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Sonna Puriyathu - Movie Review

Sonna Puriyathu - Movie Review

Directed by     Krishnan Jayaraj
Produced by     Saandika Amarnath
Written by     Krishnan Jayaraj
Screenplay by     Krishnan Jayaraj
Story by     Krishnan Jayaraj
Music by     Yathish Mahadev
Cinematography     Saravanan
Editing by     T S Suresh
Studio     360 Degree Film Corp
Release date(s)     July 26th 2013
Country     India
Language     Tamil

    Shiva as Shiva
    Vasundhara Kashyap as Anjali
    Gangai Amaran
    Blade Shankar
    Vatsala Rajagopal as Shiva's grandmother
    Sam Anderson

What happens when Siva, a happy go lucky guy who hates commitment & marriage, meets a girl with similar characteristics Anjali is the story of 'Sonna Puriyathu'. A story which can be told in one line, as short film has been stretched to a feature film length to test the viewers. The director looks confused whether to take a rom-com or a silly comedy caper or a spoof like 'Tamil Padam' which made the hero a household name [the hangover which all his role since then carries] - SP looks a holy mess of all these genres which is rarely entertaining. 

Siva is the saving grace of the movie. It was just because of him that I sat through the entire run time. He is a pleasure to watch, as always. But its high time he took a different path, only if he wants to - most of the characters he do looks similar. Its one strange film where the heroine's friend looks more pretty and appealing than the heroine. But Vasundara has done a very good job in acting/expressions department. The rest of the cast are passable.

Camera work looks Okay. Music is disappointing. Background was disappointing, just copied from similar films, nothing innovating. Editing was good. But everything gets ruined by lasy writing/Direction or both combined  The script was suited for a TV Series/TV movie - just a set of interconnected gags which hardly raise laughter.

Being a Siva fan I expected more, found Thillu Mullu more entertaining than this. 

Unless you are a die hard Siva fan, can very much give this film a miss. 

Sonna Puriyathu, Paathalum.......



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