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Need For Speed 3D - Movie Review

 Need For Speed 3D - Movie Review

 Need for Speed has been a popular (racing) game ever since its inception. Myself have played many versions of it with Most Wanted (old one) being the best IMO. Finally, like many other video games, NFS too gets it cinematic version, that hit the theaters in India today, 1 week after its US release.

Tobey Marshall, an Ex-Racer, is running his fathers garage now with his friends. His garage team decides to get into street racing to make some quick bucks. That's when they meet Dino Brewster, the main antagonist, who wants his mustang to be 'modified' by Toby, in return for a percentage of the cars selling price. Julia, a car fanatic, decides to buy the car for premium price if Tobey can clock 230mph which he does. Dino comes with a new offer, to race his premium imported cars, which on winning will earn him 75% instead of 25. During the race Tobey's partner Little pete gets killed by Dino who flees the scene & Tobey gets arrested instead. Years later, out on parole, Tobey sets out to avenge his partners death. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

There is everything in the film for the fans of the game, racing fans, and those who are looking forward to a thrill ride. But the biggest obstacle will be the 6 'Fast & Furious' movies that have released before. Even though the film can match upto the 1st 3 in FF franchise, the last 3, which will be fresh in peoples mind, have pushed the limits so far, which the film doesn't reach. But the film has some cool TM NFS moments which people will love. There is more drama and acting display in this than FF series. Besides it comes in 3D [which infact doesn't make much of an impact].

Current heart throb, Breaking Bad's Jessie Pinkman, Aaron Paul plays Toby in NFS. There are typical Pinkman moments in the film too, especially in emotional scenes. He has done a great job which could take him to even greater heights. Dominic Cooper was good as the villain. Rest of the cast were okay.

Screenplay could have been tighter as it drags here and there in its 2hr+ run time. Cinematography & Editing were excellent. BG score was good.

Even though it lacks the punch than Fast & Furious [4, 5 6] movies gave us, NFS still is a good watch, especially for adventure-race-car-speed junkies.

Rating 3/5

Verdict Good

Last Word - Wear Your Seat Belts !!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice review. Didn't mind all of the non-stop racing at first, but once I realized that this was going to be a two-hour, racing flick, then I totally did.

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