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Pauly Technique - Malayalam Movie Review - Kunchako Boban, Bhavana

Pauly Technique - Malayalam Movie Review - Kunchako Boban, Bhavana


Director:  M.Padmakumar
Script:  Nishad Koya
Producers:  Kala Nair and Liyakath Tirur
Banner:  Mrinalini Gandhi Cinemas
Distributor:  Percy Pictures
Music:  Gopi Sundar
Editor:  Ranjan Abraham
Cinematographer:  Pramod K Pillai
 Lyrics:  Rajeev Nair


Kunchacko Boban - Pauly
 Bhavana - Aswathy
Vijayaragavan - Sukumaran Nair 
Aju Varghese - Becker
Devi Chandana 
Thesni Khan 
Idavela Babu

Pauly is a jobless youth, who along with his childhood friends are members of the communist party youth wing. He is involved in all the social activities of his villages and often gets in the way of Panchayath President Sukumaran Nair, who is at logger heads with Pauly from his school days. In a terrorist attack happened in Mumbai Pauly's father, a Commando, gets killed  With the compensation money he got from the Govt., Pauly decides to buy the closed 'Dakshyani' Biscuits factory and reopen it as agro Processing and storing facility. Sukumaran Nair understanding this puts up road blocks, one after the other, to disrupt Pauly at any cost. The feud intensifies when Asawthy, daughter of Sukumaran Nair, Pauly's sweet heart from child hod refuses to marry anybody other than Pauly. The techniques that Pauly adopts to fight the corrupt politicians and officials, win over his love and make the factory run forms the rest of the story.

PAuly Technique resembles many Malayalam movies of the past, like Mithunam, Punyalan agarbathis etc, but still is able to stand on its own thanks to the interesting script by Nishad Koya, who also wrote 'Ordinary'. There wasn't much hype surrounding the film leading to its release, and even the release wasn't sure till the last moment, but finally the makers can relax as they have managed to deliver a good entertainer.

The film is predictable and we can predict every single twist and turn. Plus there aren't much 'techniques' that we don't predict coming. It gets melodramatic here and there and drags at places. The songs prove to be hindrances than anything else.

The light humor sprinkled through out the film is what makes PT works.Plus its a clean family entertainer without any double meaning dialogues or cuss words. Kunchako Boban shines as Pauly and is from the start to finish. Aju Varghese is a treat and gets almost equal footage as Boban. The rest of the cast also did a good job. Bhavana was looking great, but didn't had much to do.

This is the first time Padmakmar will be handling a Comedy subject and did an okay job is presenting a neat film. Its the second film of writer Nishad Koya, and already he is proving to be some one producers can bank upon. The predictable story has been narrated interestingly by him. Cinematography and editing also adds flavor to the film. Music and BG were average.

In all Pauly Technique is a clean family comedy entertainer that should appeal to all. The definitely have some techniques up in its sleeve.

Verdict: Good

Rating 3/5

Last Word: Entertaining Techniques.....

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