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Jai Ho - Music Review

Jai Ho - Music Review

Track List

1. "Baaki Sab First Class Hai"  

This was the first track to release on video. It is a different track, more a theme based one and not a typical bollywood number, even though composed like one. The two striking factors of the song re the lyrics and the choreography. Choreography is superb with some cool dance moves done by Salman & co. The song, which looks like protest against corrupt parties/politicians has got satirical lyrics, matching the theme and situation perfectly. May not be an instant hit but with the movie this will be the pick of the lot.


2. "Tere Naina Maar Hi Daalenge" 

This is the quintessential Salman Khan romantic track from the film, which has got quite a hang over of few songs from Dabanng & Dabangg 2, composed by Wajid-Wajid themselves. Voices of Shaan & Shreya makes this one stand out. Looks like this is the song that was shot in the picturesque locations of Romania. Waiting for the video to come out, as if now its above average


3. "Photocopy"

Looks like the 'Munni', 'Fevicol' offering in 'Jai Ho'. A typical mass dance number, but this time featuring a male voice leading proceedings (Himesh Reshammiya). Its sure gonna be a huge hit among the masses despite the dejavu factor, especially once the video is out.


4. "Tumko To Aana Hi Tha" / 5. "Love You Till The End

Different versions of the song, a typical western/English love track. Great singing & music, soft soothing melodious number. Don't know how this will fit into a mass entertainer, anyway as a song its a good one. Composed by Amal Mallik, the song has been rendered beautifully by Armaan Malik


6. "Naacho Re"

A track composed by south's well known singer DSP (who also composed 'Dinka chika'). Music has got more importance in this which is great & whatever there is to sing, Ujayine has done a great job.


7. "Jai Jai Jai Jai Ho " 

The title track of the film which is also composed by Amal Mallik. Like his other 2 songs this one too has a westernish flavour to it. Not a typical theme song one would expect, but still something different. A nice song in total


Jai Ho is said to be a different kind of film than what Salman has been doing off late. We get the very first glimpse of that in the album itself. Eventhough it has couple of Sajid-Wajid-Salman numbers rest of them are entirely different, plus the 'Baki sab' song will stand out thanks to the lyrics.

Jai HO music album may not be something fans were expecting but it definitely its different and good.

Rating 3/5


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