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Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum - Malayalam Movie Review

 Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum - Malayalam Movie Review

 Directed by     Lal Jose
Produced by     Zulfi Hasis
Shebin Backer
Written by     M. Sindhuraj
Music by     Vidyasagar
Cinematography     S. Kumar
Studio     Balcony 6
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Kunchako Boban as Chakkattutharayil Gopan (Chakka Gopan)
    Namitha Pramod as Kainakari Jayasree
    Irshad as Chakka Maniyan
    Shiju as Chakka Vijayan
    Joju as Chakka Suku
    Shammi Thilakan as Kavalykal Kuriyachan
    Suraj Venjaramoodu as Mamachan
    Harisree Asokan as Suseelan
    Subeesh as Babu
    Chali Pala as S.I.George
    Sivajy Guruvayoor as Kapyar
    Dinesh Nair as Vakkeel Asokan
    Anusree as Kochurani
    K. P. A. C. Lalitha as Madhavi
    Bindu Panicker as Kainakari Revamma
    Reena Bhasheer as Lizy
    Thesni Khan as Jalaja
    Seema G. Nair as Vimala
    Ponnamma Babu as Kapyar's wife
    Anjana as Ramani

'Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum' is the story of four brothers, 3 of them interested only in making troubles
(Pullipulikal) & one (Aatinkutty) who gets tangled up in the mess that his brothers creates. Kunchako Boban plays Chakkattutharayil Gopan aka 'Aatinkutty'. His nemesis Kavalykal Kuriyachan is played by Shammi Thilakan & Kainakari Jayasree, his love interest by Namitha Pramod.

The film is made as a festive entertainer for the masses and families, a no logic one ulike the previous Lal Jose movie. But the movie which looks similar (vague) to 'Marykundoru Kunjaadu' failed to entertain me. The ages old story by Sindhuraj itsel is a big disappointment. His script was entertaining in the first half, but sufferes heavily in the second half, with nothing much to show it drags like a soap opera. Also touted as the highlights of the movie, the 'Pullipulikal' gang gets lost in the proceedings as the movie turns its focus on the silly rivalry with Kuriachan and romantic angle with Jaishree. The last 30mins it drags like hell.

The title role I think was tailor made for Dileep, it is not that Boban was bad, but Dileep who excels in such films and roles with his on contribution could have lifted the movie to better heights. The supporting cast has done a very good job especially the 'Pullipulis'. Suraj manages few laughs after quite a while. And its after a long gap Harishree Ashokan & Bindu Panicker got something interesting to do. Namitha Pramod looked beautiful did a good job, sad that she couldn't dub it for herself.

Music by Vidyasagar was average, but the Background score was very good. Camera work was very nice, capturing 'Kuttanad' in all its glory. Editing was crisp.Direction by Lal Jose was Good, packaged it as a festive entertainer.

All these are my view points about the movie, but at Box Office most probably this will be the biggest hit of the season, coz such films works big time with masses and families. Looking at the crowd, it is definitely their first choice this EID.

An average fare

Watchable for few laughs in the first half


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