Friday, 4 April 2014

Maan Karate is a Decent Entertainer - Tamil Movie Review

Few IT employees on their weekend getaway gets a newspaper of a future date from a saint as per their wish. From that they get to know that they are going to make 'Peter' from Rayapuram winner of a Boxing competition and walk away with the prize of 2 crore. At the same time, as per the news paper their IT company shutsdown. When few more events said in the paper becomes true, they decide to give it a shot. Peter is your regular Tamil mass film hero, jobless, roaming around with friends, dancing to intro song, 'sight' seeing girls. And as usual he meets Yazhini and fall head over heels. That's when the 5 meet him and Peter Okays to Box only if his conditions are met, one among them being tricks to woo Yazhini. Everything seems to go fine for peter till a Pro-Boxer named 'Peter' enters the scene. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Story, which is being credited to AR Murugadoss, is nothing new, but its the scripting, especially in the first half that makes the film work. The film has also got plenty of humor, thanks to Siva & Satish. Satish infact has tons of one liners. The films has been shot beautifully, like a Bollywood rom-com. The costumes were trendy and cool and the art-set work were very good. The first half is totally entertaining with plenty of humor even though the proceedings are predictable.

The film has overall a silly feel to it. In the last 30 mins the film moves to a cliche mode and drags big time. The Boxing sequences remembers us of 'M Kumaran', in fact has the shades of 'Gilli' 'Ethirneecha' 'Badri' etc. The film should have been atleast shorter by 20 mins. Anirudh's songs and BG were kinda disappointing considering his past accomplishments.

Siva Karthikeyan once again rocked for most of the parts (except few scenes in the climax portions) with his humor timing. This time his dancing have improved by leaps and bounds. Was also looking smart in the new harido and smart costumes. Hansika has lost oodles of weight & was looking stunning, but her character was the usual filmi heroine, still she tried to do a better job and make an imapct. The 5 friends also did commendable job, especially Satish, who brought the house down every time he opened his mouth. Soori, Vamshi doesn't make much of an impact in cameo length roles.

Direction was okay, with a better script he will do wonders. Cinematography was good. Editing could have been crispier, especially boxing portions. Even though music was average, they were picturised and choreographed beautifully.

In all Maan Karate is a time pass entertainer

Rating 2.75/5

Verdict: above Average

Final word: Time Pass Summer Flick

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