Thursday, 21 November 2013

Mohanlal's latest blog, about Sachin Tendulkar [A Rough English Translation]

 Sachin – An Enlightening Swansong at Wankhede 

As I was busy shooting wasn't able to watch Sachin's farewell speech Live. But when I saw the clippings on news chan nels and read the full transcript in newspaper I understood one thing, a good ending is as important as a good beginning. Like a beautiful song or rain, Sachin wound up his career magnificently, which is must, in my opinion.

So many things has already been written, by so many people, about Sachin already, there is nothing that I can add to that, but would certainly like  to point out the importance of his farewell speech. It was perhaps one of the greatest speeches of all time. There is a lot to learn from it for every body - how to keep your career/work stain free, how to be dedicated, how to concentrate on your work, how to treat your parents, friends and family etc. Dedicating 'Bharath Ratna' to all Mothers of India made it all the more special.

I have been in the film industry for the past 33 years, even though in a relatively smaller industry, the amount of concentration you need to do your work is immense, so can't even imagine how powerful of a human being would be Sachin, with the weight of 1.2 billion peoples expectations on his shoulders. If you don't enjoy your work you can't concentrate, Sachin did it for 24 years, which is evident from his accolades.

Usually every one likes to talk about the money Sachin made from Cricket, but if you consider the sacrifices he made for the sport he love it will weigh at least 100 times more - Privacy, moments with family, freedom etc thing which are priceless. The hard work to keep both sides balanced is a tough job & only those who experienced it will understand it.

Sachin's farewell speech should be made a part of our School carriculum. 'Take no shortcuts to reach your goal' is an important lesson for all our youth, taught to sachin by his father. Those are enlightening words for the future that came from his Soul. The light from those word will help one guide when the going gets tough.

In the blessing of those light I will travel the rest of my journey.......

With Love


Read the original blog (in Malayalam) here, handwritten by Mohanlal:

Its a very very rough translation for those who can't read Malayalam 

Watch Sachin's farewell speech

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