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Ring Master - Malayalam Movie Review - Dileep, Honey Rose, Keerthy Suresh

Ring Master - Malayalam Movie Review - Dileep, Honey Rose, Keerthy Suresh


Director: Raffi  
Producer: Vyshakha Rajan  
Music: Gopi Sunder  
Cinematography: Shaji  
Editing: Shyam Sasidharan  
Art Direction: Rajan Akkulam  
Story/Writer: Rafi  
Costume Design: S. B. Satheesan
Studio     Vaishaka Cynyma
Release dates     April 12, 2014
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


Dileep as Prince
Honey Rose as Diana
Keerthi Suresh as Karthika
Mohan Jose
Kalabhavan Shajon as Dr.Muthu
Aju Varghese
Suraj Venjaramoodu
Sai Kumar
Kalabhavan Haneef
Saju Kodiyan

Dileep's mass entertainers rarely miss their mark at the Box Office, thanks to reach the star has amongst Ladies and Kids. Ring Master is another Vishu release from Dileep, aiming at his target audience. The posters featuring Dogs have helped the curiosity factor to work out and gives a feel of the actor's cult comedy hit CID Moosa.

Prince has been fond of animals from child hood. His father was animal trainer in a circus company. Circumstances make Prince too a dog trainer, and the dog he trains, Diana, become a popular movie canine star. One day Diana gets a chance to act in a movie, in which Prince's lady love, Super Heroine Diana plays the female lead, who dumped him for movies. This creates confusion and chaos in the sets and the two are at loggerheads. Karthika is a blind who is living with her guide dog Toby, who is the father of Diana the Dog. How all the mess gets sorted out forms the rest of the story.

Ring Master is a typical mass comedy vehicle that one expects from Dileep. Even though the story line is down right silly, Dileep, the dogs and the supporting cast makes it a time pass watch. The movie takes a bit of time to get in the groove, but then is a laughathon for the entire 1st half. In the 2nd half the pace is uneven, especially toward the climax portions. With no story to tell the film relies heavily on the shoulders of its cast who did a great job.The Dogs are a treat to watch on screen to, special credits to the trainers and the VFX team.

RM is definitely on of the better theater outings for Dileep in a short while. Shajon once again impresses with his comic timing. Suraj also impresses in a extended cameo length role. The heroines too did their part well. The Script and dialogues written by Rafi are no patch to his earlier works (which he did in partnership with Meccartin). There are some dialogues aimed at a 'certain some one' which I felt was unnecessary. There are quintessential double meaning dialogues and cuss words, which I think the family audiences have accustomed to from Dileep movies.

The technical crew did an Okay job, nothing great or extraordinary to mention. Music and BG were average.

In all its a leave your brain at home and have fun at theaters kinda film which most people like to watch. Being a Dileep movie, a summer release, and the crowd reaction, looks like this will keep the cash registers ringing.

Rating: 2.75/5

Verdict: Above Average

Last Word: Mindless Fun.....

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