Thursday, 27 March 2014

Drishyam breaking records in Home Video sales too !

After breaking 99.9% of Box Office records world wide, Drishyam, continues its victory march onto the Home Video Sales. The film has been available for pre-order for more than 3 weeks now and has already broke the existing pre-order records. The number of bookings has been of the roof and the Pre-order count is way way more than films like Pazhassi raja or Urumi or Twenty 20. Since the number of people buying CDs online is less compared to those buy from shops, once they hit the shops, is quite sure to set record for the most sold Malayalam movie in home video ever, thanks to the universal acceptance the movie has. There is also a steep increase in the number of non-Malayali buyers thanks to the glowing reviews and WOM on social medias and other internet platforms.

Usually the producer signs a '100 day (since theatrical release)' contract with the companies, after which they can release the movie on Home Video [or earlier in case of flops] because rarely a movie hits a genuine ton  in theaters. In such cases the date can get shifted to 1/2 weeks based on Producers request. But Drishyam which was supposed to release in March end was first postponed to April end. Now the movie is reaching 100 days tomorrow in about 40 centers, almost double of the previous best [which happened before wide release and multiplex era]. With summer vacation starting from tomorrow, there is chance of more theatrical revenue, so the Home Video release date has been pushed again to May.

Central Home Videos will reelase Drishyam in VCD [Rs.80] , DVD [Rs.130, with English subtitles] & Bluray [Rs.700, with English subtitles] on May 5th, 2014 as per the latest information

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