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Ragini MMS 2 - Indian & British Censor Reports - Exclusive

Ragini MMS 2 - Indian & British Censor Report - Exclusive

Ragini MMS 2 is an upcoming Bollywood horror-thriller 3D film directed by Bhushan Patel and co-produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under Balaji Motion Pictures and ALT Entertainment, It is the sequel to the 2011 found footage horror hit Ragini MMS. Film stars adult movie star Sunny Leone in the lead role.

Film has been censored by both Indian (CBFC) & British (BBFC) censor boards. Here are the experts from the censor board report.

Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) - India

Film has been rated 'A' - Adults Only, with no cuts.

The run lengths is 1hour 59minutes and 4 seconds

1     Added a disclaimer that all the characters in this film are fictitious and imaginary.Resemblance to any person living or dead is purely  coincidental and unintentional, there is no intent to hurt the sentiments of any real persons named in the film.   
2     Added a disclaimer that the film does not promote, propagate or encourage superstition and is a work of fiction.   
3     Added a disclaimer that the film does not encourage any illegal action of girl kissing.   
4     Deleted the bare breast partly visible in the bath tub in the beginning. (Replaced with blurred shot   
5     Blurred the partly visible breast in the shower. (Replaced with blurred shot)   
6     Reduced to flash the visuals of girls kissing.   
7     Muted the word 'Hand" from the dialogue "apna hand sabse grand".

British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) - United Kingdom

This work was passed uncut.
Approved Running time 119m 13s
BBFC Insight - strong horror, sex, strong language
Rated '15' -  Suitable only for 15 years and over

    There are some scenes of supernatural horror, including sight of characters whose eyes have been gouged out, sight of dead girls, a woman stabbing herself in the throat, and an exorcism.


    There is sight of a man apparently masturbating, underneath bedding, as he watches a porn film. There is also sight of a woman licking a man's bare torso and riding on top of him in a sexual manner. There is a scene in which a woman fakes an orgasm on a film set.


    There are nine uses of strong language ('f**k') as well as various uses of milder bad language (eg 'bloody', 'saala', 'bitch', 'bullshit').

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