Saturday, 19 October 2013

Arrambam - Exclusive Preview/Story/Synopsis

It has been 15 months since the last Ajith film hit the screens. Ever since it was announced that film following 'Billa 2' will see a reunion of Billa team [Ajith, Vishnu Vardhan, Nayanthara, Yuvan, Sreekar Prasad] etc the hype has been paramount. Everything including the title of the film was kept under tight wraps. Now with just 2 weeks to go for the mega release majority have no idea about what the plot of the film, well according to sources got a basic idea of what the film is about. [What follows the image might end up as Spoiler, so continue at your own risk]

According to sources Ajith plays a commando in a security force like NSG & Rana Daggubati as his 'buddy pair' & close friend. The get called into action during the Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks where something unexpected happens. The event shooks Ajith's character so bad that he goes to unexpected lengths to solve some mysteries and find the culprits who are responsible for 'something' that happened that day.
The negative shade of Ajith that we saw in the trailer could very well represent this change.

Aarya plays the role of a computer hacker whom Ajith seeks help from in his mission [just like in sword fish/Die Hard 4] . Nayanthara is reportedly paired opposite Rana [unconfirmed] & Taapsee opposite Aarya. Talking more about the film might ruin the suspense, so lets leave it at that, plus sources can also go wrong at times.....

Unlike usual action films the film deals with a very important issue underneath, something that even the media ignored during the 26/11 attacks. So Arrambam is the mission of one man to find the truth and bring to justice the culprits.

The film has been censored yesterday with clean 'U' certificate by Chennai censor board. Censor board members reportedly appreciated the makers for their noble intentions and making an entertaining film out of it. The film will hit the screens on October 31st as Diwali release world wide.

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