenty of humor, tongue cheek one liners etc. Jane Foster, who didn't had much role to play in the prequel in fact is at the center of all happenings this time around. Loki fans also will be in for sure treat as its him that walk away with most of the clap worthy scenes. Loki teaming up with Thor, with his mood changing from bad/mean, the usual self, to a son seeking revenge to a prankster has been efficiently portrayed onscreen by Tom Hiddleston [Loki might be the only villain with more fans than the hero, that too ladies fans]. Kat Dennings also gets an extended role this time, mainly for comic relief. 

The VFX is once again top notch. The direction is crisp and fast paced. Visuals are outstanding. Giving good company is the background score. The movie doesn't lag or drag, thanks to a wonderful job by the editor. 
Saw the 2D version, which is enough for this movie I think, unless you don't mind paying extra money. 

So all in all a good prelude for Avengers 2/3, Guardians of the Galaxy. A satisfying movie for the fans of the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' and a treat for fans of Thor/Loki.

 Rating: 3.25/5

Box Office: Already a Blockbuster !!

PS: Don't miss out the surprise cameo by the first avenger

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