Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chennai Express - Theatrical Trailer Review

#Chennaiexpress trailer review by a south Indian- SHAMEFUL- looks lk a bit of frenchkiss/vettam mixed with scenes from ghilli/okkadu, alexpandian, mankatha & tons of other south movies, a south Indian mass masala version of DDLJ with the typical 'in south its like this' cliches found in Hindi movies, & the climax fights reminds me of soundthoma + DP's accent sounds weird right from the first poster there have been accusations against the movie for the stereo typical cliches type casting of south Indians which looks like is there in plenty this time too.... Its quite shameful that they didn't knew that world famous Kathakali & Kalaripayattu belonged to Kerala & not Chennai/Tamilnadu.... With all those being said, an EID release + 4000 screens, solo release, it looks like another 100cr+ movie for sure,but will this be that long awaited blockbuster from SRK? Only time will tell...

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