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Kerala Box Office First Quarter 2014 - Exclusive Report

Kerala Box Office First Quarter 2014 - Exclusive Report

Like 2013 it has been a slow start for Malayalam Film Industry in 2014. 2 of the biggest earners of the 1st quarter of this year are 2013 Hold Overs [meaning released in 2013, no the other HO]. So lets look at the top 5 performances at Kerala Box Office in the first 4 months of 2014.

1. Drishyam

Undoubtedly the film that grossed most in 2014 from Kerala Box Office is Drishyam. Releasing on Dec 19th, the majority of the film's total gross came this year. In Outside Kerala, Overseas markets too the film had extraordinary run in 2014.

Kerala Gross: 41 crores (Approx) Worldwide: 60 crores (approx)

All Time Mega Blockbuster

2. Ohm Shanthi Oshaana

The biggest hit amongst 2014 releases so far.

Kerala Gross: 10 crores (approx) Rest of India 1 core+

Mega Hit

3. 1983

Cricket based movie did exceedingly well and made Nivin Pauly part of 2 successful films in 2014.


Kerala Gross: 7.25 crores

4. Oru Indian Pranayakatha

Released on December 20, 2013 the film worked due to Fahad Faasil's impressive performance, his chemistry with Amala Paul & Sathyan Anthikkadu brand

Super Hit

Kerala Gross: 9 crores (approx)

5. Jilla

The Presence of Mohanlal even though helped the film to take the biggest opening ever for any movie in the state, the very same became the factor that pulled down the movie in the following days, as most of the Audience felt that Mohanlal was made to play a second fiddle to Vijay, only to boost up his character.


Distributors Share: 3.60 crore (approx)

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