Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Jeethu Joseph clears the air about Drishyam controversy

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Jeethu Joseph clears the air about Drishyam controversy

Drishyam is turing out to be one of the biggest hits ever in Mollywood with unprecedented crowds flocking the theater. As a dark spot there was a small (but lethal) controversy brewing regarding the screenplay/story of Drishyam. A news was spreading that Jeethu Joseph used the idea suggested by one of Jeethu's (former) AD's without giving him credits or monetary benefits. The director of an upcoming movie also posted a 'cryptic message' pointing to this soon after (which was later removed). Now in an recently given interview Jeethu has shared with viewers his version of the story.

Prajith, one of Jeethu's (former) AD's once came to meet him with an idea for a new film which he wanted to direct as his debut venture. He just had the title character in mind and asked Jeethu to develop a story/script revolving around it. Jeethu eventhough couldn't work on it, after few months gave Prajith a new script, who had certain issues with the script which Jeethu cleared with him explaining every detail. Jeethu also arranged his 'Mumy & Me' producer to back the project and moved on to initial stages of his own 'My Boss'. Many months passed and Prajith still couldn't materialize the movie due to his certain issues with the script, which he wanted to rework. Jeethu was against this and asked him to return his script. The title character being Prajith's idea Jeethu reworked on it and completed the final draft of 'Drishyam'.

According to Jeethu this incident is known to many in the industry and people who had no clue what so ever are just making a hill out of nothing.

Listen to the entire Interview here


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