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Biriyani - Tamil Movie Review - A Half Cooked Venkat Prabhu Diet

Biriyani - Tamil Movie Review

 Directed by     Venkat Prabhu
Produced by     K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Written by     Venkat Prabhu
Music by     Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography     Sakthi Saravanan
Editing by     Praveen K. L, B. Srikanth
Studio     Studio Green
Release dates   20 December 2013
Running time     149 minutes
Country     India
Language     Tamil


    Karthi as Sugan
    Hansika Motwani as Priyanka Sharma
    Premgi Amaren as Parasuram
    Ramki as Ramakrishnan
    Mandy Takhar as Maya
    Nassar as Varadharajan
    Prem as Vikram
    Jayaprakash as AC Sampath
    Nithin Sathya
    Subbu Panchu
    Uma Riyaz Khan
    Sampath Raj as Riwaz Khan
    Shanmugasundaram as Kasi Vishwanathan
    Sangeetha Gopal
    Leena Maria Paul
    Badava Gopi


 'Biriyani' is the story of buddies Sugan & Prasuram, whose life goes for a toss after a visit to a hotel to have 'Biriyani'. They get trapped in a situation and its a run to to save themselves with a race against time.

Each Venkat Prabhu movie will be waited with beated breaths, same was the case with 'Biriyani'. when the film was pushed from Diwali to accomodate Azhagu Raja many were disappointed. After a long wait, and a long gap since Mankatha, finally the Venkat Prabhu got released.

First things first, Biriyani is Venkat Prabhu's weakest work till date. It is a multi genre film starts as usual Karthi film, family, job, lover, comedy, turns naughtier and then enters thriller mode. The actual story begins only towards the interval, once they enter the 'Biriyani' shop & Mandy Thakar's character enter. Till then nobody had a clue what the hell was going on. Felt like lots of irrelevant, uninteresting scenes sewn together to reach the pre-interval portion. Even the twists and turns in the second half are very much predictable and the movie ends in a lame climax (followed by a twist and then the real climax, which was also ZZzzz). It would be better if you keep your brain locked up in the house before going to watch Biriyani as many scenes don't have any explanations.

 Karthi tried hard to shed the boy next door image/looks to get into the Casanova avatar, and succeeded to a large extent. He was good in the sister kidnap scene, other than that it was blant, nothing special. Premgi Amaren unlike Mankatha got a throughout role and raised few laughs. Actor Riaz Khan's wife Uma who played a conract killer was impressive. Nassar's Premgi act was howlarious. Among the ladies in the film its Mandy Thakkar who gets noticed, who fit he bill perfectly. Hansika's character just comes and goes, nothing special. Rest of the cast were okay, nothing worthy of mentioning.

Its Venkat Prabhu's half cooked recipe (script) that spoiled this 'Biriyani'. As a director he still showed his caliber, but as a writer he failed. Camera work was very good, tried to make it appear rich and peppy. Editing was crisp, prevented fast cuts and no lag helped prevent further embarrassment for makers. 

Songs & BG were the 2 major points of Mankatha( apart from the outstanding act by Thala). Except 'Na naanah' were disappointment when saw in the film, acting like speed breakers. Was disappointed with the way 'Na naah' was shot & choreographed. BG wasn't that exciting either.

So in all 'Biriyani' is a half cooked diet, spoiled by too many cooks (genres)

Rating: A generous 2.5/5

Verdict: Average

Last Word: Statuatory Warning :- "Half  cooked 'food items' are not good for your health !!!! "

PS:  There is a sequence in the film where popular stars from previous VP movies are seen doing a flash mob to Mankatha title song celebrating Thala B'day

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