Monday, 29 July 2013

Kerala theater owners object to screen controversial film 'Kalimannu'

Kerala theater owners object to screen controversial film 'Kalimannu'

Acclaimed Director Blessy's latest flick 'Kalimannu' has been in the news since the project was announced. The film deals the relation ship between a pregnant women and her unborn child. Shwetha Menon plays the lead role in the film who was pregnant in real life when they began shooting Director Blessy who is always known for capturing images as real as possible wanted to film the delivery of Shwetha for real and use it in the film instead of her enacting the scene. Both Shwetha & her husband agreed to it beforehand. Eventhough the news was made public much before filming began it was only after this particular scene was shot the controvorsey blew out of proportion.

This public had mixed reaction about this. Many celebrities, politicians, including women condemned the act. Many even went to the lengths of ridiculing Shwetha and her family. The theater owners then said will screen the movie only after censor procedure has been completed. The film was censored last week and got U/A certificate without any cuts. But now the theaters owners have come up with a new demand that they want a special preview of the film before its release which will be watched by certain people or members of organizations who objected the release of the film. Only if they gives the film a 'green chit' they will co-operate with the release of the film.

But Kerala Film Chamber said this is the decision of a few in the Theater owners organization and there is no official ban and will provide full support to the film passed by Censor Board.

Mohanlal did a full monty for Blessy's award winning film 'Thanmathra' which even though passed by Censors felt the wrath of audience, back in 2005. Due to negative reactions to the scene he had to chop down those after day 1.

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