Saturday, 16 November 2013

Philips and the Monkey Pen - Movie Review - Mollywood's Chillar Party

'Philips & the Monkey Pen' tells the story of how Ryan Philips and his bunch of friends, who excel in everything except studies, especially Mathematics. How the lives of Ryan and those surrounding him changes with the arrival of a 'Monkey Pen' which is believed to have magical powers, forms the rest of the story.

The film beautifully narrates how a kid learns about life, god, parents, work, worship etc which has been presented in a fairly entertaining manner.

Monkey Pen is definitely one of the most entertaining and accomplished work, about kids and for kids, from Mollywood. Every department shines in this well made film. Director duo Rojin & Shanil have done an excellent job. Usually they take such movies for granted, but here the director duo have presented film in the best possible way one could, thanks to the support from Producers Vijay Babu [who also played Pappan Sir] & Sandra Thomas. The passion the producers have for cinema is very much visible here.

Master Sanoop [Sanusha's brother] who played 'Ryan' has done an excellent job. It hard to believe that this is his first film, don't be surprised if he win both best actor & best child actor awards this year, such a treat was this young talent. The rest of the Kids in the gang were also excellent, special mention to the ones who played Jahangir [a character Modelled on 'Jangiya' from 'Chillar Party'] and Juan. Kudos to Jayasurya & Ramya for agreeing to be a part of the movie which is not focusing on them.

The film has lots of touching moments and great dialogues with depth. Full credits to the writers.
Cinematography was very good, a treat to your eyes. Editing was good. Music & BG gels very well with the narrative and doesn't try to go over board.

The film do try to pack in quite a few messages in the second half and also enters the preachy mode quite often.But the humor laced writing prevents it from being out of control.

So if you liked films like 'Tare Zammen Par' 'Pasanga' 'Chillar Party', 'Philips & the Monkey Pen' is a film that can very much be added to that elite list.

Please make sure you definitely watch the film with your entire family, especially with Kids. Its one of the rarest opportunity that Mollywood gives Kids, to be what they are, Kids.

No Rating, just watch it !!!

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