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Jilla - Music Review

 Jilla - Music Review
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Jilla is easily one of the most awaited movie of 2014, mainly due to the the male leads, Mohanlal & Vijay. 2 big superstars of neighboring states unite in this Pongal mass masala entertainer. Lets see if the songs prove justice to the expectations.

1. Pattu Onnu 
Singers:  S.P.Balasubramaniam, Shankar Mahadevan | Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Right from the release of promo songs this is the song that everyone has been talking about. Its the Intro song featuring both Mohanlal & Vijay on screen & a perfect song for the occasion too. Nice composition, mass lyrics, superb singing and nice instrumentation. The Lyrics is just playing it to the gallery, can't imagine the scenes in theaters during the song, especially in Kerala, where Vijay is also popular. Using 'Chenda' in between was an intelligent thought by Imman, the cherry on top. Visually this one will be the song to look forward to.


2. Kandaangi Kandaangi
Singers : Vijay, Shreya Ghoshal | Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Vijay turned singer once again for this song and its by far his best attempt at flexing vocal chords. Vijay's singing is of course the biggest plus of the song, he has sang the song with pitch perfection & didn't get over shadowed by a talent like Shreya Ghoshal, infact both get the scope to shine in the song. Lyrics was okay too. The music had a slight dejavu feel, but singing make the song stand apart.


3. Verasa Pogayile 
Singers : D. Imman | Lyrics: Parvathy

Music Director Imman himself has sang the song & beautifully too. Another beautiful romantic track in the album. Very goos lyrics, beautiful rendering and good composition as well. 


4. Jingunamani
Singers : K.G. Ranjith, Sunidhi Chauhan | Lyrics: Viveka

First thing one notice in the song is Sunidhi Chauhans pumped up voice and perfect 'Tamil'. Her energy itself makes the song worth hearing. Composed as a folk song duet it has all chance of climbing up the charts with the visuals. A good  mass-folk number.


5. Yeppa Maama Maama Treatu 
Singers : D. Imman, A.V Pooja, Snigdha Chandra | Lyrics: Viveka

The weakest song in the album. A usual 'kutthu' number. Funky lyrics and Singing makes it stand out


6. Jilla Theme

Jilla Theme
Singers : Santhosh Hariharan, Deepak, Anand, Shenbagaraj | Lyrics: Viveka

Nice theme song. Nothing special to it, may be good in the movie with the visuals as background score. 


So Jilla album/audio  meets the expectations it had before release. Its a perfect album for a mass masala film with something for everyone, may be Imman's best and complete work till date satisfying people from all walks of life. The only issue is whether the number of songs will affect the pace of the movie. I hates songs unnecessarily popping up here and there, especially in 2nd half & towards climax. Hope that is not the case and the songs only add to the totaility of the film.

Final Rating 3.5/5

Very Good

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