Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Conjuring - Movie Review

'The Conjuring' is a real life, supernatural horror story based on the case files of famous Paranormal Investigator/Demonologist couple, The Warrens [who also investigated the notorious/controversial 'Amityville Horror' incidents]

The film deals with the paranormal phenomenon that a family experiences in their new house & the things that unfod as Warrens start their investigation.

There was lot of media hype surrounding the film. Coming from the director of films like 'SAW' 'Insidious' 'Dead Silence' expectations were huge too. The film also got terrific reviews too when it released in the US 2 weeks back, many claiming it to bee the scariest/best horror movie error or of the decade. So all these made me, an ardent 'Horror' genre fan even more excited, but sad to say I was totally disappointed.

I try to watch almost all horror film that gets released, so i found Conjuring just cliched horror movie. Family moving into an old, isolated house. Noises in the night, Only kids 'seeing' things, 'stress to 3am', a horrific past to the house etc. 

The cliches are not just confined to the story but the 'horror tactics as well. James Wan has tried every trick in the old films to scare people, 99% of them falling flat. You can very much predict whats going to happen in the next moment very easily, which is a big negative for a horror movie. The movie reminds us of movies like 'The Orphanage', Sinister, Awakening etc etc. 

Saw was genious, Insidous was scary but this one isn't anywhere close to those horror gems. Weird faces suddenly popping in front of the screen, loud noise, doors slamming, basement/dark hallway scenes in dim light etc were the things of the past. Its disappointing to see Hollywood still sticking on the same old beaten to death formula. 
Also the script lacks any suspense or thrill, except may be the last 20-30mins. The back story wasn't interesting enough. I don't think anybody even remebers it once the movie gets finished. The films also takes a long time to get into the 'scary mood' as well.

But if you don't frequent horror movies then all the above said 'issues' might not be there for you & it will be a decent 'scary' outing. Also Rarely a Horror movie gets Indian release and that too with this much publicity. Vera Farmiga has done a very good job as 'Lorraine Warren' and is indeed looking beautiful. The camera work & sets are very good. Editing & BG worked for me. 

I personally like Horror films that haunts & creeps you much after the showtime & force you to keep the lights on when you sleep and not the one that - Conjuring is not that type.
So don't go with much expectations, just prepare for a nice horror outing and chances are there that you won't feel disappointed like me. 

'As far as the scariest ever/decade' claim goes - HELL NO !!! Paranormal Activity, Sinister, Evil dead, Insidous were more scary & interesting than 'Conjuring'

 Will be interesting to see how Wan executes the final installment of the super successful 'Fast' series 'Fast & Furious 7', his next directorial venture (After Insidous 2, which looks boring from the trailer) , due June 2014

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