Thursday, 20 June 2013

Its Official: Robert Downey Jr. to return as Iron Man !! Exclusive

Robert Downey Jr. Signs Deal to Appear as Iron Man in 'The Avengers 2' and 'The Avengers 3'

Breaking News: The question that was in everyone's mind after watching Iron Man 3, what happens to Ironman? Will RDJr return as Tony Stark/IM ?, has been finally answered. Robert Downey Jr. has signed a deal with Marvel Entertainment, but it's for The Avengers 2 (May 1, 2015) & The Avengers 3 (TBA). There is no news of Iron Man 4 as if now. May be Marvel is planning another sequel till Avengers 3 releases as they have plenty more new comic book based movies in the pipe line like Ant-Man.

Nothing was going right for RD Jr. till IronMan happened in 2008. Marvel where not at all impressed with his in the beginning too. And it was his co-star Terrance Howard [Cheadle replaced his in the sequels] who went with a bigger pay cheque for IM. But once it released everything changed. Today Tony Star & IronMan, who in the comic world were regarded as second fiddle to others like Hulk, CAP etc, is the most popular among the 'Avengers'. One of the major reasons behind the blockbuster success of Avengers and IM3.

So the ball was clearly in his court this time & he took his time to negotiate with marvel for a perfect deal as his contract came to an end with IM3. Nobody wanted to see any other actor playing those already iconic roles, which was evident from the discussions that were happening in almost all social media platforms.

So finally we got what we wanted, We will get to see one of the most loved character of modern era, played by one of the most loved & popular actors of modern era. Gear up folks.....“I am Iron Man”

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