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Arrambam - Exclusive Music Review

 Arrambam - Music Review

Any Yuvan Shankar Raja musical is waited with bated breaths & if its for an Ajith film the hype even increases. Ajith-Yuvan combo have always given hits, Yuvan is also on a roll with super mega success of Biriyani, so lets see how this one turned out.

 Track List


 1. Adada Arambame

Feels like the Intro/opening song for Ajith. Its a festive mood song. It has got that zip and energy that should be associated with such songs. Shankar Mahadevan's voice should match like anything with Ajith. This is the song in the album that's gonna be an instant/first hit. With visuals the impact of the song is surely gonna grow


 2. Stylish Tamizhachi

 Song begins in super style with English rap portions that are simply rocking. It makes one feel that if we are listening an 'English' track for real. The energy gets transferred to the remaining portions of the song too. Its an out and out party blast track, this one is my favorite pick of the album, even though didn't like much after first listening. Singing, Instrumentation, lyrics, rap everything is Kick-Ass


3. Melala Vedikuthu 

A typical friendship song, might be picturised on Ajith-Arya-Nayanthara. This is the Holi song in the film.. Loved the lyrics of the song, 'messages infused' one. A particular portion in the music is also quite infectious. An above average song even after multiple listening, may be the video could change the opinion.


4. Hare Rama

Te song begins with high energy, but it soon fizzles out. The instrumentation is once again good but wish if the punch was carried throughout the song. The song has '50 Cent: Candy shop' inspirations here and there I think. Singing is energetic and apt for the song


5.  En Fuse Pochu

Looks like a fun romantic duet picturised on Aarya & Taapses. Has got funky lyrics too. Didn't like the song too much. Considering the theme of the movie a song like this could also end up as speed breaker. The only song in the album that i didn't like. But its not completely bad, liked in bits and pieces, but as a complete song its not up to the mark.


Arrambam in total is a Good, different album but definitely not an instant hit. It lacks that one 'blockbuster track' which can sell the entire album and even the film. Its a complete youth/urban album, maybe specifically orchestrated to cater the theme of the movie. It takes atleast 2-3 listening before you start to get a liking towards the songs. Its everyone's cup of tea and there is very little for the masses.

But for those who like a bit of difference and are fans of Western songs, this one should definitely work for you. I seriously think that once videos are out the songs are gonna be liked even more.

So all in all Yuvan fails to meet the humungous expectations that everyone had for the album. If you have no expectations you might like the album very much, for others I recommend you wait till the video promos are out or listen to song promos multiple times before buying it.

Rating: Above Average to Good

Rating: 2.9/5*

Last Word: Mixed BAG !!!

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* ([3.5+3.25+2.75+2.75+2.25]/5) = 2.9/5

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