Monday, 30 September 2013

Arm twisting by Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation continue - Bans a theater

This is what Crown Cinema, Calicut posted in their Facebook page

Sorry to announce that we have to stop the screening of RAJA RANI due to trouble from industry sources... So The Conjuring and Lunch Box get more screen time..

Well.. Last year the Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation, of which we WERE a member, called for indefinite closure of Cinemas protesting Govt.Policies. Being a member of the body, we had decided to stick to the closure cos the demand of KFEF with the Govt was genuine. But they kept changing the date of the closure to favour the interests of certain parties. And then one fine day they announced the closure from 2nd Nov 2012. That we had committed to Sony Pictures to screen SKYFALL from Nov 1st 2012, the last Bond movie, we, along with other Cinemas in Kochi,requested the body to change the date again. They dint agree. So we were forced to stick to our commitment and stay away from the strike. We resigned the membership from the body too. But ever since, the KFEF has placed an UNWRITTEN embargo on us - that if we screen any Malayalam or Tamil movie, none of the theatres in malabar will screen it. We managed to screen some movies like Neram & Nee Ko Na Cha. But most distributors were forced to keep away from us. Now the distributors of Raja Rani showed the guts to supply the movie to us. But the Honchos of the KFEF arm twisted them and threatened them with dire consequences. So, to ensure that the distributor does not suffer losses cos of our screening the film, we decided to stop screening. Its a Mad Mad Mad World!!!  

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