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Singam 2 - Exclusive Movie Review

SINGAM 2  : Exclusive Movie Review

  Written & Direction by Hari
Produced by S. Lakshman Kumar
Stars : Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani, Vivek, Santhanam & Rahman

Movie Review by Sree Prasad Nair
Theater – Al Wahda Cinemas, Abu Dhabi, UAE
04/07/2013 – 11pm
Occupancy – Sold Out - 100% (Expected)

Singam 2 is the sequel of 2010 Blockbuster Singam! Singam 2 is riding high on expectations thanks to the superb popularity of the mass superstar Suriya and also the hit 'Singam' franchise. Singam2 is directed by Hari (also directed the prequel Singam). Some of the important characters played by Anushka Shetty, Vivek and Vijayakumar have been retained in Singam 2. In addition Santhanam, Hansika Motwani, Radha Ravi, Manorama and Hollywood actor Danny Sapani have joined the film.

Usually Sequels are very rare in Kollywood. But director Hari  had the idea of a sequel to Singam. Singam 2 is about an Indian cop Dorai Singam who is on a mission to take on crimes overseas. Will he be successful on his mission? Will Singam 2 fare better than Singam ? Or will it follow the disaster "Billa 2" way ? 


Singam 2 is one of the much awaited movie of 2013 in Kollywood, thanks to the mega popularity of Suriya. Suriya is outstanding as Durai Singam. After a long wait, Suriya's fans will witness him back in action and he is damn good at it. Be it action, dance, dialogue delivery or emotions, Suriya is excellent in all.. No other actor can carry off the role of Durai Singam other than Suriya. Yes, The toughest cop is back in charge!!!

Santhanam's acting is first rate. As usual he is the scene stealer of the movie. His comic timing is unmatchable & his witty one liners provides maximum enertainment. Hanshika Motwani is really good. Vivek is decent. Rahman is strictly ok.
Hari's direction is good, especially in the first half. Infact entire first half itself is a winner.  The first half of Singam 2 is a complete package of all sorts with romance, thrills, comedy, emotions and fights. Another plus point of the movie is cinematography by Priyan, magnificiently captured the exotic locations of Southern parts of India & South Arica. Special credit should go to the action director of Singam 2 for amazing action sequences.
Everything till the first half was great and I was hoping for the same treatment in the second half. Unfortunately, It Is Not!!! Why ???


The second half of Singam 2 is very ordinary & predictable. And shockingly too-rushed climax is terrible. A climax is meant to be the highlight of a mass masala movie! Unfortunately climax of Singam 2 is hugely disappointing... Bizzare Stuff!!! Another minus point of Singam 2 is miscasting Hollywood actor Danny Sapani as Villain. His acting and screen presence is nowhere near to Prakash Raj. Anushka Shetty don't have much role and is good only in the songs.. Veteran stars like Nassar & Manorama are wasted in 1-2 scene roles.

Another disappointment is the music by Devi Sri Prasad. All songs are very ordinary and the placement of the songs are horribly wrong. A song at the start and at the end of the film is not appealing. Actress Anjali is not convincing as an item girl in the Vaale Vaale song.

Overall an excellent first half, average second half & pathetic climax! Still Singam 2 will emerge as a winner at the box office, thanks to Suriya's stardom & excellent promotion by the makers. The movie is releasing with more than 2,400 screens all over the world in Tamil &Telugu versions. The film is all set to have a phenomenal opening & the healthy weekend-week1 will help the makers to earn healthy profit.

Verdict - "This Singam Is Safe"

Rating - 3/5! Profitable Venture

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