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Mammootty's Manglish - Movie Review

Manglish - Movie Review

Directed by     Salam Bappu
Produced by     Haneef Muhammed
Written by     Riyas
Music by     Gopi Sundar
Cinematography     Pradeesh M Varma
Edited by     Vijay Sanker
Distributed by     Red Rose Release & PJ Entertainments(Europe)
Release date(s) July 27, 2014
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Mammootty as Tharakan Malik
    Caroline Beck as Michelle
    Srinda Ashab as Mumtaz    
Aneesh G Menon as Simmon
    Alexx O'Nell as Kevin
    Tini Tom as Boss
    Vinay Forrt as Dixon
    Suresh Krishna as Lakshman
    P.Balachandran as Swami
    Sunil Sukhada as Anglo Charlie
    Joju George
    Sathaar as Paulose Punnookaaran
    Raveendran as Pothen
    Sasi Kalinga as Mathukutty
    Kalabhavan Haneefa as Chayakaran Mani
    Gopan as H.C Chandran
    Kalabavan Rahman as Driver Rahman
    Mukundan as Adv. James
    Pouly Valsan as Veronica
    Sreedhanya as Seenath
    Sheelu Abraham as Lalitha

Mammootty is Malik Bhai, the bhai of Mattanchery, bhai with heart of gold, a do gooder and one who doesn't toleate injustice. What happens when a foreigner, Michelle enters Bhai's life, who knows only English, a language which is alien for our Bhai. 

Hearing the title One may think that this is yer another Mammootty comic caper where he talks in bad/horrible English to make us laugh, like Pokkiri Raja, Rajamanickyam etc. But once the movie ends we wish had it been like that, thanks to the writer(s). The main intention was to create mass entertainer for the festive season, with Mammootty in stylish colorful costumes, doing action, mouthing punching lines, delivering humor etc, but unfortunately none of these work, for most of the part. 

The initial part is slow and boring and nothing much happens here. All the above mentioned 'tricks' to keep us entertained fails. Its in the second half that the proceedings gets somewhat interesting. Still the movie movies predictably and ends up with an Okay climax. The first half is below average, while the 3nd in comparison to the st is above average.

It was a cake walk role for Mammooty, but seriously doesn't understand why he keeps doing films like these. Even though looked handsome, it was awkward and weird to see him in the song picturised overseas. Caroline has done an okay job. Raveendran was irritating. Its Tini Tom who delivers all of the interesting one liners in the film, one of the few saving graces of the film. Srinda ashab was once again impressive.

Salam Bappuu's direction has improved compared to Red Wine could have delivered a better product had the script was better. Ulla Ulla song was good and the other one was completely unnecessary and hard to watch as I said before. Background score was okay, don't understand the need of 'Atmos' for this. Cinematography was good and editing was efficient.

Overall 'Manglish' is a half baked entertainer 

Rating: 2.5/5


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